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Sophisticated, self-contained onepiece wireline winch unit, with the space and power of three racks full of computer, communications
equipment and other peripherals. Powerful yet precisely controlled winch, capable of deep-hole logging. The standard configuration
comprises a self-contained onepiece power pack, sophisticated logging and control cabin, and winch module in an ATEX Zone 2
certified configuration. Unit is also available in a Rig Safe configuration.

DataLine is the industry’s most advanced logging winch unit, saving on the cost,
personnel and downtime needed for a separate winch. The DataLine unit is the
high-capacity, advanced solution for today’s dynamic world of well servicing;
economical unit in an ISO 20ft container format that is operations-ready on

Section 1 - K-WINCH Winches and Masts

Dimensions & Weights (excl. winch drum & wire)

Transport dimensions (excl. pad eyes and roof mounted objects).

Long Cabin / Power Pack / Winch: (L) 6.06 m, 19.90 ft (W) 2.44 m, 8.01 ft (H) 2.96 m, 9.71 ft (Weight) 12,000 kg, 26,455 lbs

Hydraulic Drive System Power Pack Features & Benefits (cont.)

• 400 bar (5,802 psi) closed loop hydraulic system • Engine: water-cooled six cylinder Caterpillar • Superior sound and thermal insulation exceed
• Variable displacement hydraulic pump and diesel engine providing 176.5 kW (237 HP) @ industry compliance requirements
hydraulic motor 2,200 rpm • Reliable ASEP Elmar patented closed loop
• Capable of stable logging at ultra low speeds • Starter system: air / hydraulic / electric hydraulic system with dual-speed gearbox for
• Hydraulic tank: 175 Litres (46 US Gallon) • Electrical rig supply: 110/220 VAC 115 VAC 60 smooth control even at extremely slow logging
• Hydraulic dynamic braking Hz / 230 VAC 50 Hz phase speeds
• Low maintenance system • Control voltage: 24 VDC (by internal converter) • ASEP Elmar SmartMonitor: sophisticated
• Diesel reservoir: 300 Litres, 79 US Gallon control system for safe, high-precision
Open Hole Operations • Engine controls: Start and stop / Hour counter / automatic operation
Monitoring and safety system • Optional unit and drum slewing for perfect
Based on 25,000 ft 15/32” wire on BC11 drum, tool spooling control close to wellhead
weight 2000 lbs: Control Panel • Winterisation options for dependable operation
• Min. Line speed at core: 0.4 m/min, 1.2 ft/min and comfort in polar conditions
• Min. Line speed at OD: 0.8 m/min, 2.6 ft/min • Hydraulic main pressure gauge • Customising options available, because every
or • IFM Canbus customer has different needs
• Max. Line pull at core: 9,750 kg, 21,500 lbs • Line tension valve
• Max. Line pull at OD: 5,200 kg, 11,500 lbs • Throttle control Options
• Winch direction and speed control valve
Winch System • Air pressure • Arctic Package
• Brake control • Air Conditioners
• BC11 winch drum (1,400 mm (OD) / 550 mm • Emergency stop button • Electronic Racks
(core) / 1,054 mm (wide) weight 2,200 kg • Generator start / stop • Dual Starter
• 15/32” wire capacity of more than 9,150 m • Intercom
(30,000 ft) Features & Benefits • SP/DLL Reel
• Winch drum is chain driven • Loadcell Reel
• Fail safe spring return brake • Powerful water-cooled six cylinder diesel • Cabin Pressurization with Fire and Gas system
• Planetary gearbox ratio 22,62:1 engine delivering up to 176,5 kW (237 HP) • Dehumidifier
• Electrically self-supporting for even the highest • Slow Speed Valve
Depth & Tension System OH logging system demands, thanks to
optional high-output 30 kW generator
• SmartHead measuring head with integral load • Spacious cabin with up to three computer
pin and two encoders, maximum line tension racks with sophisticated power distribution
0-10,000 kg (0-22,050 lbs) • Ergonomic, safe and responsive operator
• SmartMonitor basic depth panel for controls
visualization of depth, speed and tension • Minimum servicing requirements equals
• MMD, dual encoder depth connection, stretch maximum availability
correction, CS/CT

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