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Making A Poster : Ancient Technology, Modern World

Teacher Name: Ms. Embler

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Use of Class Time Used time well Used time well Used some of the Did not use class
during each class during each class time well during time to focus on
period. Focused on period. Usually each class period. the project OR
getting the project focused on getting There was some often distracted
done. Never the project done focus on getting the others.
distracted others. and never project done but
distracted others. occasionally
distracted others.

Graphics - All graphics are All graphics are All graphics relate Graphics do not
Relevance related to the topic related to the topic to the topic. There relate to the topic
and make it easier and most make it is at least 1 image OR most borrowed
to understand. easier to of the invention. graphics do not
There is at least 1 understand. There Most borrowed have a source
image of the is at least 1 image graphics have a citation OR there
invention as it was of the invention as source citation. are no images of
used in the Roman it was used in the the invention.
Empire and as it is Roman Empire and
used today. All as it is used today.
borrowed graphics All borrowed
have a source graphics have a
citation. source citation.

Knowledge Gained Student can Student can Student can Student appears to
accurately answer accurately answer accurately answer have insufficient
any questions most questions about 75% of knowledge about
related to facts in related to facts in questions related to the facts,
the poster, the poster, facts in the poster, processes, or
processes used to processes used to processes used to research used to
create the poster, create the poster, create the poster, create the poster.
and research and research and research
conducted. conducted. conducted.
Content One ancient One ancient More than one More than one
Requirements technology is technology is ancient technology ancient technology
presented. It is presented. It is is presented OR it is is presented AND it
thoroughly described in terms described in terms is described in
described in terms of ancient as well of either ancient or terms of only
of ancient as well as modern use. modern use, but ancient OR modern
as modern use. not both. use.

Attractiveness The poster is The poster is The poster is The poster is

exceptionally attractive in terms acceptably distractingly messy
attractive in terms of design, layout attractive though it or very poorly
of design, layout, and neatness. may be a bit messy. designed. It is not
and neatness. attractive.

Grammar There are no There is 1 There are 2 There are more

grammatical grammatical grammatical than 2 grammatical
mistakes on the mistake on the mistakes on the mistakes on the
poster. poster. poster. poster.

Video There are two There is at least There is at least one There are no videos
videos shown on one video on the video on the poster, on the poster.
the poster: one poster: either but it may not be
about the ancient about how the fully relevant to the
technology and one ancient technology topic.
about how it is was used OR about
used today. A single how it is used
video that explains today.
both will also be

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