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The work immersion company

A. History


-Dr. Yanga's colleges Inc. (DYCI) started as a non-sectarian secondary

institution. it was established in 1950 as the Francisco Balagtas Academy
(FBA) by the former owners, the late Gerardo Samson, Sr.


-in January 1974, the Yanga family purchased the FBA from its owners
and Dr. Ismael E. Yanga, Sr. became its first president.


-In June 7,1976, the institution was granted to offer complete secondary


-The secondary institution expanded to include tertiary courses. The initial

course offered were Midwifery, Secretarial Education, Doctor of
Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Commerce, Nursing, Seaman Training
Course and Vocational Courses.


-The name of institution was changed to Dr. Yanga's Francisco Balagtas

Colleges (DYFBC).


-Dr. Marciano D. Yanga was installed as the second president of the

school in an investiture ceremony held on August 12, 1993.

-The institution name was changed again and became Dr. Yanga's
Colleges, Inc.


-The government recognition was issued for the institution to open Grade
School Department.


-In a re-certification report, DYCI High School maintained its "Above

Standard" Status given by the Fund for Assistance in Private Education


-The DYCI High School Robotics Team bagged its first World Champion
title for the World Robot Olympiad.

-To date, DYCI Primed has 7 National Titles (5 PRO and 2 FLL) and 2 World
Titles under their belt.


-DCYI was declared as a center for Robotics Excellence by Ms. Mylene

Abiva, president and CEO of Felta Multimedia

-DYCI High School was one of the Top Performing Private Schools for the
2013 National Achievement Test (NAT) with 487 takers, the biggest
number of examiners among all private schools in Bulacan.


-After many years of changing lives, DYCI was awarded as the 2012 Most
Transformative School by the ABS-CBN Bayan Academy during the 2nd
excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA)

•The school started They offer Pre-Elementary and Elementary

•First Planning of the DYCI High School Faculty at Angel's Hills, Tagaytay
City where the motto "More Than a School, a family"


•The word "DYCIan" was coined by Prof. Michael S. Yanga, then

Managing Director and Principal of the High School Department to
identify students of DYCI.

•"SAGIP-ARAL" was introduced to allow DYCIans help their fellow

DYCIans continue their education.

•The first God-Centered week was celebrated, without a theme.


•The Basic Education Department began active involvement in church

activities of the St. Martin of Tours Parish in Bocaue.

•A memorandum of Agreement was ratified for the implementation of

the feeding program for Grades 1-3 and computer literacy Program for
Grades 5-6 Students of Cong. Erasmo R. Cruz Memorial Central School,
Bocaue, Bulacan.

•DYCI High School presents "Value of the week" program to deepen the
understanding of every DYCIan to the values it promotes through the
name of its sections.

•Charitable institution were included as first itinerary of the High School

for Educational Tours.

•Gift-giving project for adopted families became part of the holiday

celebration of every section.


• DYCI unveils new building to cater the growing population of the

High School Department- The High School Building 2.
• The Grade School Department launched its "DYCIan Cares"
program as its outreach activity.

• DYCI High School released its first student-published newsletter, The


• "Social Issues of the Week" was launched to update every DYCIan

with the relevant issues in the society and the world.

• A project handled by the Araling Panlipunan Department.

• First DYCIan Youth Camp was celebrated that serves as a

culminating activity for the 2nd Grading Period.

• DYCI Grade School Department celebrated its first God-Centered



• In partnership with the St. Martin of Tours, DYCI High School

participates in the Catechism Teaching. DYCI was assigned to teach
students from Cong. Erasmo R. Cruz Memorial Central School.

• The High School joined the National Youth Congress in Baguio City
for impromptu Speaking Competition and won 2nd Place.


• In a re-certification report DYCI High School maintained its "Above

Standard" status given by the Fund for Assistance in Private Education

• "The DYCIan Live", a 10-minutes televised program with various

segments was launched as part of program innovations of the High
School Department.

• The "English Speaking Campaign" was launched to prepare

DYCIans to the global setting.

• DYCI incorporated in its curriculum the "Learning Physics as one

Nation" framework from the Central Visayan Institute Foundation (CVIF) in
Jagna, Bohol.
• DYCI High School Robotics team joined for the first time the
Philippine Robotic Olympiad - Open Category and 4th Place.


• DYCI in partnership with the parish of St. Martin of Tours celebrates

"Simbang Gabi” within DYCI campus.

• The Bulacan Private Schools Association (BULPRISA) recognized

and awarded Prof. Michael S. Yanga as the "2009 Most Outstanding

• The DYCI Primes, the official robotics team of the High School
Department bagged it first national title in the Philippine Robotics

• DYCI for the first time made it to the international arena as official
representative of the Philippine to the World Robot Olympiad in Pohang,
South Korea.


• Dr. Yanga's Colleges, Inc. as an institution marked its 60th Founding


• A benchmark visit was conducted by the Basic Education

Department to Singapore's Bendemeer Secondary School.

• Reading Campaign was introduced in partnership with the

Scholastic Philippines.

• DYCI bagged its first world title through robotics at the 10th World
Robot Olympiad held in Manila, Philippines.


• DYCI joined "Tagisang Robotics", a competition organized by the

Department of Science and Technology - Science Education Institute
• The High School Department was able to reach the national level
of Press Conference Feature Writing and Radio Broadcasting categories
held in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte.

• DYCI High School joined the 1st National Youth Leadership and
Talent Fair by the Association of the Philippine Private School
Administrators and Mentors(APPSAM) and won 2 gold medals for
Talumpati and Debate Categories.

• DYCI Grade School joined for the first time the Philippine Robotics
Olympiad and made it to the World Robot Olympiad in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

• DYCI visited Singapore's Bendemeer Secondary School again for a

benchmark visit.


• DYCI was declared as a Center for Robotics Excellence by Mylene

Abiva, national organizer of the Philippine Robotics Olympiad and
President and CEO of Felta.

• DYCI became the first officially-declared Philippine Robotics

Academy campus in the country.

• "DYCI Blue Ocean 10" was formed to compete for the first time in
the 1sr First Lego League Philippines.

• DYCI Blue Ocean 10 made it to the FIRST Lego League World

Festival in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and won 3rd Place-project Presentation

• The DYCI Primes bagged its second world title at the 12th World
Robot Olympiad held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


• ABS-CBN Bayan Academy awarded DYCI as the 2012 Most

Transformative School for Learning Effectiveness and School Efficiency
during the 2nd Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA)

• DYCI High School was one of the Top Performing Private Schools
for the 2013 National Achievement Test(NAT)
• DYCI made it for the first time to the "Palarong Pambansa" for the
taekwondo event.

• The Grade School Department incorporated Robotics program

from Grade 4-6 classes.

• First ever Ahon-Noah Fun Run project was conduced to help

typhoon Yolanda Victims.

• The DYCI Blue Ocean 10 made it for the first time to the FIRST Lego
League Asia-Pacific Invitational Robotics Competition in McQuarrie
University, Sydney, Australia and won People's Choice Award and
Judges' Choice Award.

• 10th year celebration of the God Centered Week with the theme
"10kful" and DYCIan Youth Camp with the theme "Segullah: Apple of
God's Eye".


• A remarkable 1-2 finish for the DYCI blue ocean 10 and ubuntu
imagineers at the first Lego league Philippines.

• DYCI visited national Taiwan university for a bench mark visit and
robotics training.

• DYCI High School join for the first time the Philippine sudoku super

• The DYCI taekwondo team made it to the 8th world taekwondo

culture expo and bagged 4 gold medals.

• 1st implementation of the Saturday school for the youth of St.

martin of tours parish.


• The High school department was adjudged as national champion

for the scholastic readers cap.

• Robotics training at the national Taiwan university was attended

by robotics coaches.
• Benchmark visit and exchange program at the samroiyod
wittayakom school in Thailand.


• 1st Thai Filipino language cultural exchange program between

samroiyod wittayakom school from Thailand and Dr. Yanga’s basic
education transpired.

• Grades school robotics laboratory was built, and we do Lego

training for grade 1 DYCIan was implemented.

• Singaporean math was adopted by the grade school department

for grades 4-6.

• The basic education in partnership with Microsoft Philippines was

implemented Microsoft office specialist examination from grade 6-10.

• DYCI visited bangbuathong school in Thailand for a benchmark


• Government recognition was granted to offer grade 11 senior high

school at the k-12 curriculum.

• DYCI unveils its new senior high school building.

• Back to back champion at the scholastic readers cup.

• Awarded as outstanding school base values education program

by the Pambansang Samahan Para sa Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga.

• The grade school drum and lyre was formed.


• Another international partner school, bangbuathong school in

Thailand visited DYCI for the exchange program.

• Full implementation of the k-12 curriculum.

• DYCI unveils new campus of binang 2nd. Bocaue, Bulacan with
the newly build pre-school and grade school buildings.

B. Mission and Vission

Vission Statement

Dr. Yanga's Colleges INC. College of maritime Education aims to be an

esteemed Institution and envisions itself as one of the leading and
pioneering institutions in the Philippines.

Mission Statement

In pursuit of quality maritime education and delivery of world-class

service. we are committed to serve with reliability, efficiency and
integrity through our dynamic state of continuously learning organization.

C. Nature of The Business


D. Description of the product/Services

E. Target ClientDay 1
November 21, 2017

On the first day of the immersion, we were filing and sorting the documents. That
day was very tiring because we have so many things to accomplish ahead of
time. We’ve very fortunate for having a generous and kind-hearted
coordinators. It may be tiring but fun at the same time because my companions
are very kind. We offer help to each other as long as we can to finish our task on

Day 2
November 28, 2017

On the second day of the immersion, we do check the petty cash fund voucher
of the employees of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc. Honestly speaking, it’s
complicated because I really hate computations. But it’s part of my task so I
have to finish it whether I like it or not. I know that I could finish it with the help of
my companion and with determination.

Day 3
December 05, 2017

On the third day of immersion, we were distributing books and statement of

accounts of the junior high school and senior high school students. It’s very tiring
because we are continuous on walking until we found the section of every
students. My legs are getting tired because they are very hard to find and the
weather is too hot but fun because while we are walking we keep on talking
and sharing about our thoughts and different experiences on our work

Day 4
December 12, 2017

On the fourth day of the immersion, we used to make improvised envelopes with
the use of papers and glue. We also staple the receipt of the 13th month pay of
the employees.

Day 5
December 19, 2017

On the fifth day, we were sorting all the files of gradeschool and highschool
students of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc. It was fun and unforgettable. I have
experienced how to file and sort the files properly.
Day 6
January 09, 2018

On the sixth day, we post stamp to the petty cash fund. We feel bored but fun
because we enjoy every moment we allotted for our work immersion.