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Angela, Yvette, Lena 

Macbeth Movie 
W1: Where u @ tho? 
W2: Killing pigs yo 
W1: Met some ho that gave me attitude and I was like, let’s curse her so now her 
husband is gonna go crazy and BOOM revenge. 
W2: I’ll give you wind to get to the ho’s man. 
W1: Bless up. 
W3: I gotchu 2 
W1: I already got the skillzz to get this dude. Gon’ make him lose sleep for 
straight up 81 weeks YOOOOOOOO. FOOLS BE CRYIN’ Homies, check this out 
W2: lemme see 
W3: wut 
W1: I got some random bro’s thumb. 
W3: Homes, here comes Macbeth 
*awkward as shit dancing* 
All: 3 plus 3 plus 3 is 9. Poof magic. 
**[enter Macbeth and Banquo]** 
Mb: Today was fab but also bad smh 
Bq: How much further, I’m tired af. *sees witches* whoa tf are you? U dude or a 
chick? Y’all look like chicks but your facial hair is trippy af 
Mb: Say something, hos 
W1: You da thane of Glamis 
W2: You also da thane of Cawdor 
W3: You gon’ be king bless 
Bq: DUUUUUUDE that’s Can’t tell if I’m tripping rn or not though. These 
dude-chicks are weird but like tell me my future anyway. 
W1: You less than Macbeth but greater 
Bq: Uhhhhhh do you understand maths ? 
W2: You r not as happy as Macbeth but also happier 
Bq: Okay I’m definitely tripping 
W3: Your babies will be royalty but you won’t lol sux 
Aw: GOTTA BLAST *slowly disappears* 
Mb: Wtf you didn’t tell me enough. Hold up gotta tell me more PLS STAY 
Bq: Uh the ground has BUBBLES wtf. Where day @? 
Mb: Disappeared smh. Wish they stayed *sigh* 
Bq: Bro, what drugs do you think we took lol 
Mb: Ur kids will be kings HOLLA 
Bq: Nah man, *hand on Mb’s shoulder* you’ll be king 
Mb: And thane of cawdor right? 
Bq: Yee. Yo who dis? 
**[Ross and Angus come in]** 
Mb: Wut 
Angus: Yeah king sent us 
Mb: Wat 
PART 2  

Mb: The frick is this weapon & y it be pointing at my hand? C’mere you lil biznatch, 

I can see you but I can't feel ya. hey ghosty dagger, y I no touchy you? I can see u 

tho.. wOAH MAN AM I ON DRUGS OR SOMETHING? DAYUM. Yo man you look 

the same as this mofo right here *Pulls out real dagger* Y u got the blood blobs on 

ur sexy af blade? *realizes there no dagger* I must be on some dank LSD or 

somethin’ cause yoU AIN’T REAL! Oi, I think the murder is trippin me out. I’ma go 

stabby stab now bye biotches!  

*Witches’ cacklings* 

*Duncan’s faint screams in the background* 



Mb: I think I'm tripping, wifey. Some peasants were praisin’ Jesus and when they 

said “Amen” I was like “nah I can't say that” like tf is wrong with me halp.  

L.Mb: Calm your tits.  

Mb: I was like hearing screams and stuffs and they were like bye bye sleep and I 

was like wut and they laff and I was still like wut and idek 

L.Mb: stop thinking, fool. You gon’ go cray. Go back and FINISH HIM, hubby  

Mb: Idk, wifey. Highkey don't wanna go back tho  

L.Mb: You got the milky tits, pansey. He dead. Only babies r scurred of pics, wimp. 

Give me the sharp sticks, I’ll frame those foolios lmao  


L.Mb: who tF is that? Right in the middle of our perfect murder smh no respect in 

the hood anymore. Put on your spidey PJJ’s. Gotta pretend we chill, fam.  


Mb: pls, kill me wifey like forget sleep. Wish the homeboy Duncan could be woke 

with that damn knocking smh 


Md: GTFO, where tf is your boss at? Oh hold up there he is lol oops.  

Mb: Sup, homie? 

Md: Yo, is da king awake? 

Mb: nah, bra but his door is der.  

Md: you been da real MVP to him bless.  

*Macduff goes into the king’s bed chamber* 

Md:Oh HOLY HELL, WTF HOMES!!!! This real crazy 


Md: someone dun stabbed King D. Check that out homes. It's pretty scurry, your 

eyes will turn to dirt. *APE SHIT SCREAMING*Wake up YOU MOFO, GET THE 

GUARD CHIHUAHUA! Some thot be killin our homie D! Malcolm, Donalbain, Banquo! 

Stay woke, fam  

L.Mb:Wtf is so important? I NEED MOI BOOTY SLP!! 

Md: SHE WASNT READYYYY, jk homie D is dead 

Bq: R u srs..? 

Mb:Well now life sucks a lot. 

Don: Wat 

Mb: No more Royal fam for youuuu  

Md: Ur papi is ded >:) 

Mal: oh who did it, bros? 

Lennox:Seems like the guards, they were covered in blood, as were their daggers 

Mb: lowkey feelin’ down for killin’ them but whatevs ya know 

Md: Why tf? 

Mb: I was straight up ragin’ I saw my home-slice Duncun and I was like YOU HOS 

Loved that guy, man. So I sorta went supersayen. No shame, fam. 

L.Mb:Got too real, squad*faints* 

Mal to Don:u gon say somethin’? We should probs say somethin’ bro. We seem shady 

af rn.  

Don to Mal: What could we say? The danger that killed father may come back and 

try get at us. We must find a safe place then we may mourn father’s death. 

Mal to Don: It isn’t even time for out grief to turn into action 

All: Time for Pancakes Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!*smol Lena in background*<(^o^)> “​DENNY’S!!” 

Mal: Where are you going to go? I shall go and find safe haven in our neighbor land 

Saint George 

Don: It’s safer for us to separate, our family’s the most likely to kill us. I’ll head to 

The Avenue 

Mal: Let's skidaddle!!!!