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Data Sheet
Doc. Ref. 21A/523D

System 523D Vinyl Ester
Archco-Rigidon system 523D is a 2 component heavy- Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +85°C (immersed)
duty trowel applied lining. It is formulated from a Vinyl Ester Application Method Trowel only
resin reinforced with 3.0mm glassflakes. The lining dry film
thickness is nominally 2.0mm. Further coats can be applied Surface Preparation Gritblast to Sa2½ min
should the specifying authority require additional coverage. Colour Off white
Principal Characteristics Catalyst Type Archco-Rigidon C3
Volume Solids 98%-99%
* Excellent corrosion resistance
Dry Film Thickness 750-1000mic 30-40 mils
* Excellent abrasion resistance
Min Substrate Temperature 10°C
* Excellent erosion resistance Max Humidity during Application 90% Rh
* Very low permeability Min Dewpoint/Substrate Dewpoint +3°C
Differential (steel)
* Excellent chemical resistance
Flash Point 31°C
* Very good application properties Overcoating Times Min. 6 hrs - Max. 7 days.
* High temperature tolerance Tool Cleaning Solvent T2 Cleaner
* Excellent undercutting resistance Storage Temperature Limits 10°C - 20°C
Specific Gravity 1.2
* Excellent repairability
Shelf Life 6 months
* Rapid cure
Chemical Resistance: For guidance only. Reference
Extensive – refer to Archco- can be made to column D in
Corrosion and Temperature Resistance Rigidon for details and the Archco-Rigidon Chemical
Archco-Rigidon system 523D is resistant to corrosive
recommendations Resistance Guide
mineral acids, alkalis, salts and a range of oxidising
chemicals at temperatures up to 85°C under immersion
conditions and 170°C under fume or gaseous conditions, Estimated Coverages Theoretical Practical
dependent upon the chemical type and concentration levels. are as follows: Material Material
Higher temperatures can be tolerated in certain Requirement Requirement
circumstances based on successful case histories. Component Quantity/m²/ Quantity/m²/
2mm DFT 2mm DFT
Suggested Uses
PD2 Primer 0.06kg 0.15kg
Archco-Rigidon system 523D is used primarily to protect Resin Mix 2.40kg 4.00kg
steel from corrosive attack.
C3 Catalyst 0.05kg 0.08kg
System 523D is widely used in the water treatment industry Green Pigment 0.04kg 0.04kg
for lining filtration vessels, ion exchange vessels and
applications involving effluent streams and treatment areas. T2 Cleaner 0.50 litres 0.50 litres
P21 Rolling Aid 0.25 litres 0.25 litres
It is used extensively in the offshore oil industry for lining
process vessels and is also used for lining stacks, ducts, TC23D Wax Topcoat 0.15kg 0.35kg
fume scrubbers and fan cases in the power generation and (Optional)
chemical process industries. Inclusion of a waxed resin top
coat maximises chemical resistance by accelerating full System 523D Typical Test Data
cure. Cosmetic appearance and surface finish are also Characteristic Standard Result
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D 4060 0.027gm smooth)
How to Order Adhesion Properties ASTM D 952 8 MPa
A full material system may be ordered by simply specifying Salt Water Resistance ASTM B 1117- 20,000 hrs. No
Archco-Rigidon system 523D. 57T effect
Cathodic Disbondment BS 3900F11 Compatible
Contact Archco-Rigidon Engineers for further information.
Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 3975psi 280kg.cm²
Flexural Strength ASTM D 790 9425psi 660kg/cm²

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