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Section 15110 Valves


for sizes up to 50 mm shall be according to BS 5154 with non-rising stem, screwed
bonnet, one-piece wedge. The stem shall have a lock shield to restrict unauthorized
The casting shall have large hexagon section at all threads to permit gripping to prevent
line distortion during installation.
sizes 50 mm dia. and above shall be to BS 5154 with rising stem, screwed bonnet and
renewable dynamic disk.


size 65mm and up shall be bronze trimmed iron body valves rated for 16 bar, with
outside screw and yoke, bolted bonnet, guide feature for disc seating.


up to size 50 mm dia. shall be of bronze body / brass ball construction with glass and
carbon filled TFE seat rings. All valves should have a differential pressure readout ports
across valve seat area. Read out ports are to be fitted with internal EPT insert and check
valve. Valves bodies should have
6MM NPT tapped drain/purge port. Valves should have memory stop feature to allow
valve to be closed for service and then reopened to set point with disturbing balance


up to size 50 mm shall be bronze, screwed ends, Y pattern with screwed access cap,
regrind able seating, positive seating two piece swivel disc and rated at 16 bars.
size 65 mm and over shall be iron body with bronze trim, 16 bar rated rotating disc with
flexible hinge assembly, bolted access.


2.6.1 Furnish valves designed for minimum PN16 and 120 degrees C. water service.
Valves shall have extended necks. Operator shall be 10-position lever lock for sizes 50 -
100 mm and totally enclosed and sealed worm gear actuators with 4- arm or wheel
handle for sizes 150 mm and larger. Infinite adjustment and memory stop options shall
be included. Valves shall be bi-directional suitable for drop-tight shut-off at full rated
pressure with flow in either direction.
2.6.2 Materials.
Body: Cast or ductile iron.
Disc: Bronze, aluminium bronze or stainless steel.
Stem - Type 416 stainless steel.
Seat - Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM).


2.7.1 Domestic Water Lines.
Pressure reducing valves shall be pilot controlled, hydraulically operated, diaphragm type
with a low by-pass capability. The low-flow by-pass capability shall be achieved by
using a balanced direct acting PRV as an integral part of the main valve. At very low

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Section 15110 Valves

flows when the main valve is almost completely closed, to prevent the possibility of
cavitations the direct acting valve shall by-pass the
main valve and maintain flow.
PRVs shall be bronze construction including the trim. The pressure reducing valves shall
be suitable for maximum working pressure that exist within the system and downstream
pressure should be site adjustable between 2 and 4 bar. Refer to Schematic drawings for
the minimum locations at which PRV's shall be required. (All PRVs shall be equipped
with built in pressure guage / PRVs shall be installed as working & standby arrangement
weather shown or not shown on drawings for Civil defence approval.
2.7.2 Fire protection services:
Where required for installation in the Fire Protection Systems, the PRV shall be direct
acting, site adjustable type, of bronze (up to 50mm) or cast iron (65mm and larger)


2.8.1 Domestic Water Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve.
On hot water storage tanks provide an ASME rated thermostatic, self-closing, temperature
and pressure relief valve, located in the relief valve openings of tanks. Valve shall have a
minimum thermal discharge capacity equal to the input capacity of the heater standard
pressure setting of 600 kPa and standard temperature setting of 100 degrees C. Relief
valve pipe to discharge to floor drain.


2.9.1 General:
Valves shall be non-blowout stem design. Quarter turn of handle shall fully open or close
Handle position shall indicate whether valve is open or closed. Handle stops shall be a
permanent, integral part of the body.
2.9.2 Size 50 mm and Smaller.
Valves shall be standard port, 2-piece construction with screwed ends. Valves shall be
designed for minimum PN25.
Valves shall have bronze or brass body, chromium plated or stainless steel ball, steel
handle with vinyl grip, and replaceable teflon seats.

2.9.3 Size 65 mm and Larger.

Valves shall be standard port, BS 5159 with flanged ends. Valves shall be designed for
minimum PN16 working pressure.
Valves shall have steel body, chrome or nickel plated steel or stainless steel ball,
replaceable teflon seats, and steel stem and handle.
Where required for installation in the fire protection system, the ball valves shall be
FM approved.


2.10.1 Float valves shall be installed as indicated in the drawings to provide consistent level
control in reserve supply water storage tanks. The valve shall meet the requirements of
the Water Byelaws for air gaps and shall be constructed throughout in approved materials

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