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Contractors’ All Risks


CAR offers comprehensive protection against physical

loss or damage to the building in relation to contract
works and other civil engineering works; construction
plant and equipment and/or construction machinery.
This policy may be taken out for all buildings and
civil engineering projects such as office/residential
buildings, factory and power plant buildings, roads
and bridges. It also provides “all risks” cover against
any sudden, unforeseen and accidental physical loss
or damage to the insured contract works on the
project site.
This product provides a supplementary Third Party
Liability (TPL) that covers third party property damage
and/or bodily injury that occurs in connection with Claim Documents:
the execution of the project.
1 . Sworn statement of proof of loss
Requirements for Quotation: 2. Non-waiver agreement
3. Detailed incident report
1 . Title of the Contract/Project 4. Photographs of damaged properties or structures
2. Complete address of the Project Site 5. Full copy of the construction agreement
3. Information about the Project Owner 6. Breakdown of the contract value/bill of materials
4. Information about the Contractors/Sub-contractors/ 7. Detailed rehabilitation/repair cost estimate for the
Suppliers/Manufacturers damaged properties or structures
5. Estimated Completion/Contract Duration 8. PERT/CPM and/or bar chart (as necessary)
9. Accomplishment report as to the time of the loss
6. 100% Total Contract Price
(as necessary)
7. Submit a copy of the Construction Agreement, Bill 10.Other technical plans (as necessary) for e.g.
of Materials, Time Schedule and other relevant construction plans and/or drawings, such as plant
project documents as may be required by the layout, structural analysis and design, etc.
For Theft and Burglary Claims
Claim Procedure: 1 . Photographic evidence of the point of entry
and/or exit
1. The Insured should: 2. Police report
a) notify Pioneer or his broker/ agent within 14 3. Inventory of stolen and/or missing properties
days from date of loss occurrence, to give 4. Documentary evidence as proof of loss,
an indication of the nature and extent of loss e.g. invoices, etc.
or damage; For Third Party Liability Claims
b) take all steps within his power to minimize the a. Bodily injury and/or death
extent of the loss or damage; 1 . Original copies of medical receipts and other
c) preserve the parts affected and make them related expenses
available for inspection by a representative or 2. Doctors’ certification regarding the extent of
surveyor of Pioneer;
d) furnish all such information and documentary
3. Copy of formal complaint/subpoena if the third
evidence as may be required by Pioneer; and
party has taken legal action against the Insured
e) inform the police authorities in case of loss or
4. Written statements of the witnesses
damage due to theft, burglary or sabotage.
b. Property damage
2. Insured is given sixty (60) days from the date of
1 . Repair cost estimate for the damaged properties
the loss to submit/render a proof of loss duly
2. Quotations for the repair
signed and sworn to by the Insured, stating:
a) the knowledge and belief of the time/origin of
the loss
b) amount of loss encumbrances Contact Information:
c) all other contracts of insurance
d) all other information related to the insured Connie Uy
properties 812 7777 loc. 524
3. The Insured or any of his representatives should
always make themselves available for the +63 917 867 8923
inspection of the incident.


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