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Robby Chesnick

Business Plan
Rec 4330

1. Business Strategy
a. I am in the business of food services and drinking places.
b. I want to start my own Drive-thru Daiquiri Bar called Robby’s River Bar & Drive-thru. My
business will be located near the San Marcos River, and we will sell different types of dai-
quiris, cocktails, and many types of beer. My daiquiri bar will also be equipped with a drive-
thru allowing customers to quickly make their way to the river. All drinks purchased to-go
must be sealed when leaving the location (seal can't be broken).
c. Our company’s mission is to sell delicious and remarkable drinks in a fun, welcoming envi-
ronment. We strive to sell our drinks with the highest quality and freshness.
d. We will provide 15 different daiquiri flavors that may be purchased in three different sizes
(10oz, 16oz, and 20oz). We will also provide a wide variety of cocktails that can be ordered
at our bar inside. The bar will also have beer on tap available for purchase. The only item
that may be purchased in the drive-thru are the daiquiris (sealed while in vehicle) and cases
of beer. We will not be selling any food at Robby’s River Bar & Drive-thru.
e. My company differentiates from others in this business because we will have a drive-thru at-
tached to our building. We will be following all the regulations that must be followed when
in this type of business to help ensure a safe environment for all.
f. The business form that I will be using for my business is a sole proprietorship. This is the
simplest and most common form when starting a business. I will be the sole owner and it
will be owned and operated by myself. I am entitled to all profits and also responsible for
any debt, losses, and liabilities.

2. Marketing
a. My businesses competitive advantages are customer service, affordable prices to go along
with a fun, enjoyable atmosphere. My employees will also have expert knowledge in bar-
b. Located in San Marcos, Texas. We will target the San Marcos community and it's surround-
ing areas. We will also target the many tourists that come through the area. According to the
United States Census Bureau the total population of San Marcos in 2016 was 61,980.
Throughout the warmer months we can expect an increase in customer traffic due to the
large amounts of tourists that come to San Marcos during the summer.
c. There is one other business located in San Marcos, Texas that is similar to my business, the
Daiquiri Factory. I could not find their exact pricing because it is a fairly new business and
does not have a website currently. Based on visiting this other business I know that the pric-
ing is similar to my business. The advantages over my business is that they are located right
off the square where there is always a lot of traffic and that they serve food with the restau-
rant attached to the bar.
d. Our customer market profile is aimed towards people with discretionary income. With San
Marcos being a college town, thus with a high population of college students, our market
profile will be heavily focused on the college aged population and older. All customers must
be over 21 years-old.
e. Divide the demand figures by the number of competitor’s (1+1). My target market are adults
that are at least 21 years-old and tourist coming to San Marcos. This is my target audience
because you must be 21 to consume alcohol and this population group tends to have discre-
tionary income.
f. My business will be using the Going-Rate pricing strategy. We will set our prices compared
to the other local bars and drink establishments in San Marcos. I believe this will benefit my
business because it will help cater to the large college population in the area. The main focus
to attract customers to my business will be the friendly atmosphere that is also in a conven-
ient location for those going to the San Marcos River. Eventually I would like to partner with
some f the local tube rentals to create a package that will benefit both our customers.
g. My business is in the Introduction Stage of the Product Life Course. This business is not yet
on the market yet because it is in the start-up phase. I will be providing a new service to the
area that will supply customers with refreshing beverages.
h. My business will provide amazing customer service. Employees that work for me will be
knowledgable about our products and attentive to our customers. They will smile and speak
to customers as they enter and leave the building. My customers will be respectful, be help-
ful, and aim to fully meet the customers expectations. We will have an online system where
customers are able to share any comments or concerns that they may have with us. We will
abide by our vision and mission statement. We will also conduct bi-weekly evaluations to
asses our business.
i. We will be using different forms of advertising such as emailing, social media, create a web-
site, and partner with local businesses. There are many different pricing options for sending
out mass advertising emails depending on which marketing software we choose to use. To
take advantage of the social media popularity we will have a Facebook page, twitter account,
and an Instagram account. All our social media advertising will not cost us to use. Website
prices vary depending on which service we choose: domain name-$15/year. Hosting-$15 to
$100 a year.

3. Operations
a. My building will be located in San Marcos, Texas right off of Highway 80, near Don’s Fish
Camp. The building will have a drive-thru lane connected to the side of the building. There
will be a parking lot with roughly 30 parking spots available. The building will be approxi-
mately 1,200 square feet including the bar seating. The bar will be 80 feet long located in the
back part of the main room. The unemployment rate in San Marcos is currently 3%. I will be
hiring those with the proper certifications to work in this industry.
b. I will rent my commercial building space because I do not want to worry about purchasing
land for my business. Located close to the river, there is always a chance for flooding during
the rainy season. I will look into purchasing some type of flood insurance. My business will
operate year around with the slow months coming in the winter months.
c. I will need to apply for a liquor license in the city of San Marcos through TABC before I will
be allowed to open my business. Other permits that I will have to obtain include a business
license, a sellers permit, beer and wine permit, a Mixed Beverage Permit, Food and Bever-
age certificate.
4. Financials:
A. MONTHLY overhead:
- Rent: $2,800 (cost per square-foot: 1,200 sq. ft. X $28 per square foot for the base rent)
- Utilities: $525 per month
- Benefits: All part time employees
- Payroll Wages: Part time/hourly staff. Will spend $11,000 per month on payroll wages.
- Overhead Expenses: $11,000 per month
b. Identify and list start up cost:
- Business fixtures: $500
- Equipment/supplies: $25,000
- License/Permits: one time fee of $5,000
- Advertising: $900 per year ($75/month)
- Operating cost for 1 year: $358,800

c. Determine the “per unit cost”: $373,800.00 / 500,000 = .7476

d. I will be taking out an SBA loan for $200,000. This will cover my start-up fees and all other
expenses I have while I am starting up my business. According to the US Small Business Associ-
ation,“The fees will be set to zero percent… For loans with maturities of shorter than seven
years, the maximum spread will be no more than 2.25 percent.
e. First 12 months income/expenses:

5. Summary/References
I believe my business can be very successful, especially in
the area that I plan to operate in. While it is difficult for
restaurants and bars to establish themselves I strongly
believe that my bar will quickly grow into a San Marcos
favorite. My target audience that I am trying to reach
are young adults and adults that are atlas 21 years of age. A large population of our customers
will be college students with Texas State University located miles away, and other universities
near by, so our prices will cater more to the younger adult population. Our busy months for busi-
ness will be during the summer months as we will benefit from the tourists and river goers dur-
ing that time. Once we have established our brand throughout the community I believe this busi-
ness will flourish.