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CCSO Report
Submitted to : Joe Martin Hays
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell
The very first Entrepreneurship cell of our prestigious university, Institute of Management
Technology, Dubai. It was aimed at spreading awareness about the importance of
entrepreneurship and fostering its spirit in the students of Institute of Management Technology,
We aimed at identifying new ideas and help create an environment where students can innovate
and build on their ideas. This was expected to be accomplished based on the enthusiasm of the
students that would want to be the leaders at the forefront of innovation and creation; and the
members of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell, who with their tenacity to
thrive and help the cell succeed through spreading the word.
IEDC would help create an environment which fosters growth of intellectual minds who strongly
believe in the spirit of Entrepreneurship.
 Encourage the thought process of creating new ideas, innovating and its importance
 Provide support to materialize these ideas into a product
 Work with other committees and peers to take up initiatives that lead to everyone's
 To bolster entrepreneurial culture amongst curious minds
 Conducting workshops and session that instills people with relevant skills and knowledge
to sustain and grow in a startup culture
 To identify and motivate budding entrepreneurs
 Engaging students to participate and innovate through workshop series and events
 Updating students about the recent trends and events happening around the world in the
field of entrepreneurship
Final Membership
 Muktesh Singh
 Rishabh Agrawal
 Satvik Gupta
 Ayush Agrawal
 Nikhil Mukka
 Gaurav Bishnoi
 Aman Shukla
 Abhisheke Kaushik
 Aishlay Gupta
 Saharsh Bareria
 Ayushi Pareek
 Anchit Garg
Roles and Responsibilities
Depending on the interest of the various members, the roles and responsibilities for how the
committee would be managed was decided and the functions related to their interests were given
to the respective members to handle.

If one had to establish a contact with the committee for any work related to it, like, for becoming
a member of IEDC, registering or enquiring about an event, a point-of-contact was established,
and any responsibilities related to it were given to the aforementioned members.
 Satvik Gupta
 Muktesh Singh

Public Relations and Social Media

The social media and the public relations front which was responsible for spreading the word
about events online and addressing any issues related to it, was handled by
 Aman Shukla
 Gaurav Bishnoi

When it came to market the events and sessions that were planned, designing posters, spreading
the word amongst fellow IMTians, that bit was taken care of by
 Abhishek Kaushik
 Nikhil Mukka

Event Co-ordination
Any roles and responsibilities related to conducting the event and doing the needful related to it
was handled by
 Rishabh Agrawal
 Ayush Agrawal

Getting various equipments, booking of halls, etc., was handled by
 Aishlay Gupta
 Saharsh Bareria

Sl. No. Workshop/ Event Date About
1 IDEATE 19th September 2018 If you have an idea,
Session 1 let's work on it
Session 2 together
2 B-Quiz 25th January 2018 Let's see if you have
9:00 PM – 9:20 PM GST what it takes to
answer these
questions based on
the world of
3 Marketing Mayhem 8th March 2018 Think, create,
In association with Vaudeville innovate

During the 9 months spent in IMT Dubai, the success of IEDC, it being one of the first of its kind
committee to be established in the campus, could be astounding. We were able to achieve quite a
lot, considering that it was a new committee, and as we had not been able to find and decide
upon the direction that we would like to take the committee. The various things that were
accomplished by us were:
 Creation of Facebook Page: We created a Facebook page which we used to constantly
update our fellow IMTians with the recent happenings in the Entrepreneurship world, to
tell them about the events and sessions that would be conducted by our committee around
the year.
 IDEATE: Ideate was our very first event which looked at a pretty decent turn-out. A lot
of students showed that they had the mettle to become entrepreneurs with their astute
sense that brought forth ingenuity which was observed and regarded as brilliant by our
guest of honor. This was to be conducted in a series of sessions, where one could work on
and refine their ideas, but, the following session was not as successful and therefore, after
the first two sessions, the plan of conducting any other events related to it never came to
 B-quiz: This quiz was planned in order to establish IMT, Dubai in some international and
inter college platform, which was achieved successfully. This business quiz was
organized with Dare2compete under Online Quizzing Festival. It comprised of 20
questions from various domains which have to be answered in 20 minutes.

A total of 3827 students participated in this quiz across India & UAE.

The Top 3 teams were:

1. Wikipedias – Concentrix
2. Nakamas – BITS Pilani
3. Straight Outta Kanpur – IIFT, New Delhi

Although any team from our college didn’t make it to TOP-3 but the response and
feedback we got for this quiz was amazing and the teams were happy with the level of
questions drafted for this quiz. The prize money for this quiz was Rs. 3000 for the Top
team and certificates for the 2 runner-ups.
 Marketing Mayhem:
This event one was one of the biggest hits in Vaudeville 2018. It was an event based on
our core values - sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. The event involved
designing a unique product using the raw materials provided by us like boxes, shirts,
wires, papers, other DIY stuff, (used/refurbished or recyclable products) etc and then
selling the product to the public (students, teachers,participants) present in the fest.

Participants came up with great ideas and made the ‘Best out of Waste’ and we generated
a revenue of about 1000 AED which was given back to the teams as prize along with the
winning team winning a cash prize of 250 AED and vouchers.

The winner was decided based upon the creativity, marketing strategy and the amount of
money that they made by selling the product.
Winners of Marketing Mayhem
What we were not able to accomplish

Snack Box: We felt as a society that a lot of students were facing midnight hunger craves
working for projects and studying late at night. It was planned that we will place a snack box
inside the campus and expect people to donate some amount in exchange of the snack they took
out of the box. The donation was supposed to go to the sponsor (college) and at the same time,
this hunger problem could be resolved. Due to lack of funds and holidays, this couldn’t be
implemented. It needed much more planning well in advance.

Ideate series of workshops: Our IDEATE event was supposed to be a series of workshops
which was planned throughout the year as advised by our mentor Dr. Bernard. Each workshop
had qualifying rounds and due to lack of participation from our college it was not as successful
as we wanted it to be. However, we successfully conducted two ideate sessions where people
came up with great ideas and got feedbacks from Dr. Harvinder and Dr. Bernard.

When it came to managing and running the committee, we realized a lot of things. The following
list states the various learnings that were borne out of the necessity of running the committee
 Students need to collaborate a lot more especially between MBA & PGDM so that every
year they can build on the work that has been done already, till now all the committees
start working from scratch every year.
 A hierarchy needs to be created so that first year students can look up to somebody and
follow a leader, hence it is essential that the current batch recruits members for the
committee from the new first year batch.
 Faculties have other responsibilities as well hence having an alumni mentor would also
be of great help especially to get corporate exposure.

Recommendations for successors

 Please stick to the schedule of the committee charter,do not make major changes
 Be in touch with us, the seniors, as we’ve done a lot of ground work already which they
can build upon.
 Start contacting alumni/people from the industry from the very beginning.It’d be easier to
have guests from the corporate if you already have contacts.
 Always seek advice from the faculty advisor or any other faculty and try to involve as
many students from the MBA batch in the working of the committee as they are here for
two years.
 Get in touch with committee members from the senior batch as soon as you join the