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El – Raheb village

Shebin Elkom - Menoufia

A HMED E SSAM E L - DIN Home: 048 2292202 - Mobile: 0102 60 30 396

Production operations Engineer

My objective is : to work in a creative environment in the field of Oil and Gas to to
contribute in the optimal growth of the company and gain practical experience promoting my
technical knowledge.

Personal data:
Name Ahmed Esam El-din Abdul-raheem Abdul-fattah
Residency Shebin Elkom – Menoufia-– Egypt
Marital status Married
Military service Exempted
Languages Arabic : Native Language
English: V.Good

 Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering ( Suez Canal University ) 2011
BSc. of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering with grade Good 71%
- Thesis Project " Petrochemical plant (units design programming and computer
applications)" with grade Distinct :
Using a Cumene plant as a model, we found out how it could be produced from its
raw materials, draw its PFD, carried out a material balance on the unit using
manual calculations then designed MS EXCEL form for calculations, made a visual
basic program to carry out material balance to any required quantity, designed
heat exchangers and distillation towers used, made a heat exchanger network Via
THEN (The Heat Exchanger Network) and LINGO to optimize heat consumption.
-Supervisor: Dr. Said Ali
 General Certification of Secondary Education with grade 99.02 %. 2006

Work and Training

 Petroleum Production Operations and Processing Operations Engineer GPC
2012-till now
I have been working for the General Petroleum Company (GPC) as a Petroleum
Production and Processing Engineer some of my roles is to Supervise, monitor and
control the safe and efficient operations for the receipt, storage, measurement and
loading of crude. Carry out regular crude oil sampling and testing to determine
crude properties. Coordinate maintenance and shutdown requirements to ensure
operation of assigned facilities is running smoothly .

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 .4-week training at “El Ameriya Oil Refining Co.” Alexandria 2010
Atmospheric distillation, isomerization, Linear Alkyl Benzol Unit and medical oil
production unit
 4-week training at “Cairo Oil Refining Co.” Cairo 2009
Facilities sector “water and steam”, atmospheric distillation, isomerization and reforming

Core Knowledge & Skill Areas:

Technical knowledge:
 Artificil lifting  Petroleum Primary Processing.
 pipeline and storage tank operations  N. Gas processing
 Heat Exch. design & networking  Heat Transfer
 Crude Transportation and storage  Process control
 Petroleum refining Processes  Separation operations

Software Tools:
 HYSYS  MS Visual Basic (Basics)
 Mathcad  Mat Lab (Basics)
 MS Office Suit  LINGO
 THEN(the heat exchanger network)

Soft skills
 Creative  Work under Pressure
 Energetic  Cooperative
 Self-study  Good communication skills
 Fast learner  Organized

 Measuring Devices. Types , Advantages and Disadvantages of each 2014
 Task Risk Assesment 2014
 Crude Oil Treatment 2013
 Monitoring Systems Gigital Cameras 2013
 Practical Pipe Stuck Prevention 2013
 Firefighting 2012
 Safe driving Program 2012
 Crude Oil Processing and Shipping 2012
 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering 2010
 MATLAB Introduction &Programming 2010
 International Computer Driving License (ICDL) 2010

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 Reading and Writing
I do love reading literature, history ,and politics , and also have a simple personal
blog (
 Documentaries
 Travelling
 Repairing electrical appliances

They shall be provided upon request.

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