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Rockford Manor Secondary School

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Re: Leaving Certificate 2017-19 Subject Choice

Dear Parent/Guardians,

Selecting the right subjects for the Leaving Certificate and the level at which to take them is a
critical task faced by Rockford Manor students every year. The wrong choice here can have
unintended consequences in two years’ time, when students find paths into college are
blocked by unfortunate subject gaps.

In mid April our incoming 5th year students will be asked to make decisions around what
leaving certificate subjects they wish to choose. To make a good decision it is essential to
have good information. At Rockford Manor we arrange the following to help our students
make informed decisions regarding subject choice:

1. Careers classes on subject choice.

2. Individual subject departments will give a presentation on their subject.
3. Students undertake (CAT 4) Cognitive Abilities Test which will assist our guidance
counsellors in advising students on subject aptitude.
4. Students will have an individual appointment with one of our guidance counsellors to
discuss subject choice.
5. Subject Choice Parent Information night.

Students are also advised to;

 Study the subject choice information booklet which will be distributed to them.
 Do research (e.g., careers portal).
 Consult textbooks and past papers of subjects they may be interested in.
 Talk to students who have been, or are presently, studying the subjects which interest
 Discuss subject choice with teachers and parents/guardians.

Students should choose their ‘package’ of subjects to satisfy their interests and to keep as
many careers options open as possible. Our subject choice programme is designed to help
students access as much up to date information as possible and in doing so make effective
subject choice decisions.

Finally all parents/guardians are invited to attend a subject choice information evening which
will take place on Thursday April 26th from 7-8pm. During this information evening I give
advice regarding subject choice and discuss the implication of taking various leaving
certificate subjects in terms of college application. I will also present information on the
proposed implementation of the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) in
Rockford Manor.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Kelly

Guidance Counsellor
April 2018

5TH Year Subject Choice Programme Timetable

Date Time Class Activity

17-4 9:00-11:00 ALL TRANSITION YEARS Individual Teacher
IN STUDY HALL Presentation on their
subject (Study Hall)
17- 4 11:10- 12:10 ALL TRANSITION YEARS Guidance Presentation-
IN STUDY HALL Subject Choice
25-4-18 9:00-12:00 TYP1+TYP2 CAT 4 Testing
25-4-18 12:00-3:00 TYP3 + THIRD YEARS CAT 4 Testing
26TH April 7:00-8:00 Parents information Parents Subject Choice
session information Evening
27-4-18 Individual Guidance Appointment- distribute results of CAT Test and discuss
UNTIL subject choice
9th May 2:20-3:00 All TYS AND 3RD YEARS Student can complete
WILL COMPLETE options form on VS Ware