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English Language Learners Program

5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd. • Anchorage, AK 99504 • 907-742-4452 •

April  10,  2018  

To  Whom  It  May  Concern:  
I  am  writing  to  recommend  Jon  Dykstra  for  an  administration  position  in  the  Anchorage  School  District  (ASD).    I  
have  had  the  pleasure  of  getting  to  k now  Jon  over  the  past  year  as  I  have  worked  with  him  in  our  university  and  
community  partnership  programs.    Jon  has  a  can-­‐‑do  spirit,  solves  problems  and  makes  connections  with  students  
and  staff.  
In  his  career  in  ASD,  Jon  has  accumulated  a  wealth  of  experience  and  expertise  across  grades,  divisions,  subjects  
and  settings  that  spans  back  to  his  first  substitute  job  here  i n  1998.      
He  has  experience  in  culturally  responsive  secondary  math  and  language  arts  pedagogy  from  his  time  with  the  
Cook  Inlet  Tribal  Council  (CITC)  P artners  for  Success  Program.    Through  this  program  he  taught  culturally  
responsive  math  and  language  arts  at  Clark  and  Mears  Middle  Schools  as  well  as  at  Dimond  High.    When  this  
program  was  discontinued,  Jon  drew  from  among  his  qualifications  in  elementary  education,  middle  school  math,  
language  arts  and  secondary  science  to  land  an  elementary  teacher  position  at  Lake  Otis  Elementary,  where  he  
eventually  taught  third,  fourth,  fifth  and  third/fourth  grade  combination  classes.  While  at  Lake  Otis,  he  also  
administered  Lexia  reading  interventions,  was  the  site-­‐‑b ased  literacy  specialist,  and  a  member  of  the  school’s  RTI  
and  behavior  teams.    
For  the  last  seven  years,  Jon  has  been  teaching  seventh  and  eighth  grade  integrated  science  at  Hanshew  Middle  
School.  He  also  completed  his  administration  i nternship  there  and  continues  to  substitute  as  acting  principal  
when  his  supervisors  are  out  of  the  building.  In  addition  to  his  building-­‐‑level  administrative  experience,  he  has  
demonstrated  leadership  through  a  variety  of  professional  learning  and  committee  r oles,  including  SEL,  
Danielson,  Safety,  curricular  standards,  assessments  and  curricular  content.      
Jon  is  also  active  in  student  activities  and  events  such  as  the  National  Junior  Honor  Society,  talent  shows,  CTE  
courses,  ANSEP  and  the  ELL  Summer  Bridge  &  Muse  Programs.    
Jon  is  a  BP  Teacher  of  Excellence  nominee  with  the  leadership  training  and  experiences  to  be  an  excellent  and  
effective  administrator  in  the  Anchorage  School  District.    

Phil  Farson,  Director  
  Learners  Program  
English  Language