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The Logistics Department - Supporting the Entire Operation. Logistics is considered to be the
complete process involving planning, managing and controlling the flow of goods and
services, information, real-time data and human resources from the point of origin to the
point of destination. Logistics include warehousing, transportation and supply chain.
The department handles 200 products in Kerala. For a manufacturing company, the sales
team has a target. Based on that they give a sales forecast. Sales forecast will be received on
15th or 16th in a month. The logistics team will study the forecast. They also analyse the
average sales in last 6 months. Each product is analysed in every stages. After that they give
intend for the product to the production department. They will start production based on the
requirements. They have a central production department in Adimali. The logistics of supply
chain starts on 25th of every month to next 26th. This is the supply cycle of Eastern.
For supporting sales Eastern do three types of sales
Operational structure:

 Kerala sale
 Rest of India
 Exports
The head of three segments is Logistics. Logistics department has a head. The company is
Kerala based. So the main sales take place in Kerala. They export there products to America,
Europe etc. In Kerala they have nine depos. Rest of India there will be 19. For every Depos
there will be depo managers. The depo managers reports to assistant managers and they
report to department heads.
The Chain of Command is designed in such a manner that only the head of the department
can report to the Managing Director. The Head of the Department is placed at the Head
Office. There is intra-departmental communication. The lower level employees can approach
the Head of the Department. The Logistics department has inter-departmental
communication. It is through email.