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Debajoy Das

Kolkata, Presently, Hyderabad

+91 9088816960

Work experience

Assistant System Engineer 2016 - Present

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
Worked on SAP Contract Life Cycle Management System - a Java based system for managing business

Implemented and delivered enhancements on the system as required by the client, mostly in Java.
Created and maintained complex SQL queries that are used to produce business reports.
Re-wrote old code to better use Java's language features, making them cleaner and more efficient.
Helped and coordinated with team members to work on large requirements.
Wrote technical documentation to accompany newly written code and describe changes in the system.
Discovered and fixed existing bugs in production system.
Has understanding of standardised iterative development process in a large organisation setting.


C99, Java 8, Python 3, SQL, flex, bison, Bash Script, AutoIT

Libraries and Specifications

Swing, JAXB, SOAP, REST, JPA, JSON, Network libraries (C, Java)

Oracle 11G, SQLite

Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, git, Make, Valgrind


Master of Science, Computer and Information Science 2014 - 2016

University of Calcutta
Organised University's Annual Code Competition

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science 2011 - 2014

University of Calcutta
Stood 8th in University Ranking

1. A Comparison of Join Algorithms for Column and Row Based Databases (Python, with one project

2. Wonder - An Information Retrieval System of Ph.D. Students of C.U. (Java, Semester Assignment;
with 4 other team members)
3. CodeCombat CodeEvaluator (Java, personal project, written for scoring Code Competition entries at

4. JPhotoComp (Java, written as a freelancer for a client. The application is used to manage and score
photography saloon entries. Includes some collaboration features.)

5. quickerd (C, creates graphviz input files from simplified dsl, used for making ERDs)

Other Personal Projects Website :

Hackerrank profile:

Core Competencies

Algorithms design and implementation

Graph theoretic algorithms
Programming languages
Automata and language theory
Integration technologies
Automation of repetitive jobs