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FOG HORN April 2018

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CRKT’s The Technician™ Multi-Tool

The 2.6 inch flat ground 5Cr15MoV steel blade
deploys smoothly and easily “locks” into
By: Sal Palma position.

I used “locks” in quotes because there’s

When CRKT introduced its latest multi-tool, The considerable inconsistency across jurisdictions
Technician, they had the auto mechanic in on what constitutes a locking blade. Closing The
mind. Although certainly appropriate, I think Technician’s blade does not require releasing a
that placement narrows its scope. lock, ergo, given my experience, it does not
constitute a locking blade but be aware of local
The Technician™ multi-tool was designed in
Silverton, Oregon, by Glenn Klecker, with a laws before traveling.
number of features that expands its There are also blade length restrictions at play.
functionality beyond auto mechanics. In 2013, TSA said it would allow knives with
blade lengths of 2.36 inches (6 cm) or less – a
I’ll kick it off with its one hand opening knife
decision which was reversed in the same year,
blade. Glenn made that possible by including a
so know the “regs” before you embark.
thumb stud.

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Sharing the same grip handle as the knife blade The user also has access to the included feeler
is a ¼ inch driver that ships with a double-sided gauge 0.02”- 0.08.” CRKT made sure that
Philips / flathead bit, but you can use any ¼ inch indexing marks are clean and very legible; a nice
double-sided bit with the driver. touch made even nicer by including both metric
and imperial stadia on the gauge face.

Leaving nothing out, The Technician also

includes a double sided file. But, at the very top
of its importance, at least to this reviewer, is
the incorporated bottle opener for the
occasional beverage.

Last of its substantial tool inventory, The

The Technician also comes with a Technician is equipped with one of the best
chisel/scrapper that’s very handy when needle nose pliers I’ve seen in a multi-tool, long
removing a variety of gaskets. I wish I could enough and fine enough to handle some of the
have had this multi-tool a few years ago when I intricacies required by detailed work.
was replacing r.f. gaskets to meet TEMPEST

The opposite handle

houses a number of
great tools, my
favorite being the
telescoping magnetic
pick up tool. You may
not appreciate this
feature unless you’ve
worked on electronics in a less than hospitable The pliers also include a wire cutter and wire
environment only to lose a tiny Philips screw stripping slot. The positioning of the wire cutter
that you have to fish out of an inaccessible and stripper is such that it produces a clean cut
space; a very handy feature that also doubles as and strip that is perfectly sized
a superb pointer.

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The icing on this exceptional cake from Glenn Manufacturer Specifications
Klecker and CRKT are the aggressively textured
G10 scales that provide an excellent gripping  Blade Length 2.584" (65.63 mm)
surface even with wet or greasy hands.  Blade Edge Plain Edge
 Blade Steel 5Cr15MoV
The Technician ships with a reinforced nylon  Blade Finish Satin Finish
pouch that can be belt worn or integrated into a  Blade Thickness 0.097" (2.46 mm)
PALS webbing.  Closed Length 4.453" (113.11 mm)
 Weight 11.8 oz
 Handle G10
 Style Multi-Tool
 Sheath Material 1680D Weaved Nylon;
 Overall Length 7.0" (177.8 mm)
 M.S.R.P. $89.99

Glenn and CRKT created a superb multi-tool

that will serve the auto technician, or anyone
needing a generously apportioned multi-tool,
extremely well. It’s all there along with the
typical CRKT quality.


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