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Sl. Clause/Se Existing clause Changes proposed Comments from

No. ction Industries Department
1. 2.1 5.2 (e) Incorporated
Global Policy Targets , 5.2
Market (f)
Overview, Policy Targets,
2.2.2 (a), 5.3.1 (b) ix.
Battery Electric Mobility
capacity- Park , 5.3.1 (b) ix.
Challenges Electric Mobility
in Indian Park , 5.3.1 (c) ii.
market, Infrastructure
3. Why support to other
Electric manufacturing
mobility in firms, 5.3.2
AP, Charging
4. Infrastructure,
Definitions, 5.3.2 (d) i.
5.1 (e) Energy sale to
Policy Charging stations

2. 1. Introduc The state also has The state also has a Not Incorporated.
tion to a target to have target to increase the Not needed in order to
Andhra manufacturing manufacturing sector keep the document crisp.
Pradesh sector contribute to contribution from xx %
15% of GSDP by of GSDP in 2017 to 15%
2020. of GSDP by 2020.
3. 5.1 (f) Create a talented Create skilled local Not Incorporated.
Policy workforce of workforce to support Detailed skills is listed on
Objectives chemical, Electric Mobility purpose to emphasize the
mechanical, Ecosystem in the State multi-disciplinary approach
electrical engineers needed for the EV sector.
for product
development and
skilled technicians
such as EV
electricians for
manufacturing and
service industry.
4. 5.2 (b) Target to bring in Target to bring at least Not Incorporated.
Policy manufacturing two Giga factories in the It is envisioned that, given
Targets units of high next 3 years. that it will take couple of
density energy Assuming battery size of years for the Indian EV
storage of at least 50 kWh in future, 5GWh market to pick up, not
5GWh capacity in corresponds to only 1 lakh more than 15-20GWh
the next 3 years EVs. battery manufacturing
firms might not come up
across India. Hence only 5
GWh in AP is considered.
5. 5.3.2 (a) iii. Public parking Setting up charging Not incorporated.
Public spaces will be infrastructure at public For EV’s to become
Investment mandated to have places requires economical, charging
in Charging charging stations. investment. Since EVs are infrastructure has to
infrastructu not economical yet, spread as much as
re utilization of charging possible, with public
infrastructure at public parking spaces being the
parking places may be first to convert. Initially
limited. Hence it may be a the government
challenge to mandate departments can invest to
public parking places to create awareness while
have charging stations. concurrently creating
business models for
private developers of
charging infrastructure to
come in and install the
volume of charger
equipment needed across
the state.
6. 5.3.2 (d) Charging Charging infrastructure Not incorporated.
iii. infrastructure firms firms/Battery Swapping At present, as per
Energy sale will be allowed to Stations will be allowed electricity act, power
to Charging procure a separate to procure a separate cannot be sold by private
stations electricity electricity connection charging stations without a
connection for for charging licence.
charging stations/battery However battery swapping
stations/battery swapping stations with stations are not reselling
swapping stations all permissions by the power but only a service of
with all permissions urban/municipal bodies batteries. Hence they are
by the and distribution not covered under this
urban/municipal companies will be statement.
bodies and granted in 15 days.
companies will be Charging infrastructure
granted in 15 days. firms/ Battery
Swapping Stations shall
be free to sell power
and services to EV
users/end consumers.
7. 5.3.2 (d) Following changes This point may be removed Not Incorporated
v. to electricity act Cheaper power is key to
Energy sale and CERC the success of EVs. Hence
to Charging regulations at the the government can
stations center, regulations consider to promote
corresponding to through lower open access
open access sale of charges, wheeling &
power, wheeling & transmission charges etc.
cross subsidy
surcharges for EV
charging through
renewable power,
will be revised to
enable resale of
power by private
8. 5.3.3 (c) iii. On a promotional This support will be As this discount in tariff
Financial & basis, discounted extended by the govt./ offered is not for
Non- tariff will be offered industries department with manufacturing but for
Financial for charging EV’s. no additional burden on spread of EV usage, the
incentives distribution companies budget for this will be
for Mass allocated from the state
Support budget and no separate
budget for this is created
at present.
9. 5.3.3 (c) vi. Cost of recharging This support will be As this discount in tariff
Financial & of vehicles during extended by the govt./ offered is not for
Non- non-peak/night industries department with manufacturing but for
Financial time hours will be no additional burden on spread of EV usage, the
incentives subsidized distribution companies budget for this will be
for Mass allocated from the state
Support budget and no separate
budget for this is created
at present.
10. 5.3.4 (a) i. A research grant of The source of the research The budget for this will
R&D Grants 500 Cr will fund the grant may be specified. come from the state govt
for most innovative budget.
Industrial solutions in the
Developme mobility space.
11. 5.3.5 (c) Special sales Special sales incentives will Not incorporated.
Pilot incentives and be given on a promotional At the moment, to
Ecosystem discounted tariff basis for fleet managers encourage EVs, the
at will be given on a government might
Visakhapat promotional basis selectively choose to offer
nam for fleet managers attractive discounts to kick
start the EV revolution.
12. 10.1.3 (d) A dedicated line This may be re-considered. Not incorporated.
Financial along with special A dedicated line may not
Incentives night time be required for every This is a provision available
for tariff/non-peak facility since it depends on to the manufacturer of
Manufacturi time tariff will be load requirements. batteries as per the
ng: offered for testing Time of Day tariffs already feedback from the
Infrastructu of EV batteries. exists in the State and are industry.
re as determined by the
APERC for applicable
consumer category.
13. 10.2.2 Add these points for Not incorporated.
Service battery swapping stations:
Providers & All external Swapping stations are
end users infrastructure such as mostly setup in
power supply, water urban/semi-urban or
supply, roads will be populated areas which are
provided at the already developed and
doorstep of the battery have a certain level of
swapping stations at activity. Hence external
50% of the cost of the infrastructure doesn’t need
infrastructure with an to be developed
overall limit of 2 crores additionally.
per project.
14. 10.2.3 (b) Two Wheelers: Rs This support will be This has been removed.
Subsidies 1,000 one time extended by the govt./
for private reimbursement on industries department with
purchase electricity charges no additional burden on
and use until 2020 distribution companies


Sl. Claus Existing clause Changes proposed Comments from

No. e/Se Industries Department
1 5.2.g, Incorporated.
2 5.2.f Target to convert the The view of APSRTC may be No objection from APSRTC
APSRTC bus fleet of taken in the matter
over 11,000 buses
into electric buses in
phase wise manner
by 2030
3 5.3.7 General remarks on the above points are: Noted.
Section 74 (3) (a) of motor vehicles act, 1988 reads
as follows: We are proposing to lift
“The state government shall, if so directed by the the restriction of
central government, having regard to the number permits ONLY for EVs in
of vehicles, road conditions and other relevant order to start transition
matters, by notification in the official gazette, direct from polluting diesel
a state transport authority and a regional transport autos to emission free
authority to limit the number of contract carriages electric vehicles. In the
generally or of any specific type, as may be fixed policy we are also
and specified in the notification, operating on city proposing to phase out
routes in towns with a population of not less than polluting vehicles from
five lakhs” cities. Hence congestion
Accordingly, central government directed the should be controlled
various state government, including Andhra effectively.
Pradesh, in residual Andhra Pradesh, the directions
are applicable to Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada,
Rajahmundry, Guntur & Kurnool.
Keeping the above directions in view the state
government have restricted the number of contract
carriages i.e., 3-wheeled autorickshaws to 13,100
in Vijayawada and 8300 in Visakhapatnam.
Therefore, unlimited grant of permits to electric
vehicles i.e. autorickshaws (contract carriages) may
not be possible in the existing situation where
traffic congestion and road safety will have to be
kept in mind.
However, specific remarks on each item above is as
4 5.3.7. At present only CNG The file is with government We are proposing
b or LPG autos are for fixation of taxation to e- reimbursements of road
given 3-wheeler rickshaw and e-carts. Once tax for all electrical
permits. EV’s will be
the G.O. on taxes is issued, vehicles.
added to this
segment. the E-rickshaw and e-carts
will be registered.
At present all the other
electrical vehicles like buses
and cars are already being
registered and there are no
restriction on them.
5 5.3.7. Corporates will be Government of India has This policy also includes
c allowed to own and removed the requirement of phasing out of polluting
operate electric 3- permit to e-rickshaws. vehicles from cities.
wheelers with a
However, their unrestricted Introduction of EVs should
single corporate
permit and without a movement in cities will lead happen in conjunction with
limit on the number to traffic congestion which is this.
of 3-wheelers they a big problem to police
can own and operate department. We may This policy is valid for 3
under this permit. include police department years only. Based on the
for formulating a traffic sale of electric 3-wheelers
strategy. in the market, restrictions
can be applied in future.
6 5.3.3. Additional taxes/cess Old vehicles: The form of restriction can
a.iv will be levied on At present ‘green tax’ is be either taxation as
highly polluting levied on transport vehicles proposed or no more
vehicles in order to which are 7 years of age registration of some class
support the switch to and 15 years in case of non- of vehicles in cities.
environmentally transport vehicles. However, We are proposing these
friendly vehicles such tax did not have any restrictions only for cities
effect on purchase of as it has become very
vehicles and hence did not important to control
serve the purpose of control pollution and congestion in
of pollution. cities which indirectly
New Vehicles: create huge burden to the
In respect of new vehicles government through
increase of tax on fossil fuel increased healthcare costs
vehicles will effect their and infrastructure
sales and consequently the spending.
revenues of the government
will be effected. Hence
additional taxes/cess on new
petrol/diesel vehicles is not
6 5.3.3. PPP models in public At present all routes are This has been modified as
b.i transport using nationalized routes. Hence, “PPP models in public
purely electric bidding for choice route will transport, using purely
vehicles based on not arise in the existing electric vehicles, will be
reverse bidding for scenario. APSRTC would also offered based on selected
choice routes. seriously object for bidding routes/EV Zones”
of any selected routes as it
is the operator on
nationalized routes.
7 5.3.3. Promotional schemes Providing electrical scooters Not Incorporated.
c.v to provide electric at a cost of Rs 10,000/- to This is a promotional
scooters at a cast of women drivers would be scheme to create
Rs 10,000 will be heavy burden to state awareness and also help
offered to women government as the cost may female students and self-
drivers to create range from Rs 40,000/- to employed women. This
awareness and Rs 75,000/- in case of discount will be offered in
provide a means of scooters. Hence, it may be selected areas phase wise
economic support mentioned that a subsidy depending on the local
upto Rs 10,000/- may be need.

Sl. Claus Existing clause Changes proposed Comments from
No. e/Se Industries Department
1 5.3.7. Incorporated.
2 5.3.7 Corporates will be This clause will create Not incorporated.
c allowed to own and unhealthy competition It has been observed that
operate electric 3 among corporates and they utilization of vehicles goes
wheelers with a may flood the city roads and up when operated by
single corporate traffic junctions with huge corporates. Especially
permit and without a fleet creating road fleet operators such as
limit on the number congestion and traffic Ola & Uber have brought
of 3 wheelers they mobility problems. The about a revolution which
can own and operate corporates may be confined will bring down the
under this permit to a specified zone/route for congestion in cities.
operating their fleet Hence this change is
proposed however only
limited to EVs and not IC
engine vehicles.
3 5.3.7. Commercial licenses This will give scope for Incorporated with
f will be provided to converting/utilizing the EVs modification
freight and logistics meant for personnel use for “Registration of EV’s will
fleets using EVs (2 commercial purpose also. be done for freight &
wheelers, 3-wheeler This will create unhealthy logistics fleets using EVs
or 4- wheelers) in a competition in commercial (3-wheeler or 4-wheeler)
fast manner zones and cause traffic in a fast manner“
congestion in such zones.
4 5.3.3. The cities of In model EM cities Not incorporated.
a.i Vijayawada, unhealthy competition Shared transport using EV
Visakhapatnam and among the fleet operated by fleets will significantly
tirupathi will be fossil fuels and EVs should help reduce the burden on
declared as model not be permitted. By government support.
EM cities with goals establishing a robust public
to adopt electric transport multi model
vehicles, charging system operation of small
infrastructure and EVs may be restricted on
new EV enabling main corridors to prevent
building codes road congestion and to
ensure free mobility of EV


Sl. Claus Existing clause Changes proposed Comments

No. e/Se from
ction Industries
1. 5.3.2 The state will invest in setting Government sets up charging Incorporate
up both slow and fast charging stations at not just government d.
networks in government buildings but also in public
buildings to support its own spaces and other locations as
fleet of EVs deemed fit.

Sl. Clause/Section Existing clause/Changes proposed (in bold) Comments from

No. Industries
1 Incorporated
3.c, 5.1.f, 5.2,
5.3.5, 5.3.7.d,
2 5.3.7.f,
3.d 8, 9 Interchange of two (2) Dedicated Freight Not incorporated.
Corridor (DFC) at International Airport - Shortened this
3 Gannavaram
Defining i.e., North
Universal – SouthInfrastructure
Charging Corridor, East –is section for making
Hybrid electric
very Corridor. for the success of this initiative as the document
vehicles crisp
4 charging infrastructure may varies with one and to the point..
manufacturer to other. Charging infra
Hybrid Electric Vehicle needs to defined already present in
Incubation and R&D Centers, Institutions, the standards
4 Universities,
The proposedetc.,park to develop
will the work
have force
common sections.
Not incorporated.
skills needs to beskill
infra………………… included.
development centers. The Shortened this
5.3.1.b.iv location of the proposed park may be section for making
identified based on its potential to the the document crisp
regional, national level transport and to the point..
5 (rail/road/air/seaport)
Product Development process and and
connectivity its
product Not incorporated.
5.3.1.b proximity must
developed by conducting the suitable
be are strictly adhere socio-
to the Shortened this
prevailing and traffic of study, etc.,Noise pollution
Air, Water, section for making
6 5.3.1.c.ii control norms
Quality Power:of…. theAutomotive/Auto
county/law of land components the document
Not incorporated.crisp
units and the extended and to the point..
Shortened this
/revised/subsequent guidelines will be section for making
7 5.3.2.a.i …………… own
prevailed till fleet of EVS period
the policy and encouraging the Not incorporated.
the document crisp
other public/private EVs to charge as per andtariff
EV to the
is point...
pricing policy based on the opportunity by DISCOM which is
8 5.3.2.a.v Universal Charged Batteries at swapping Not incorporated.
universal for all.
stations for 2-Wheelers, passenger Cars, etc., Shortened this
will be provided …………………………… section for making
8 ...on highways, other major roads, toll the
Not document
booths, way-side amenity spaces, etc., and to the point..
Shortened this
section for making
10 5.3.2.b.i the document
…….. a contemporary fuel station as per statutory Not incorporated.crisp
clearances and to the point..
Shortened this
11 5.3.3.a.v ….for installing Universal public charging Not incorporated.
section for making
equipment ……………………… Shortened
the document thiscrisp
section for point..
and to the making
the document crisp
and to the point..
12 5.3.3.c Incentives to institutions, universities, etc., Not incorporated.
established to develop skill resources to Shortened this
meet the demand section for making
13 6 …. for a period of 5 years … (as installation Not incorporated
the document crisp
and development of infrastructure requires since
and tothis
a fast
certain time even to review based on the developing
14 7 results)
… to electric vehicles, Electric Autonomous technology.
Not incorporated.
Vehicles and the components … Shortened this
section for making
15 10 3-wheelers: Rs.3,000 one-time This section has
the document crisp
reimbursement on electricity charges until been
and toremoved.
the point..


Sl. Clause/Secti Existing clause Changes proposed Comments

No. on from
1. No Comments from ITEC. The department supports the policy.


Sl. Clause/Sectio Existing clause/Changes proposed (in Comments from
No. n bold) Industries Department
1 to Incorporated
Pradesh, Why
EV in AP
2 Preamble • Preamble focuses primarily on EV and its Not included
components. Clean and/or renewable The present preamble
energy is most important part of the EV covers similar aspects of
eco-system and needs to be highlighted vision of Andhra
• Linkage to Green Andhra and low CO2 government.
3 to It may focus on
emissions standardized
should equipment to
also be here Not
The incorporated
preamble was
the sector ensure
• Preamble needs to be moreeconomies
ease and also bring in of
detailed and Not needed to keep
intended to be crisp.the
highlight what EV is and how it connects document crisp.
with AP Vision
2.1 – Global Market Review: sustainable
transport sector in India and especially AP
should be added here
– Drivers: A key driver is renewable energy
potential in urban areas especially in public
spaces to make charging stations self
sustainable and its growth in adoption of EVs
– Challenges: Key challenge is shift from
traditional sources to renewable sources of
4 Ancillary industry should also be considered Support for auto
when defining project scale. These include - component clusters exist.
vehicle trims, seats,
wheels etc. which are crucial, have high
logistic costs and are employment generators
5 Define May
5.1.b: renewable energy
need to focus for transport
on entire sector
supply 5.1.b. Not incorporated.
Objectives, chain rather than just electric components to Renewable energy is
Targets and bring in EV manufacturers as logistic costs under the ambit of the
Strategy can be high energy department with
clear targets defined.
: Additional objective - Develop renewable Given the unviable cost of
sources of energy as means for electricity electric vehicles for
supply for EVs and charging infrastructure private use, we are
: No target for private consumption of EVs? focusing our policy more
on fleets of vehicles
5.3.1.a: Pt. ii – ‘establishment of skill 5.3.1a. Incorporated
development centre’ is not financial incentive. 5.3.1.b Not incorporated
Tax incentives to be provided for The size of the park will
be decided at a later date.
5.3.1.b: Pt. i – Minimum land required should 5.3.1.c.Not incorporated
be 1000 acres as a large size vehicle Energy doesn’t come
manufacturing plant itself will take up ~400 under the ambit of this
acres and ancillary plants will also need to policy.
come up in the park 5.3.1.b Not incorporated
c: Renewable energy plants too should have This is left for the market
these benefits if they are going to be to evolve and decide.
primarily supplying energy for EV eco-system 5.3.2.b Not incorporated
b: Pt. I - Charging or swapping docks at Currently we are giving Rs
every fuel station with some form of incentive 1/unit subsidy for
for the station owners manufacturing. Mega
units can further get tailor
5.3.2.b: Pt. Pt. iii - Incentives like lower made incentives. Hence it
energy tariff overall, tax breaks like in case of is left to the project
solar heaters etc. proponent to choose what
d: Pt. ii - V2G is in very early stages of he wants.
development and EVs may not have enough 5.3.2.d. Not incorporated
capacity or efficiency This is a fast developing
technology. Hence we
want to focus on R&D and
have a provision to test
and adopt it at a future
date given the
tremendous benefits for
power grid balancing.
6 5.3.3. There should also push for individual or 5.3.3. Not incorporated
private owners of EVs Road tax , which is around
Integrated transport hubs with last mile 12-14%, is reimbursed
connectivity to prevent usage of private ICE currently.
based cars EV zones will be created
5.3.4.b: A centralized hub for resource to promote EVs for
sharing will enable rapid progress. Similar to specific purposes.
Chinese system in Shenzhen
• -in with mass rapid transport 5.3.4.b. Not incorporated
systems such as BRTS or Not under the ambit of
MRTS being planned? this policy.
• Should include BRTS, IPT, E Bikes as
small cities may be going for E-Bikes may 5.3.5 Not incorporated
need to support the system We are starting with
Visakhapatnam given that
5.3.5: Should a policy for the state focus the population is large
7 of on one be
Should cityfor
specifically?? Can be
EV, its ancillary said thatand Not
industries and incorporated
the demand will be
Policy pilot will be run in any one selected city. the highest. However,
for renewable energy sector as part of the Not under the ambit of
this policy. other 3
large green initiative of Green Andhra and electric mobility model
policy should also focus on smart mobility to cities will also be kick
support operations of transport system by started as soon as
possible while
adopting sustainable transport mechanism in
incorporating the
urban areas like BRTS, urban buses, IPT, E learnings from
Bikes through some incentives mechanism in Visakhapatnam.
phased manner otherwise we may develop
EV hub and similarly our own urban transport
system should be sustainable, cities should
be incentives for lower carbon emissions
through transportation on year on year basis.


Sl. Clause/Sectio Existing clause/Changes proposed (in Comments from

No. n bold) Industries Department
clause 10.1.4, Revenue Department has no objection for
10.2.1, reimbursement of SGST finally accrued to the
10.1.2 State and for reimbursement of stamp duty
and transfer duty by the administrative
department through budgetary route.


Sl. Clause/Sectio Existing clause/Changes proposed (in Comments from

No. n bold) Industries Department
The Department is requested to enclose the
financial implications of the policy on an
annual basis for the next 5 years or policy
period whichever is less.