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Restaurant vocab

Grade: 8 (Students are in a foreign country taking English classes)

Language Objectives

Students will be able to orally produce restaurant and food vocabulary and sentence

Learning Strategies: Class discussion, showing/watching/listening to examples,

creation of own content


 Food pictures, dialogue samples, mobile device, Sock Puppets app


 Ask students what their favorite restaurant is

 Ask what dish they order
 Discuss how they order what they want (what vocab they use, what the waiter
might ask, how formal the interaction is, how to get the bill, etc.)


 Introduce common American restaurant foods and their names and descriptions.
Discuss with the students the usual way they order food in their country and the
similarities and differences with the American norm. Introduce the structures that
are typically used (ex: Can I get…). Also explain billing expectations. Show
examples using images and video/audio of dialogues/interactions found online.


 Have students individually create a dialogue using the vocab and structures
between a waiter and restaurant patron using the Sock Puppets app.


 Have each student show the rest of the class the dialogue they made with the
app. Offer feedback (praise, corrections, etc.).

EXTENSION: Ask the students to get with a partner. Have each pair create a
new dialogue together, but this time, tell the students it must include some type
of “error” (billing mistake, wrong food brought to table, etc.) and that the dialogue
has to address it.