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School Year : 2018-2019

Secondary School Teacher

Name of Teacher: Dayrit, Maricel O. 1(SST-1)
Doña Asuncion Lee Integrated School District: Mabalacat Division: Pampanga Region: III
To enhance my teaching competencies in the development and utilization of the skills in the use of ICT in teaching and learning as
well as recognizing the general learning processes and the processes for individual learners. At the end of school year, I should be
able to further hone my teaching competence by attending seminars and workshops which will give additional learning about methods
Professional Development Goal: and strategies.

Methods/Strategies Resources Time Frame Success Indicator

(When do I expect to
(What professional activities will I undertake to (What will I do to access What NCBTS competencies would I What learners’ performance
have accomplished
achieve my objective? resources?) have enhanced? would have been improved?
(What competencies will I enhance?) the activities?)
To attend seminars/workshops
• Request Trainings and
01 To create environment that Semester Break Created an effective and
seminar Strand 2.1
promote fairness 2018 efficient learning environment
Creates an environment that
that promote fairness
promote fairness

02. To establish learning environment To attend training program . • Forward request for -Semester Break Strand 6.1
that respond to the aspiration of the INSET training from 2018 Establishes learning environment
community. DepEd. that respond to the aspiration of Established learning
the community. environment that respond to
the aspiration of the
- community.

03. To determine, understand and • To attend seminar /workshop • Request Semester Break Strand3.1. Determined and accepted the
accept the learner’s diverse seminar/workshop about 2018 Determines, understands and learner’s diverse background.
background. Diversity Learners accepts the learner’s diverse

Reviewed by: Committed to Implement: Date:

Carmela P. Cabrera April 13, 2018
Name and Position Principal Name of Teacher Maricel O. Dayrit