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AALIYAH CUTHRELL cuthrellaaliyah@gmail.

com/ 443-955-8660
I'm a dedicated and diligent millennial providing exceptional written narratives and oral support, business and copy writing
support, campaign support, account support, strategic digital marketing, and graphic design support for companies and clients.

● Experience in planning, organizing, and executing private/public events for corporate and individual client promotion.
● Proficient in copywriting content for marketing initiatives, new business proposals, speech writing, and training
● Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite applications including: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, and Microsoft SharePoint.
● Proficient in multiple Adobe Software including: Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign.
● Proficient in using Digital Marketing website and email software such as WordPress, GoDaddy, Weebly, Constant Contact
and MailChimp to create company websites and emails.
● Proficient in extracting and interpreting digital and web analytics from analytical tools such as MailChimp E-Commerce,
Constant Contact Analytics, Hootsuite, Salesforce, Fiserv CUnify reporting, Crystal Reports and Google Analytics.
● Working knowledge of common financial laws, practices, and compliance procedures.
● Energetic, self-motivated individual possessing an ability to effectively communicate with all levels of management and
work independently or in a team environment.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Federal Credit Union 10/2017-Present

Management Trainee (Marketing Focus)

● Social Media and Website:
o Responsible for drafting, posting, and maintaining content for social media platforms.
o Responsible for creating and utilizing new social media strategy for credit union products and services promotion.
o Responsible for designing/ editing social media graphic content.
o Responsible for drafting, finalizing, and publishing graphic print and digital placement advertisements.
o Responsible for researching, finalizing, and working with third party vendors to launch new credit union website
and maintain website compliance standards.
o Responsible for overseeing and contributing content to draft/ prototype website.
o Responsible for organizing website maintenance meetings and maintaining a follow-up communications with new
and old third-party vendors.

● Promotions and Event Management:

o Aids in the coordination, execution, and logistics scheduling of company events and Annual Meeting.
o Responsible for creating and scheduling event notification and follow up communications.
o Responsible for analyzing, reporting, and maintaining event follow-up data for future promotional events and budget

● Email:
o Responsible for drafting and scheduling email campaigns with Constant Contact Emails.
o Responsible for logging and following up on member inquiries from email blasts.
o Assists in interpreting and logging email campaign analytics for future campaigns and A/B email testing.

Member Services
● Responsible for providing credit union members with account support via phone and in-person interaction. Support provided
includes: account transactions, online and mobile banking password reset, financial product education, and account change
Employee Development
● Assists in the on-boarding, training, and scheduling of all interns.
● Acts as mentor and mediator for intern affairs and school/work life balance.
● Responsible for attending and marketing current internship and career opportunities at collegiate career fairs.

ADC Creative 07/2017-Present

President & CEO

● Responsible for providing a variety of digital brand promotional services such as: social media management, SEO, Website
management, Copywriting, Graphic Design, online campaign, analytic support, and promotions management to clients.
o Graphic design work with the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra
o Social Media, Event Communications Copywriting, Web Maintenance, Copywriting, SEO, Google Analytics
reporting contract with The Match Pro LLC
o Web Design and web site maintenance contract for Kitty’s Creations Embroidery

T. Rowe Price 01/2017-06/2017

Service Associate

Client Services
● Responsible for assisting national and international clients with maintaining their Taxable and IRA accounts.
● Responsible for communicating basic fund information to clients about domestic, foreign, and global Mutual Funds, as well
as the risk associated with investing in each type.
● Responsible for utilizing NICE CRM system to track and organize time to successfully assist clients.
Information Support
● Responsible for studying current events and reporting daily market activity to clients as requested.
● Responsible for communicating new domestic and foreign financial and market policies to clients for investment purposes.
● Responsible for maintaining knowledge of current IRS mandates and clearly communicating them to clients.

AltaVista Strategic Partners 09/2016-12/2016

Digital Marketing Intern

Social Media Strategy Development and Implementation

● Responsible for creating and implementing new social media strategy and scheduling process across multiple social media
accounts for client promotion.
● Responsible for creating and publishing social media content for client promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
● Responsible for analyzing and reporting consumer interaction on social media platforms weekly.
Design Support
● Responsible for designing social media graphics and header images for client Facebook pages.
● Responsible for designing infographics and advertisements for client social media and blog posts.

Marketing Support
● Responsible for drafting and editing blog entries to enhance client brand awareness and promotion.
● Responsible for monitoring and analyzing weekly metrics for marketing initiatives.
● Responsible for using LinkedIn research software to research and gain new clients.

Chesapeake Fine Food Group 09/2015-06/2016

Marketing Intern

Social Media Strategy Development and Implementation

● Managed and generated online posts for all internal digital media platforms. This includes Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
● Responsible for organizing and executing company digital brand re-launch.
● Monitored and critically analyzed weekly social media platform and email marketing analytics.
● Developed a new internal company social media strategy based on analytical findings.
Design Work
● Responsible for drafting and creating all social media post graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Canva software.
● Responsible for drafting and maintaining blog theme using WordPress software.
● Drafted future landing page ideas for company website.
Marketing and Communications Support
● Responsible for managing promotions budget and maintaining relationships with media contacts and stakeholders.
● Responsible for constructing and launching new company blog platform for product and company promotion.
● Responsible for creating, HTML formatting, and publishing blog materials weekly for company promotion using WordPress
and Magento web software.
● Responsible for conducting catalog square inch analysis for future product budget prediction.
● Responsible for organizing and executing company’s first charitable food drive event.

Isom Global Strategies (IGS), LLC 05/2015–08/2015

Communications Intern

Administrative Support
● Documents and submits all company expense reports (Expense reports constructed using Excel 97- 2003 Software).
● Monitors and documents CEO’s corporate and private MasterCard expense records.
● Files and tracks company inventory and client service orders.
● Works in unison with entry level associates to track and manage client and company transportation invoice documentation.
Social Media Strategy Development and Implementation
● Responsible for providing content for all internal digital media platforms. This includes: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
● Responsible for creating and implementing a new company internal social media calendar strategy.
● Monitors, analyzes and reports all metrics and new business lead opportunities through social media channels.
Marketing and Public Relations Support
● Responsible for constructing and implementing a past client case analysis format for documenting previous contract work
with the Air National Guard (ANG), United States Marine Corps (USMC), Army National Guard (ARNG), and Federal
Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for proposal use.
● Responsible for reviewing proposal draft documents and providing edits.
● Responsible for constructing and submitting visual Creative Brief materials for possible contract with the 2015 Joint Base
Andrews Air Show.
● Routinely drafts and edits press releases and blog posts for internal communications.
● Responsible for using CRM platforms to obtain and manage specific client information and survey feedback.
Internal and Client Campaign Development and Execution
● Worked in unison with entry level associates and executive staff members to organize company events to promote IGS and
reiterate the company’s mission.
● Provided on-site campaign support for the D.C. Procurement Technical Assistance Center (DCPTAC) 2015 Small Business
Summit Conference.
● Routinely assists associates and upper management in planning and executing events for client promotion.

The Stride Rite Corporation

Retail Direct Marketing Mid-Level Sales Associate/ Key Holder 04/2015–09/2015
● Responsible for using a mixture of corporate issued and innovative face-to-face marketing tactics to inform clients of
products that will meet their needs.
● Responsible for working with corporate management to implement new branding procedures into client experience and
explain electronic components of the company’s rebranding to clients.
● Responsible for counting and documenting daily register funds for corporate accounting and Loss Prevention initiatives.
● Responsible for recording hourly Units per Transaction (UPT) and Average Transaction Value (ATV) analytics to measure
product and sales promotion success.
● Ensured that all store promotions are properly explained and acknowledged by diverse customer base and corporate customer
service practices are properly implemented.
Retail Direct Marketing Sales Associate 01/2014–12/2014
● Responsible for using a mixture of corporate issued and innovative face-to-face marketing tactics to inform clients of
products that will meet their needs.
● Ensured that all store promotions are properly explained and acknowledged by diverse customer base and corporate customer
service practices are properly implemented.
● Responsible for recording hourly Units per Transaction (UPT) and Average Transaction Value (ATV) analytics to measure
product and sales promotion success.
● Responsible for managing all weekend training sessions with “new-hire” employees.


Rho Eta Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 03/2017-Present
Social Media Board Member and Webmaster (Non-profit)
● Responsible for scheduling, editing, and maintaining the content on the chapter’s social media platforms to promote Zeta Phi
Beta’s organization, mission, and events.
● Responsible for creating graphic design elements to accompany social media posts and new website content.
● Responsible for maintaining the back end of the chapter’s website and updating content as needed.
● Responsible for monitoring website analytics and page visitor interaction.
● Responsible for helping to plan and execute chapter events.


CUNA Governmental Affairs Crasher 02/2018

Crash the GAC gives credit union professionals under the age of 35 the chance to not only participate in the CUNA Governmental
Affairs Conference, but also to experience custom content from credit union thought leaders designed specifically for young

Each year, the CUNCA Governmental Affairs Conference unites the largest group of credit union advocate to:
● Hear from influential lawmakers, policy makers, and credit union experts on the political landscape and its effect on credit
● Network with credit union leaders.
● Tell Congress our story at Hike the Hill visits.
● Identify new strategies for building and maintaining America’s awareness and trust.

Bachelor of Science 08/2013-12/2016
Mass Communications Towson University, Towson, MD
Marketing Minor