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Date : July 13, 2010

Academic Year 2010-2011.

The student of MBAs (MBA & Specialized MBAs) Classes of 2011 and 2012 are hereby
informed that as per the practice, ABS is pleased to invite the applications from the
eligible students for the award of five types of scholarship:

(A) On Admission Merit – Scholarship

(B) Merit Scholarship: During the Programme
(C) Merit-Cum Means Scholarship
(D) Special Scholarship
(E) Other Scholarship (grants from individuals trusts, organizations etc)

Students who are desirous and fulfill the eligible criteria, as mentioned below, are
required to submit the duly completed Application Form for MCM Scholarship along
with the necessary documents.


1. Students who are academically good.

2. The total income from all sources of the family of the student is not exceeding
Rs.2,50,000 per annum.

3. The MCM Scholarship is not admissible to a student who has been granted any
other Scholarship(s) by the University or by the Founder President (RBEF) or its
institutions or any other grants, concessions, stipends, ex-gratia or award from the
other sources, if such, income added to the family income, makes it more than Rs.

4. The student must ensure that there are no disciplinary cases pending against

The following documents and the information required for the selection of the students
for the award of the MCM Scholarship is to be submitted by the applicant along with the
application form:
S. No. Points to be cross-checked before sending recommendation on MCM
Scholarship Applications
1 Copies of school & college mark sheets must be attached
2 Attendance Record of the student for the previous Academic Year (2008-2009)
3 Verification of disciplineand behavioural aspects and lifestyle of the student
4 Composition of family, qualification & profession of all family members should
be checked
5 Occupation and Income of all family members (many a times student
misunderstands it by parents income only), Siblings/ Grand Parents/ Uncles &
Aunts income if staying together should also be included). Total Gross
income should be considered instead of net income.
6 Gross income from other sources (Rent received, pension, part time job,
Teaching/Tuitions, side business etc.) must be verified with the support
documents. In case regular income is being received and no proof is available,
copy of bank statement should be attached.
7 Copy of Income Tax Return (ITR)/ Form 16 of all earning members should be
attached. In case of business, ITR filed by Company must be enclosed.
8 In case of Agricultural income, on the back side of the Income Proof, details e.g.,
‘How much land (in Bigha/ Acres) and which crops are grown’ should be
9 Where does the student/Family stay? (Own house/PG/Hostel). Area where the
family stays or has business gives and idea financial background.
10 In case House Rent is paid by the student/family, proof should be attached with
details like Amount. / sharing basis etc.
11 Whether family/ student has taken any loan? (Education Loan/ Home Loan/
Personal Loan) support documents (Amount & Duration of Loan) must be
12 How does the student commute to and fro campus?
13 Any vehicle owned by student & family, if yes, please mention.
14 Does the student use Cell? And other all family members use the same.
15 If the siblings are pursuing a regular programme from any reputed
University/Institutions, then what is the fee of that University? (If the fee is high,
no bank loan is taken, how funds are being managed?)
16 In case the earning members has expired, copy of death certificate must be
17 If any family member is having any chronic disease, then the detail & the proof
of hospital bills should be enclosed.
18 Any special achievement/ contribution by student - may be specified in the form/
certificate may be attached.
A separate Application Form to be filled - in by students migrated from J &
K State.

Screening of form and personal interview will be held after the applications have been
received The venue of the interview will be informed later.

The students must submit the Application Form to the undersigned latest by
July 31, 2010:
Asst. Registrar
E-Mail Id-
Telephone No- 0120-4392663
Encl: Application Form
CC: Head & Addl. Director General – for information please
All Programme Directors
All HoDs
All Programme Coordinators
Asst. Registrar- AC
All APOs

• Types of Scholarships – Regulations etc

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