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GBE: green bean equivalent. Net weight of the processed coffee multiplied by factor. Roasted coffee: 1.

19; decaffeinated: 1.05;

decaffeinated roasted: 1.25; decaffeinated soluble: 2.73; liquid or soluble: 2.6 (2007 International Coffee Agreement).

The table was intended to show the production and exports of coffee in Brazil in 2017. The table
was challenging to read at first and determine the two different topics, production and exports.
The deficiencies of the presentation, was not spelling out the acronyms in the table. Only one of
the acronyms was spelled out within the text of the webpage. The advantages of the table, is that
it was small enough fit on one page. And the blue background with black text made the text

Coffee Production in Brazil - 2017


Types Produced

Total Production
Arabica 2,609,040
and tonnes

March –
April 2,339,630
Processing Method Hectares

Total Area Planted

Dry and wet

Processing Method

The main feature of the picture was to create two charts to find information quickly about the
two different topics Production and Exports of Coffee in Brazil. As the new author, I created pie
charts with call outs for the subject matter with arrows pointing to the description of each item
within each section of the chart.
The original table had Production and Exports within the same table. I decided it was easier to
read two different charts. In the Production chart, I spelled out the acronym Hectares (ha). In the
Exports chart, I spelled out two acronyms Green Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Green
Bean Equivalent (GBE). It was not clear what the acronyms meant in the table.


% of Green
Gross Domestic
Product (GDP)

Green (total)
0.35% 1,808,462

% of total exports 1,648,262
Green (arabica)
Green Bean 160,199
Equivalent tonnes

Processed Coffee Green (robusta)

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