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20 Latihan Soal tentang Pronoun dan Jawabannya – Ingin melatih kemampuan grammar

terutama pronoun? Anda bisa menggunakan contoh-contoh soal di bawah ini.

1. In spite of her friends’ complaints, he decided to live with ___ girlfriend in Los Angeles.
a. him b.her c.his d.our e. us

2. If you to see my family next weekend, give ___ my best regards and don’t forget to bring
the gifts.
a. us b.them c.its e. we

3. I can’t understand ___ when they speak Spain. They seem woried. They should study
a. me b.his c.her e. them

4. We can find the magazine in the library.______ is very complete. We can find various
books there.

a. my b.we c.they d. she e. it

5. Nana felt worried about the children, so she asked ___ husband not to go abroad for the

a. his b.her c.their d.its e. him

6. We meet ___ friends at the mall yesterday.

a.our b.your c.its e. me

7. I can’t find ___ pencil. Can I borrow ___ , Diana?,their,your c. my, your d. my, yours e. yours, mine

8. Will you lend me your book? I will return ____tomorrow. I promise.

a. me b. her c. him d. it e. us

9. This building is so expensive for ___ . We can’t pay such a high rent. We need to think
a. them b. her c. us d. it e. him

10. I have so many plans. I am afraid that I can’t realize ___.

a. us b. them c. you d. we e. him

11. He should control ___ words so that he wouldn’t say something bad.
a. her b. His c. Their d. Our e. You

12. I need help to finish ___ work. I am so busy these days. I am not feeling well now.
a. my b. Me c. Their d. Mine e. Them

13. I don’t know how to say it to ___ that I love him. It is so difficult to say. Any idea?
a. it b. Him c. His d. Its e. their

14. Despite ___ young age, she is very brave to fight the robbers.
a. him b. His c. Her d. Their e. us
15. ____ ate many foods at my birthday party. I feel happy that like what I cooked.
a. them b. They c. Me d. I e. she
16. I forgot to prepare for teaching this morning. Last night was sick.
a. I b. She c. He d. It e. You
17. am in front of your house now. Go downstairs and see me now.
a. I b. She c. He d. You e. We
18. I can’t read the map. Would help me, please?
a. you b. He c. Me d. My e. your
19. My brother is invited to their wedding party. are our friends.
a. their b. They c. Them d. I e. We
20. What’s wrong with? You look pale. Are you sick?
a. she b. her c. his d. you e. us


20. D