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Characteristics of a Good Clinical Teacher as Perceived by Nursing Students

and Faculty Members in a Philippine University College of Nursing: A

Reaction and Recommendation
Kenn Yahweex M. SIbal

Behind a fully pledged nurse is a competent clinical instructor. If I try to put myself in the
shoe of a participant for the study’s result, I would agree that the personality of the clinical
instructors is well favored. Especially to my community health nursing instructor who manifests
great characteristics. I do agree because I also see the quality of the clinical instructors in my
institution. Being dynamic and energetic person, appears organized, self-confidence, and having
sense of humor. These are interpersonal relations that are significant for the nursing students to
enable them to learn the theories and practices. It is also good to know that the result showed
that nursing competence and teaching ability are what the clinical instructors consider as the most
important characteristics. Since they give importance on it, and students find the interpersonal
skills as satisfying, it is a win-win situation for both parties because they are able to deliver
knowledge and skills through effective interpersonal relations.

The Clinical instructors in my university posess all the characteristics listed in Nursing
Clinical Teacher Effectiveness Inventory (NCTEI) developed by Knox and Mogan (1985). It is just
great and amazing that we have these clinical instructors which will help us nursing students in
achieving our dream to be a registered nurse. This research is interesting especially in the
Academe since it will give an idea of what should a clinical instructors manifest especially when a
company would like to establish nursing school or a university would hire a clinical instructor. This
research is very ideal, as ideal as the characteristics provided.

For my recommendation, I would like to suggest that the participants should not only be
limited to 4th year nursing students but also the 2nd and 3rd year since they also interact and
evaluate the clinical instructors and the fact that they already have their RLE in the hospital and
community setting to which they are with their respective clinical instructors. The setting of the
study should include other college nursing schools inside and outside their area. It could be
regional or national level to the extent. This will make the result more accurate and conclusive.