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Angeles Rios 
708 N street 
Merced C.A 95340  
(209) 261-9955 


​ ssistant  
Rios Concrete , ​Merced C.A 95340 — A  
Volunteer   Drives manual and automatic  

Handes Echo and Stihl chainsaws changes oil , clean filters, Loades brash,  Transmission  
unloads brash, cutes yards, uses stihl blower huks trailer to truck.   
On time 
Pacific Club , 1​ 00 farmland Ave, Merced C.A 95340— Cashier  
August 16,2017-March 5,2018 
Good communication skills  
I great our customers, get their orders, Get what they ordered, get their 
change, Cleans after lunch bell has rang , Stocks on water , gators, sunny  Bilingual English and Spanish 
D, propel water , capri sun, and Brisk tea and lemonade  

Brothers Ranch , ​Gustine , C.A 95322— H
​ elper 
July 23,2017-August 4, 2017   Dependable  
Cleaned cows nipples, put teat cups on cows nipples so it can remove the 
milk , Make sure all the milk has been removed, pre-dip is put on the 
cows nipple so it reduces ,the chances of contaminating , After all the  Computer skills 
cows are done and have been pre dipped we send them out. 



El Capitan High School 100 Farmland Ave , Merced,CA 
95348​ — Diploma   Outstanding students in 
  Horticulture class  
Graduation pending June 7, 2018    

Matthew Ybarra- (209)947-0583   
Michelle Evan- m