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Good Characteristics: The key to a positive life Name: Alli Schie

Unit Overview
Goals: Throughout this unit, students will learn the importance of being a good citizen and contributing to the good of the community
while forming a variety of good characteristics.
DAY #1: Read-aloud DAY #2: Direct Social DAY #3: Dynamic DAY #4: Adjectives (30
(30 minutes) Studies (30 minutes) Social Studies (45 minutes)
Objective The students will be Students will be able Students will exhibit Students will be able to use
able to explain the to exhibit what it ways in which they adjectives in sentences to
feelings of the means to be a citizen. plan to or want to portray positive feelings about
characters in the contribute to the
story Coat of Many community.
Colors by Dolly
Parton and how
those feelings relate
to the plot of the
story and relate this
to people in their
everyday lives.
Standards IAS: 3.RL.2.3 NCSS: Individual NCSS: Individual IAS: 3.W.6.1c
Development and Development and Adjectives/Adverbs
Identity Identity
IAS: Social Studies IAS: Social Studies
3.2.5 3.2.5
Materials -The book, Coat of -Pictures/puzzle -Scripts -The book Miss Twiggley’s
Many Colors by Dolly pieces -community helper Tree by Dorothea Warren Fox
Parton and illustrated -PowerPoint volunteers -whiteboards
by Brooke Boynton -Whiteboard -puzzle pieces -markers
Hughes -Marker -markers -jar
-Color wheel with -Handouts -tape -strips of paper with
words describing -props for the skits students’ names
feelings associated -whiteboard -strips of colored paper
with each color -stapler
Management Students assigned Students assigned Students assigned Students assigned seats and
seats and reading seats; Students will seats and use the reading rug; give
rug; give expectations work with partners; I front of the expectations before lesson;
before lesson; give will set expectations classroom for tell them what I want them
the students before lesson; Use preforming skits; I to look for when I am
something to look for positive will give expectations reading; positive
when I am reading; reinforcement before the lesson; reinforcement throughout
Positive throughout the positive the lesson and use classroom
reinforcement lesson; and use reinforcement letters when students get too
throughout the classroom letters to throughout the loud.
lesson and use manage behavior. lesson and use of
Classroom Letters classroom letters to
when students get manage behavior.
too loud.
Anticipatory Show the students a Give each student a The class will be split I will read the story Miss
Set color wheel that part of a picture. into four different Twiggley’s Tree by Dorothea
represents a mood or Have them go around groups. Each person Warren Fox and then have a
feeling for each color. the room and put will have a script. grand conversation. I will
Explain how color can their pieces together They four groups are have them describe different
effect our mood and to create the whole to preform four characters in the book.
feelings. picture. different skits of
people interacting
within a certain
community (coffee
shop, library,
hospital, and post
Purpose “I am going to read to “Today we are going “Today we are going “Today we are going to learn
you the story Coat of to learn what to explore how what adjectives are and how
Many Colors by Dolly citizenship is and different people help to use them.”
Parton. I want you to what it means to be a the community in
think about how the citizen.” different ways.”
feelings of the main
character change
throughout the
Presentation -Read aloud -Define and give -A panel of -Define and give examples of
-Grand conversation examples of community helper adjectives.
-Facilitated classroom citizenship, volunteers (a -Go around the room and use
discussion about the community, citizen, fireman, a nurse, a adjectives to describe
moral of the story. responsibility, rights, paramedic, and a different objects.
OUTPUT: and rewards. business owner) will -Use scaffolding and have
-Completed handouts OUTPUT: talk about helping the them describe different
about how the -Students will work community objects as a class then have
feelings of the with a partner to -Students will be able them do it on their own and
character changed create a “Good to ask questions. write it on their individual
throughout the story Citizen Plan” OUTPUT: whiteboards.
and why and how we -Students will share OUTPUT:
can show others that what they learned -Students will create a
they are valued. with the class. sentence about a classmate
-Students will write using at least one adjective.
and illustrate what
kind of community
helper they want to
be on a puzzle piece.
Good Characteristics: The key to a positive life Name: Alli Schie
Closure or The class will share I will allow each pair Students will tape -Students will choose a name
Conclusion what their answers of students to share their puzzle piece on from a jar and write a
for the questions on their plan to be good the whiteboard to sentence using at least one
their handout. Then, citizens with the class. put together the adjective about something
we will talk about I will then give them puzzle and we will they admire about a
how we can bring their reward for being discuss how each classmate. Then, we will
color into each responsible and citizen comes connect their sentences to
other’s lives by making a plan. together to form a create a chain.
helping others feel community.
valued and some
ways in which we can
do that.
Formative Asking questions I will assess the The formative The formative assessment
Assessment throughout the students when they assessment will be that I will be using is the
lesson and listening share their plan to be the discussion about answers that they write on
to the students a good citizen. I will what they learned their whiteboards
engage in discussion look for if they and what they wrote throughout my lesson to see
about the story. Also included rights, on their puzzle piece. if they can identify and think
the answers that they responsibilities, and of different adjectives for
wrote to the rewards, and if they different items. I will also use
questions on their have the correct the sentence containing
handouts. understanding of adjectives about other
each. I will also ask students to see if they can
questions throughout use it correctly in a sentence.
my lesson
Adaptations Support from the -Remediation- give -Remediation- Relate -Struggling learners will have
read-aloud and examples that they content to a school the help from the read aloud
classroom discussion will be familiar with community and use and group discussion.
for struggling -I will pair students actual community - I will use a variety of
learners. according to their helpers from the examples and model what I
needs. Marion community want from the students. I will
that they will be use generic adjectives to help
familiar with and will students grasp the concept,
be able to connect to but I will also use more
real-life experiences elaborate adjectives to
with these helpers. challenge the students and
-Enrichment- allow encourage them to use
students to ask elaborate words.
questions according -When teaching, I will use
to their curiosity. scaffolding to help struggling
-Exceptional Needs- I learners.
will allow illustrations
for the puzzle piece
since K.M. is unable
to write.
Summative N/A N/A N/A N/A
(as needed)