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Gamma Ray Source - FDR



For a Radioactive Fluid Density Tool to function a source of Gamma radiation is required. In the case of the
Sondex FDR tool the source used is Americium 241 with a nominal activity of 5.55GBq (150mCi).

The source is specially supplied by Amersham International and consists of a double stainless steel capsule with
a high pressure and temperature rating. The capsule is mounted onto a connecting assembly that provides the
feed-through to tools below the FDR in a string. This method of construction minimises the duration of any
radiation exposure when the source is inserted or removed from the logging tool.
For shipping purposes the source is supplied in a reusable TYPE A container complete with a lock. This meets
IATA regulations for transport by air.

During operations the operator can leave the source in the tool by using a shield supplied with the tool. The tool
and shield assembly is also rated as a TYPE A container so once an operator inserts the source in the tool it does
not have to be removed until he returns to base (and not necessarily then).



All radiation is dangerous and ALL local safety rules MUST be followed. This is not only sensible, but meets legal
One of the normal requirements is that the user of a source must be licensed. Any customer intended to acquire
a source needs to apply for such a license as soon as possible. It is not unknown for the granting of such a license
to take a long time.
Before a source can be shipped most shippers require sight of a copy of the license, hence Sondex will ask for
such documentation. If it is not available the shippers will refuse to accept the shipment.

Nominal Activity 5.55 GBq Am241

Average emissons around 60.0 E+06
ISO Rating C66544
Pressure Rating 170MPa (24,800psi)
Temperature Rating 800 degree C (1 hour)
Impact 5kg from 1m
90 min 25-80Hz, 1.5mm;
80 - 2kHz @220gn
Puncture 50 gm from 1m
Main emission Gamma @ 60 kev
Minor emissions Alpha & neutron

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