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MSC Sim Manager Enterprise

Version 2010.1.1
Release Guid e
MSC.Software Corporation

September 17, 2010

when required, and make timely decision with

Version 2010.1.1 of the MSC Sim Manager confidence.
Enterp rise Release Gu id e contains:

SimManager 2010.1.1 represents major

advancements in the user interface and
foundational application to provide much
improved standard functionality and usability.
Significant attention has been placed on
improving the user experience by providing a new
paradigm of user interaction. Emphasis has been
place on providing an intuitive user interface that
relies on dedicated widgets to present the
information and functions in a logical and
intuitive manner. This complements the
MSC SimManager Enterprise (SimManager) is a traditional navigation tree and provides a more
dedicated solution for modeling and executing natural flow for performing work in the system.
engineering simulation studies. SimManager
manages simulation data and processes and Many new features and enhancements have been
creates a complete pedigree of information so added to SimManager 2010.1.1 including:
engineers know exactly how a particular study New User Interface: Completely restructured
was performed, what the results are, or how it and re-skinned, the UI features customizable
compares with other similar studies. This widgets and a modern look and feel.
empowers engineers with the confidence to make
knowledgeable decisions that lead to true product Configurable Home Page: Home page
innovation. widgets can be personalized, providing users
with immediate access to key information.
The Web user interface guides engineers to
quickly navigate data relationships, conduct Reconfigured SODs/MODs: Redesigned
simulation activities, compare results and perform Single- and Multi-Object Displays display key
many other key engineering tasks. The system is information and quick launch access to tasks
designed to alleviate the engineers from low- common to the target objects.
value-added tasks so they can spend more time on
Search Workspace: The Search Workspace
critical engineering decisions. Key stakeholders
encapsulates all search paradigms into a single
can quickly view critical information, collaborate
intuitive interface. „Category Search‟ involves

SMEN:V2010.1.1:Z:Z:Z:DC-REL-PDF 1 of 8
the fast, intuitive application of filters, quickly of-the-box configuration in-lieu of an
locating desired objects. „Build Search‟ LDAP/Active Directory system.
enables conditional searches on all object
Monitors: User and process statistics (users
types. Any combination of search techniques
logged, process running queued, etc.) can be
can be saved as templates for use by others.
monitored from within the Administrative
Navigation: A configurable navigation tree is Workspace.
one of several navigation options available in
Custom Action Builder: Applications can be
SimManager 2010.1.1 and is available from the
wrapped directly from the web interface and
Navigation tab of the main interface. The
registered with SimManager for execution.
tabular display of retrieved data can be
filtered and sorted by column. Object Type Configuration: Object types can
be created or modified from within the web
Pedigree and Process Viewer (Audit Trail
interface and activated in the system.
Viewer): Improved technology enables
dynamic control over displayed information. Online (hot) Configuration Updates: Server
Pedigree can now be displayed in a separate, configurations can be updated, edited,
dedicated workspace. published, and activated without restarting
the server.
Server Side File Selection: When importing
data (models, input decks, results, etc), a Non-functional Enhancements: Many new
server side file selection option (files readable process execution, expression language and
by the server) enables faster uploads. database enhancements have been
implemented to improve the overall
External Read-only Vault: An external read-
robustness and performance of the system.
only vault can be configured which allows
SimManager to reference its data without New Documentation Wiki: SimManager
copying it to the SimManager vault, resulting documentation is now provided via an online
in faster performance. Wiki. This eliminates the static nature of the
paper-based documentation and allows the
Study: Formal studies of product performance
documentation to be updated between
can now be performed on multiple variants
product release cycles.
and multiple scenarios. Performance of a
model relative to established targets is easily
reviewed in a performance dashboard.
Work Request Framework: A work request SimManager Enterprise 2010.1.1 is an update to
framework supports templates that can be version 2010 and requires a new installation if you
customized to customer-specific work request have 2010 or a previous version installed. If you
tasks/activities. do not need or use the particular fixes that are
noted below, it is not required to upgrade your
Multi-Profile Support: The User Profile to be system. The following is a list of notable
applied during the current session can be enhancements or known issues that were resolved:
selected from, a list of available profiles in the
Options Page. API

Administration Workspace: All information 1-270017091: The API m ethod ,

and actions required for administrating users
correctly d isp lays the log file in MOD colu m n .
and projects, assigning roles and profiles, and
configuring the portal are accessible in the
Activation Wizard
new Administration Workspace.
1-270277037: The schem a nam e is u p d ated
User Database Authentication: User
correctly u p on activation of cu stom p ortal.
authentication (user names and passwords) is
now stored in the database and administered Administration
via the user interface. This is the default out-
1-270691177: Corrected "Delete
Enu m erated Item " action.

SMEN:V2010.1.1:Z:Z:Z:DC-REL-PDF 2 of 8
1-268344347: Corrected Configu ration SOD Ad m in Privileges on SOD correctly.
for reviseResource action.
1-272959864: Corrected System Role d isp lay
1-280963274: Corrected Ed it p roject nam e for in SOD.
admin.project action.
1-272960022: Corrected Analyst u ser
1-266438072: Corrected u sability issu e for p erm ission on "N ew p roced u re/ resou rce.”
ReviseProcedure Custom Action Builder
1-97135457: Corrected
Project_domain_migrator u tility.
1-264706475, 1-266438072, 1-271994801: Miscellaneous
Corrected Custom Action Builder (CAB)
issues. 1-191569637: Corrected d u p licate object
H earBeatTracker error on im p ort.
1-259920607: Corrected Export AnA database
function in Classic Studio. 1-272720701: Corrected registration of
Activities containing a hyp hen in the nam e.
1-269887673: Corrected Fold er - Paste from
Clip board fu nction. 1-269099942: Corrected p op u lation of
Attribu tes in new variant SOD.
1-279049508: Corrected Clip board ,
PrivateView and Dialog. 1-276645760, 1-268491831, 1-269099977:
corrected MOD colu m ns behavior.
1-267697894: Corrected m any Item / Variant
1-276424614: Corrected ‘Prop agate Com m ent’ u ser interface issu es.
action Curve Display. Navigation Trees
1-280195585: Corrected Cu rves d isp lay in the 1-268231377: Corrected N avigation tree for
KeyResu ltCu rve SOD. reset scrolling location w hen exp and ing and
collap sing of nod es.
1-278709473: Corrected Internet Exp lorer 7
1-285270021: Corrected Oracle d ata sou rce navigation tree d isp lay issu es.
connection p ooling error w hen ru nning
Sim Process. 1-274569818: Corrected Data View tree
d isp lay for all m od els.
File Transfer
Pedigree / Audit Trail
1-273214956, 1-273214932: Corrected SSFS
d efau ltH om eDir and historyDir issu es. 1-269043688: Corrected Ped igree Trail for
keyResu lt Object d isp lay.
1-225442417: Corrected CSAE execu tion and
file transfer error for Sim Manager on AIX. Process Input Pages
1-278242811: Corrected m issing objects w hen
Licensing / Installation filtering object typ es in ‘Create Object Typ e’
1-286511004, 1-274569811, 1-286456167: d ialog.
corrected Licensing .d ll and error m essages. 1-269309003, 1-266436010, 1-266528671:
List Editor Corrected size of ‘Process Inp u t Page’ m od al
d ialogs.
1-267043829, 1-273117024: Corrected
ListEd itor API and u ser interface issu es. 1-272960499: Corrected sorting on Typ e
colu m n for p rom ote inp u t d ialog.
Migration Tools
1-268214727: Corrected d efau lt valu es for
1-274560252, 1-272960029: Corrected Sim u lationTyp e d ialog.
Proced u re m igration and revision errors.
1-276742226: Ad d ed m issing AFS for Pu blish
1-272959915: Migrated m anager role d isp lays

SMEN:V2010.1.1:Z:Z:Z:DC-REL-PDF 3 of 8
key resu lt d ialog. Network Client Access License: The network
client access license for previous SimManager
Rich Client versions (referred to as concurrent or floating),
1-278459545: im p lem ented Rich Client w ith authorizes a maximum number of
SCA version 6. simultaneous or concurrent users equivalent
to the number or licenses. While an authorized
Search user may login and run multiple sessions of
SimManager, each session will consume an
1-276334554: Corrected Exp ression m u ltip le additional client access license. This may
"\ " characters 1-274807321: Corrected Search result in denied access to other users if all
error - N ot Uniqu e for search criteria w ith licenses have been consumed.
m u ltip le attribu tes.
Named User License. A new named user
1-286670927, 1-278160834: Corrected u p d ate client license model was introduced with
of search m enu for keyw ord filter 1-274560241: SimManager 2010. Each license will be
Corrected Search Tab - error on accessing a checked out by an individual user who is
search resu lt after d iscard . administered within the SimManager web
1-276739881, 1-276741912: Corrected interface. There are two types of named user
Rend ering issu es in Category Search w ith licenses: Full Client and Limited Client.
Internet Exp lorer 7. A Full Client licenses allows full access to all
1-281633939: Corrected "Save Search As" data and actions within SimManager. The
p erm issions error. SimManager authorization and life cycle
management capabilities can then be used to
Web Servers further manage user roles, access to projects
and objects and availability of actions that can
1-269741104, 1-275146864: Im p lem ented
be performed.
installation for Ap ache-Tom cat-6.0 and JBOSS
w ith Java 5. A Limited Client license allows read-only
access to data within SimManager. While the
SimManager authorization and life cycle
management capabilities can be used to
Please note that as a multi-component system further manage user roles, access to projects
requiring a web application server, database and and objects, actions are limited to searching
file vault, SimManager should be installed only and viewing of information.
after thoroughly reading the Installation Guide
and Administration Guide. The following are Installation
important aspects that should be reviewed prior to
installation. Installing JBOSS Web Servers
Install SimManager and activate the portal using
Licensing the standard installation procedures, but do not
Legacy Licenses: A new licensing model has run the IKB (Initialize Knowledge Base)
been implemented with SimManager 2010. command. Instead, perform the following steps:
Existing licenses of SimManager R3.x server
and client access that are under current 1) Modify the
maintenance can be used with SimManager <SM_INSTALL>/bin/run_classic_studio.bat file
2010. During the installation process you will add the following two lines to the file, the first
be asked to select either concurrent (legacy) or line preceding the Java command and second
named user licensing. If MSC SimManager line following the Java command.
version is prior to SimManager Enterprise
copy <JBOSS_HOME>/server/default/lib/el-
R1.2, you will need to acquire SimManager
2010.1.1 software licenses. Consult with your
MSC account representative to understand the
licensing alternatives available to you.

SMEN:V2010.1.1:Z:Z:Z:DC-REL-PDF 4 of 8
Special Operating Instructions
User Name Case Sensitivity: The default
setting for user names is case sensitive as
specified in the file using
the property:
2) Run the Classic Studio to create database and
authentication.casesensitive.enabled =
initialize the database. true.
Managing Heavy Usage for Tomcat / Oracle If case insensitive behavior is preferred for the
configuration: If continuous or heavy usage user login (i.e. the user name will be created in
of SimManager is anticipated, it is the database as lower case), set this property
recommended that the following Java Opts be to false and ensure that all user names used
set on web server startup. For Tomcat, the in command files are lowercase.
Java Opts can be set in the
start_webserver.bat, The recommended Java Enabling the Display: The SimManager
Opts are: operating environment requires setting a valid
-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -
"DISPLAY" variable on the server. If your
XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -
installation is on a "headless" machine, with
XX:+UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly - no display hardware and no physical input
XX:CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=55 devices, the "X Virtual Frame Buffer" (xvfb)
can be used to provide the required display.
For a production installation, review the "Sun Refer to the SimManager Installation Guide,
Developer Network Java SE 6 tuning Preparing for SimManager, X Virtual Frame
recommendations" at: Buffer.
spot/gc/gc_tuning_6.html#icms.available_opt Internationalization: The "English" version of
the and
If the SimManager portal is configured to use files provides a complete
a Tomcat web server and Oracle database with catalog of message and label values. "Non-
DBCP Connection pooling the following English" versions are provided as examples.
parameters must be set in the data source To fully internationalize the installation for a
definition: specific language the "English" versions of
connectionCacheProperties="InitialLimit=25, these files must be translated. Refer to
MaxLimit=150,InactivityTimeout=100,MaxState SimManager Configuration Guide, User Interface
00" Configuration, Internationalization and
See SimM anager A dministration Guide, W eb
Server A dministration, A pplication Connection User Interface: SimManager 2010.1.1
Pooling for ad d itional inform ation. introduces significant changes in the UI
Installation on IBM AIX 5.3 64-bit with framework and presentation layer. If you have
WebSphere 64-bit: Set Java Virtual Memory a previous version of SimManager you must
parameters: migrate all existing portals and databases in
accordance with the SimManager Migration
Initial heap size - 256m (minimum)
Guide. You can view this guide at:
Maximum heap size - 512m (minimum)
set Java Opts: M/SimManager+Migration+Guide.
-Xgcpolicy:optavgpause -Xgcpolicy:gencon
To set the JVM options for WebSphere Application JSF: The default SimManager 2010.1.1
Server 6.1, you must access the WebSphere presentation layer is Java Server Faces (JSF),
Application Server Administrative Console. For which is a well supported and documented
more information review the WebSphere open source standard specification that
Documentation. provides capabilities and performance
improvements. SimManager uses the Apache
MyFaces implementation of the JSF 1.1
specification and the Apache Tomahawk

SMEN:V2010.1.1:Z:Z:Z:DC-REL-PDF 5 of 8
extensions. Upgrading an existing customized Solution: Increase log level in log4j.xml.
portal to JSF may require significant effort.
Linu x installer som etim es fails to lau nch
Consult your MSC. Software representative
activation w izard after the installation
before initiating this effort.
com p letes. (1-286643174)
Struts / Velocity: The Struts/Velocity-based Solution: Initiate the activation wizard manually
architecture is no longer supported. from the bin directory. <SimManager
Filter Actions: By default, the System and install>/bin / .
Process actions are NOT be filtered in the This launches the activation wizard .Proceed in
display tables (MODs). If the user clicks on an accordance with published installation
individual action for which he has insufficient instructions,
privileges, an error message will be displayed.
This change improves performance in portals Migration Issues
possessing a large number of actions. This
property is controlled by the Options Menu, Improperly migrated data for integrated
“Filter Actions” option. Note: If using an applications and bulk import. (1-272959985, 1-
existing database, the value for “Filter 286278829, 1-286761902, 1-284555723, 1-
Actions” is controlled by the user's 284555771 )
preferences stored in the database.
Solution: See "Migration Guide" for instructions,
Application Integration: SimManager limitations and solutions.
2010.1.1 is delivered with SCA-wrapped
components for use when integrating with
User Interface Issues
external applications. Included is a sample
client integration that runs on Windows "Delete" action for revised model fails if initial
platforms. model is not deleted. (1-286789322)

Client Compatibility: SimManager 2010.1.1 If user subscribes for revision change

does not support the client integrations for notification on model the model cannot be
SimManager R3.x. SimManager 2010.1.1 is deleted. (1-286789102)
compatible with Patran 2010.2. Compatible If the browser fails to respond during page
versions of other MSC products will be navigation or processing, you can typically
announced when available. resume operation by clicking the browser back
button which should return you to the
The following are significant software issues Private view, Save and Delete, functions are
which you may encounter during your use of the not applicable and do not work for tables with
program: an SOD (Single Object Display). (1-271347916,
Installation and Startup Issues Calendar is not accessible within frame of
The installation location for SimManager input form.( 1-284616937)
cannot contain any spaces in the path. (1- Solution: add following lines to custom.css and
52231916) restart server -
.rich-calendar-popup {
Solution: top: 200px !important;
Initiate the activation wizard manually from the
The calendar will always be displayed 200 pixels
bin directory. <SimManager install>/bin /
from the top of the modal form. . This launches
the activation wizard .Proceed in accordance with
The "Edit Model" additional input tab does
published installation instructions,
not correctly indicate the file "type", i.e.
Tomcat console error when you login to the SMFILE, etc. (1-273215057)
portal as any user. (1-281294153)

SMEN:V2010.1.1:Z:Z:Z:DC-REL-PDF 6 of 8
Solution: Change the file type to the correct "type" authentication.manager.class
by selecting the proper icon. =AllowAllAuthenticationManagerImpl in
the file. (1-275066008)
The "Edit Model" action will create an
additional file attachment if a file role is Ru nning CSAE w ith Sim Manager ru nning on
changed. (1-272450546) WebSp here on all p latform s excep t Wind ow s
Solution: Remove existing file and add file again fails to lau nch the CSAE client from the u ser
with required file role. brow ser.(1-286748396)
Revise Model (or Edit Model) action: When List Editor Issues
adding an additional model, subsequent files
must be selected as SMFile. (1-287147481) The List Editor does not handle custom events
Dashboard for Study SOD does not display correctly. (1-208974441)
correctly for IE 7 browsers. (1-284465897)
Enable/disable copy button in the List Editor
Administration and Configuration Issues is not handled correctly. (1-219715976)

Publishing a SimActivity will fail if the Search Issues

procedure contains input and output
Load (Saved Query) fails and will persist a
parameters with the same name. (1-265523991)
busy dialog. (1-274807272)
Import and Export Data Issues Solution: Cancel "busy" dialog. Go to Search tab
and execute "run search".
Export data fails to export comments correctly.
(1-212704620) The initial input dialog for build search may
Import PLM - XML fails on WebSphere AIX. persist when changing tabs. (1-267697920)
(1-287275494) Solution: Cancel the dialog and proceed.
Bulk data Import of directory structure fails Dialogs may display as part of page (instead
on WebSphere AIX. (1-287275483) of as pop-ups) after "New Object Type" with
Duplicate Bulk data Import with simulation extended attributes has been performed in
fails with internal SimManager error. (1- same session. (1-269778968)
286278896) Solution: Logout and re-login.
Integration and Process Issues If a search result returns an object SOD (Single
If you find that a process has failed or is no Object Display) the "relations" tab may not
longer running, but the status is "Running", display correctly if the result is "no rows
you can navigate to the process SOD and "kill" found" or a single row. (1-274510080)
the process. This will set the status to "Failed" Solution: Redisplay the SOD using Actions-Open
and you can then "discard" the process. or by selecting the breadcrumb.
Refresh action is d isp layed on p rocess SOD Search Tab - "Multiple Search Result" function
w hich has ru n to com p letion. This can be may not filter or refresh correctly. (1-
ignored . (1-281083889) 287146985, 1-287294643, 1-287311050, 1-
Status of child step process is not updated 286979706, 1-287029108, 1-284352182)
when you pause SimProcess, launch Name is not displayed for background search
waitingForInput state, and process completes. objects. (1-279738460, 1-268840940)

CSAE/SFTP does not pass the client key for

SFTP file transfer correctly. (1-274854023) For details on supported middleware and
hardware configuration refer to the SimManager
When using CMS, Authentication Manager Installation Guide on the SimManager
must be set to

SMEN:V2010.1.1:Z:Z:Z:DC-REL-PDF 7 of 8
Documentation Wiki. In summary, SimManager The wiki is available at the following URL:
2010.1.1 supports the following configurations:
32-bit: x86 A user account and password is required. Please
Windows 2003 Server contact to request
Tomcat 5.5.28 a user login/password. Once your contact
information has been validated, you will be
Red Hat JBoss 4.2.3 GA notified by email with your login information.
Oracle 10g R2
For your convenience, a pdf version of the
Linux: Red Hat Enterprise 4.4 (2.6 Kernel) Installation, Administration and User‟s Guide are
Tomcat 5.5.28 available on the MSC Solutions Download Center
Oracle 10g R2 (SDC) at:
Note: the most up to date versions of these guides
64-bit: x86 (AKA x64) will be on the SimManager documentation wiki.
Windows 2008 Server R2
For access to the MSC Solutions Download Center,
Tomcat 6.0.26 please check with your local MSC.Software sales
SQL Server 2008 SP1 office for information regarding your company‟s
Linux: Red Hat Enterprise 5 (2.6 Kernel). access and enablement.
Tomcat 6.0.26
Solaris: SunOS 5.10
Tomcat 5.5.28 If more information is required about the system,
please refer to the SimManager documentation wiki
WebSphere Application Server ND (64 bit)
Oracle 11g R1
For additional technical support, the new MSC
64 bit: AIX
SimCompanion support website is the ideal place
AIX 5.3 TL 8 to start:
WebSphere Application Server ND (64 bit) It contains:
DB2 9.7 FP 1 Product News
Supported Browsers: Technical Articles (FAQs, Examples,
Technical Publications, etc.)
Internet Explorer version 7 & 8 (compatibility
mode only), Mozilla Firefox 3.0, 3.5 Product Information and Documentation
(Release guides, Hardware & Software
Requirements, etc.)
Known Issues
Certain third-party software applications must be Product Updates
installed, prior to installation of SimManager Webinars and Multimedia
Enterprise. Please refer to the MSC SimManager Leverage the VPD Community discussion forums,
2010 Installation Guide for applications, versions, which enable
and installation sequence. you to post questions for your MSC Software
products and receive answers from other users

The SimManager documentation has been Contact your local support center for personalized
converted to a new online wiki. This provides a support via the web, email, or phone by clicking
much more dynamic environment where changes, the Support Contact Information link within
additions, and corrections can be made to the SimCompanion.
documentation in a timely manner. Post-release
updates will be made on an as-needed basis.

SMEN:V2010.1.1:Z:Z:Z:DC-REL-PDF 8 of 8