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Appendix A

Literacy Coach Meeting

Friday, January 12, 2018
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Southfield Education Center
Room 115

I. PA 306 Debrief and Future Planning

A. Review of IRIPs and prep for Round Two

1. NWEA Assessments all K-3 Reading Assessments completed by

February 9 allowing for completion of second IRIP (March 9th

2. Parent Letter describing the upcoming assessments related to PA 306 and

IRIPs to be sent by January 17. (CW)

3. Parent Letter to accompany the Home Reading Plan no later March 9.


4. Home Plan Distribution Round 2 Possibilities -

● Developed at building level (i.e. Bagels with Both) where only

IRIP parents are invited
● Kiosk set up for pick up before and after school
● Pancakes with IRIP Parents Breakfast (Jeziorowski)
● Home Plan sent home by classroom teacher, documented on sheet
(documentation form CW)
5. Literacy Workshop in March for K - 3: (Title I & Title III)

● Early literacy centers/break out session including PA 306

● Dinner and child care provided
● Raffle & Resources
● Parent Literacy Team to make phone calls to invite families
● District or Building Workshop?
● Prep for Summer Reading Initiatives
B. Discussion of data presented on Google Form
1. Newcomers to IRIP teachers to follow criteria established in fall

2. Review performance data - IRIP Performance Benchmarks have to be met


3. On IRIP

C. Universal and diagnostic assessments related to coaching opportunities within K -

1 classrooms

1. Calendar established within buildings to complete K/1 testing for IRIP


2. Parent Information Roll Out -

● Teacher Responsibilities initiate phone calls to parents of students

on IRIPs, maintain conference logs, documentation to be collected
by LCs end of each month
● LC Roll Out Information at Building Level during staff meetings,
maintain building binder
● CW meet with building administration and LCs to clarify process
of information Roll Out
● Parent Information dissemination
D. PA 306 Binder

1. Organized tabs, discussed content of each binder. Binders will be

maintained at the building level.

2. Items included in binder identified here: Binder Content

E. Additional roll out sessions developed as needed.

II. GELN - Essential Practices Literature Discussions

A. Literacy Leadership: Essential School-Wide/Center-Wide Practices in Literacy (p.

25 - 28)

B. Coaching: Essential Coaching Practices (p. 31 - 34)

C. Essential Instructional Practice Modules

Move to next meeting as majority of time spent on PA 306 debrief. Shannon and

Gail will address A/Sommer & Candice will address B

III. Data Discourse, Intervention, & Coaching

A. Leading change where needed...common practices?
Data analysis at each building surrounding

1. Previously developed IRIPs

2. Winter identification of students on IRIPs for the first time

B. Modeling literacy practices or to get the most of each

1. Essential Modules - utilize at building level for literacy PD
C. Google Classroom - Literacy Leadership with EL Staff
1. SCC and SC will facilitate training for ELL and LC staff during January
26 meeting
2. LCs and ELL staff will share learning with classroom teachers to support
differentiated practices within literacy
IV. Future Professional Learning in Literacy
A. Literacy Modules
1. Michigan Virtual Professional Learning Portal: LCs registered and
reviewed Essential 1
2. Resource for professional development within building specifically related
to Essentials and Best Practice in Literacy
3. Consider ways to present within building directed by Literacy Coach:
● PLCs
● PD after school
● Common Planning Time at Grade Level Meetings
● PD during school with release time for grade level teachers
B. Upcoming Meetings - Calendar Development
C. HDPD and Units of Study
1. Continue previous work related to Reading, Resources, and Lesson Plans
related to curriculum
2. Consider ways to link essential 6 to presentation
3. Break out sessions prior and post include essential 6
D. MRA - March 17 - 19