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Employer: Coastline & X-Mas Tree Company (C&XT)
Desired Expertise: RIG QA/QC Engineer
Experience: 5 to 10 + years
Minimum Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
Job Status: Active / Open
Work Authorization:

Job Description:
Dear Sir,

Greetings from C&XT,

We are an approved contractor for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia. We found your CV/resume from our job portal.

We are pleased to offer you our urgent vacancy for RIG QA/QC Engineer. You shall work for SAUDI ARAMCO as a
contractor employee of C&XT in Al-Khobar - Rig Site & Non-Rig Site Assignment within Kingdom Wide of Saudi


DURATION: Long Term (as per Saudi Aramco determination)

WORKING HOURS: For Rige site,12 hours a day, 7 days a week or For Non-Rig Site, 8 hours a day, 5 days a
week with (excess no. of hours maximum of 4 hrs a day will be paid to you as an overtime in light of Saudi labor law)

MONTHLY SALARY: Paid on first day of each month onwards after first hitch, full service terms will be signed with
you upon your arrival once you have been accepted by Aramco & hired by C&XT.

JOB TERM: Candidate to work on rotational basis of 6 months on as well as 6 months off basis, each rotation will be
of 28 days ON X 28 days OFF (non-working/travel/training days are not payable)

AIR TICKET: Free Economy Class Round Trip from/to your home place.

ACCOMODATION: Western Standard Hotel/Camp with food while in Non-Rig Site will be provided by C&XT and
while in Rig Site will be provided by Saudi Aramco

BENEFITS: Transportation & Medical; Accident, Automobile & Life Insurances in international standard are provided
by C&XT.

ADMINISTRATIVE: Free Visa Processing, medical & related cost will be reimbursed to you.

SALARY RANGES: Monthly salary in the amount of US$1,344 while on working days as well as off days equivalent
to USD 120 per working day calculated at pro-rated basis according to approved working timesheet stipulating days
& overtime hours worked & will be payable/monitored by the agreed hourly rate of US$10.00 " FULLY

JOB LOCATION: Rig Sites or None Rig Sites or onshore or offshore in Saudi Arabia wherever as required by Saudi
Job Descriptions

1. Cary out inspection and checking for all quality related procedures and ensures activity are as per approved
method statement and inspection test plan (Quality manual/WCM).
2. Educate DERU engineers of API standards and the necessary standard that is required to be able to run
the business according to Aramco as well as international standard through quality control as well as the
quality assurance.
3. Coordinate with the vendor’s representative and Site vendors for inspection and meeting about quality
problems including the closure of Non-Compliance Report.
4. Monitor all activities related to Quality Management System, QMS.
5. Taking care of QA/QC documents including certificates, calibration, test results, inspection requests, non-
compliance reports and site instruction/observations, permanent materials delivered and other QA/QC
6. Responsible for the closure of Non-conformance, NCR and Site Instruction, SI.
7. Develop method statement for the activity including risk assessment and job safety environmental analysis
and Inspection Test Plan.
8. Carry out Internal Audit as scheduled in the Quality manual.
9. Develop and determine all standards to perform inspection and tests on all procedures and maintain high
standards of quality for all processes.
10. Review quality of all materials at site and ensure compliance to Aramco specifications and quality and
collaborate with department for all material procurement and maintain quality of materials.
11. Supervise effective implementation of all test and inspection schedule and ensure adherence to all
procedures and coordinate with various teams to perform quality audits on processes.
12. Assist with employees to ensure knowledge of all quality standards and ensure compliance to all quality
manual and procedures and collaborate with contractors and suppliers to maintain quality of all systems.
13. Analyze all products and non-conformance processes and evaluate all documents to ensure maintenance
of optimal quality.
14. Monitor an efficient system and record for all activities and analyze all processes to ensure all work
according to quality requirements.
15. Manage all work methods and maintain knowledge on all quality assurance standards and monitor
continuous application for all quality assurance processes and recommend corrective actions for all


a. Bachelor Degree or such equivalent acceptable to SAUDI ARAMCO.

b. (5 to 10) Years’ experience in QA/QC Field.
c. Excellent command of oral and written English.
d. Must have strong background in Drilling & Workover QA/QC operation.
e. Extensive D&WO operations background.
f. Experience in developing QA/QC manuals and Standards.


 Should have excellent writing and speaking English language skills;

 Valid Training certificates & refresher courses shall be borne by employee, e.g. H2S, HUET and others. (if
 Candidate can have Certification in KSA where cost is borne by employee thru salary deduction; note that
the training days are not paid. Certificate should be obtained thru classroom training; online courses are not
 Saudi Aramco Security ID Card is your Gate Pass and it's Aramco Policy to obtain ID card prior to reporting
to the Rig site or any of Aramco's premises. Therefore, you will not be paid for those standby days, while
your Saudi Aramco Security ID Card is under process with other formalities upon your arrival in Saudi
Arabia. However during these standby days, transportation, accommodation with food assistance will be
provided by C&XT.
 Wire transfer of your monthly salary to your designated Bank account will be arranged upon completion of
your first 28 days hitch with applicable overtimes & extra days worked beyond 28 days at rig site or non-rig
site on a pro-rated basis calculated based on worked/agreed/approved hourly rate every first day of the
following month onwards. Salary is always paid to Saudi Riyals (SAR) or U.S. Dollars (US$).
 Candidate need to pass face to face Interview with the Aramco Superintendent on your arrival in
KSA to be eligible start working in the rig. Candidate employment will be immediately TERMINATED
once you will not pass the face to face interview.
 You will be entitled of one month salary for end of service benefits as well as two month salary for bonus
upon completion of every 12 months service.
 Current Saudi Aramco employee thru other contractor should not apply for this job, including those with
current employment offer you have signed & accepted from other contractor.
 If applicable, please provide previous/current Saudi Aramco badge number should you have ever worked
for Saudi Aramco in the past for swift issuance of new Saudi Aramco ID and to avoid further delay in joining
while in KSA. Strictly, please let us know should you have worked for Saudi Aramco in the past & if yes,
kindly provide us with exact reason if your service has been terminated by them.
 Preferably you could start / joining less than 2 months or earlier once Saudi Aramco accepts your resume;
 Age limit preferably from 56 years and below. Older candidate are required to provide medical certification
 Strictly NO LONG BEARD in the rig for safety and health reasons.
 Strictly, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be your responsibility.
 If you have friends/ relative who wish to work in the Kingdom of Saudi with the same qualification,
please extend our needs. There are good numbers of positions available!!

If interested, we need the following details in the same below format with your updated resume in MS Word
(.doc/.docx) format, colored 1st page passport copy, well control certificate, H2S Card, Latest Pay Slip Copy
& Degree Certificate. All interested candidates should submit their resume directly to my e-mail address: rona@cxt-