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(Questions 1-40)

Directions (Questions 1-4): In each of the Directions (Question 11-14): In each of these
following questions, choose the option which best questions, choose the option that is most nearly
expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase opposite in meaning to the word given in capital
underlined in the sentence. letters.

1. I have hit upon a good plan to get rid of 11. VACILLATION

him. A. Steeliness B. Intransigence
A. laid B. chanced upon C. Steadfastness D. Occupation
C. decided D. understood 12. DERELICTION
2. He broke off in the middle of the story. A. Assiduousness B. Propriety
A. failed C. Uncanniness D. Verbosity
B. began crying 13. SANCTIMONIOUS
C. stopped suddenly A. Devout B. Impious
D. felt uneasy C. Empirical D. Maudlin
3. He refused to be led by the nose. 14. ENIGMATIC
A. follow like an animal A. Industrious B. Mysterious
B. be treated as a fool C. Enthusiastic D. Straightforward
C. follow submissively
Directions (Question 15-16): Fill in the blank.
D. be treated violently
4. When they immigrated to a new country, it 15. It is earth’s gravity which ________ people
is safe to say they did it for loaves and their weight
fishes. A. gives B. give
A. happiness C. giving D. given
B. honest reasons 16. Total weight of all the ants in the world is
C. material benefits much greater than ___________
D. resettlement A. to all human beings
B. that of all human beings
Directions (Questions 5-8): In each of these
C. is of all human beings
questions, choose the correctly spelt word.
D. that of the all the human beings
5. A. Provocateur B. Provacator
Directions (Question 17-20): In each of these
C. Provacautor D. Provacateur
questions, select the word that is most similar in
6. A. Indispansable B. Indespensable
meaning to the word given in capital letters.
C. Indispensable D. Indespansable
7. A. Tintinabbulation B. Tintinabulation 17. IMPROVIDENT
C. Tintinabullation D. Tintinnabulation A. Shabby
8. A. Obnoxiouse B. Obnoxious B. Incapable of proof
C. Obnouxious D. Obnoxeous C. Prophetic
D. Thriftless
Directions (Questions 9-10): In each of the
following questions, out of the four alternatives
A. Infuriate B. Gain favour
choose the one which can be substituted for the
C. To accept bribe D. Infuse
given words/sentence.
9. One who studies about insects A. Lenient B. Daring
A. Entologist B. Entomologist C. Ruthless D. Contented
C. Horologist D. Iconoclast 20. EXPLICATE
10. A person who does not believe in the A. To apologize
institution of marriage B. To make something complicated
A. Misogynist B. Altruist C. To strengthen
C. Misogamist D. Celibate D. To explain


निर्दे श (प्रश्ि 21-22): इन प्रश्नों में दिए गए प्रत्येक 28. प्राकृर्तक

वाक्य में रिक्त स्थान की पूर्ति के लिए दिए गए A. नैसचगिक B. कृत्रिम
ववकल्पों में से उपयक्
ु त शब्ि चर्ु नए | C. बनावटी D. स्वचगिक
21. यह __________ सत्य है कक सचचन तें िि
ु कि 29. अन्तिं ग
भाित का सविश्रेष्ठ किकेट खििाड़ी है | A. बहुिं ग B. सबिं ग
A. अपाि B. कटु C. बाह्य D. बदहिं ग
C. र्नवविवाि D. अपवाि 30. जड़
22. इस आिे श का __________ किने वािे व्यक्क्त A. चेतन B. सचत
को कड़ी सजा िी जाएगी | C. स्थूि D. जड़दहन
A. पािन B. अवमानना निर्दे श (प्रश्ि 31-33): इन प्रश्नों में दिए गए वाक्यांश
C. अर्तिमण D. उल्िंघन के अथि को व्यक्त वािा सही शब्ि दिए गए ववकल्पों में
निर्दे श (प्रश्ि 23-25): इन प्रश्नों में दिए गए शब्ि का से चुर्नए |
सही पयाियवाची/समानाथिक शब्ि दिए गए ववकल्पों में 31. त्रबना प्रयास/परिश्रम के
से चुर्नए | A. आकक्स्मक B. अप्रत्यालशत
23. ववष C. अनायास D. अचानक
A. अम्बुि B. गिि 32. जानने की इच्छा ििने वािा
C. अनि D. अक्षि A. उत्साही B. क्जज्ञासु
24. हरिण C. तत्पि D. क्जज्ञासा
A. कटक B. हे म िस
33. ू िों की बात सहन किने वािा
C. मग
ृ D. वत्त
ृ A. कृपािु B. सदहष्णु
25. साधु C. उिाि D. तटस्थ
A. तापस B. अज्ञ निर्दे श (प्रश्ि 34-35): इन प्रश्नों में दिए गए मुहाविे
C. शूि D. नप
ृ का सही अथि दिए गए ववकल्पों में से चर्ु नए |
निर्दे श (प्रश्ि 26-27): इन प्रश्नों में एक शब्ि की 34. हाथ-पााँव फूि जाना
वतिनी के लिए चाि ववकल्प दिए गए हैं, क्जनमें से A. थक जाना
केवि एक सही है | सही वतिनी वािे ववकल्प का चयन
B. घबिा जाना
किें |
C. चिते जाना
26. A. िीपी B. िीवप
D. कड़ी मेहनत किना
C. लिवप D. लिपी
35. मक्िी पि मक्िी मािना
27. A. विचस्व B. वचिस्व
A. र्निथिक काम किते जाना
C. व्रचस्व D. वचिश्व
B. समय बबािि किना
निर्दे श (प्रश्ि 28-30): इन प्रश्नों में दिए गए शब्ि का
C. छोटी बात को बढ़ा िे ना
सही ववपिीताथिक/वविोम शब्ि दिए गए ववकल्पों में से
D. ज्यों की त्यों नकि किना
चुर्नए |


निर्दे श (प्रश्ि 36-40): इन प्रश्नों में दिए गए शब्ि का 44. On what principal will the compound
interest for 3 years at 5% per annum
सही सक्न्ध-ववच्छे ि दिए गए ववकल्पों में से चुर्नए | compounded annually is `63.05?
A. `400 B. `600
36. शंकि
C. `300 D. `800
A. शन ् + कि B. शम ् + कि
45. A does half as much work as B, and C does
C. शं + कि D. शंक् + अि half as much work as A and B together. If
C alone can finish the work in 40 days,
37. बदहष्काि then together all will finish the work in
A. बदह: + काि B. बदह: + सकाि 1
A. 13 days B. 15 days
C. बदह: + स्काि D. बदहष्क + आि
C. 20 days B. 30 days
38. यशोिा
46. A truck can finish a certain journey in 10
A. यश: + उिा B. यश + उिा hours at a speed of 48 km/h. In order to
cover the same distance in 8 hours, the
C. यश: + िा D. यश + िा
speed of the truck must be increased by
39. र्नश्चि A. 6 km/h B. 7.5 km/h
A. नी: + चि B. र्नश + चि C. 12 km/h D. 15 km/h

C. र्नस ् + चि D. र्न: + चि 47. The ratio of age of Ram and his mother is
3 : 11. The difference of their ages is 24
40. तन्मय years. What will be the ratio of their ages
after 3 years?
A. तन ् + मय B. तम ् + अय
A. 1 : 3 B. 3 : 2
C. तत ् + मय D. तन ् + अमय
C. 1 : 4 D. 5 : 4
48. If 2x  y  5, then 4x  2y 
(Questions 41-100) A. 5 B. 8

41. The sum and product of two numbers are C. 9 D. 10

12 and 35 respectively. What will be the 49. If a light flashes every 6 seconds, how
sum of their reciprocals? 3
many times will it flash in of an hour?
1 1 4
A. B.
3 5 A. 225 B. 250
12 35 C. 450 D. 480
C. D.
35 12
50. Mohit and Rohit start simultaneously from
1 1 1 two towns, P and Q, towards Q and P
 
42. The simplified value of 3 3 3  is respectively at 8:00 AM. R is a checkpost
1 1 1 9 which is midway between P and Q. Both
 of
3 3 3 Mohit and Rohit turn back towards their
A. 2 B. 1 respective starting points whenever they
1 reach R and every time they reach their
C. D. None of these starting points they turn back and return to
R. If the speeds of Mohit and Rohit are 45
43. Vanya gave 10% in charity from her salary,
km/h and 60 km/h respectively and PQ =
and then 20% from the remaining she
24 km, when will they reach R at the same
gave to her friend as loan. She is left now
with ` 7200. What is the salary of Vanya?
A. ` 12000 B. ` 10000 A. 10 : 24 AM B. 11 : 36 AM

C. ` 10200 D. ` 11000 C. 2 : 12 PM D. None of these


51. Five bells begin to toll together and toll 61. __________ are used for performing
respectively at intervals of 6, 7, 8, 9 and complex operations at a very high speed?
12 seconds. How many times they will toll A. Micro computers
together in one hour?
B. Mini computers
A. 5 B. 14
C. Mainframe computers
C. 6 D. 7
D. Super computers
52. Sum of two numbers is 17, whereas sum of
their squares is 145. What is the product of 62. The fundamental purpose of BIOS is
the two numbers? A. to initialize and text system hardware
A. 72 B. 42 components.
C. 82 D. 14 B. testing the system performance.
53. The difference between two positive C. updating the system performance.
numbers is 3. If the sum of their squares is D. saving the operating systems life.
369, then the sum of the numbers is
63. All of the following are examples of input
A. 81 B. 33
devices except?
C. 27 D. 25
A. Printer B. Keyboard
54. If one-third of one-fourth of a number is
15, then three-tenth of that number is C. Scanner D. Mouse
A. 35 B. 36 64. In MS Word, what is a gutter margin?
C. 45 D. 54 A. Left Margin
55. Which one of the following fractions is the B. Right Margin
least? C. Space left for Writing Notes
29 31 13 17 D. Space left for Binding
, , ,
57 85 38 42
65. Which of the following is not a type of an
29 31 Operating System?
A. B.
57 85
A. Linux B. Windows 10
13 17 C. Mac OS X D. None of these
C. D.
38 42
66. Computer keyboard shortcut key Ctrl + K
56. In Microsoft Word which of the following is is used to
not an option in the Change Case menu?
A. Close the currently active program
A. Title case B. Sentence case
B. Open the START menu
C. Lower case D. Uppercase
57. Bold and italic formatting are examples of C. Insert hyperlink for selected text
________ D. Open a new program
A. effects B. text designs 67. Which of the following is not a video file
C. text effects D. text styles extension?
58. “Homepage” is a word associated with A. .flv B. .vob
which of the following? C. .m4v D. .amr
A. Web Pages 68. Which of the following elements is unique
B. Word Processing for each cell in an Excel worksheet?
C. E Book
A. File name B. Cell address
D. Operating Systems
C. Row heading D. Column heading
59. The brain of any computer system is
69. When working in an excel worksheet, If
A. ALU B. hard disk
you see ##### in a column then what is
C. CPU D. monitor
60. which output device is used for translating
A. Column is too narrow.
information from a computer into pictorial
form on paper? B. Row is not tall enough.
A. Mouse B. Plotter C. Column is too wide.
C. Touch panel D. Card punch D. Both (1) and (2)


70. Which of the following is the default body 79. Who was presented with 24th Saraswati
font in Microsoft Word 2007? Sammaan for his epic “Sri Ramayana
A. Cambria Mahanveshanam” written in Kannada?
A. M.Veerappa Moily
B. Arial
B. Jairam Ramesh
C. Calibri
C. Subramanian Swami
D. Times New Roman D. Mani Shankar Aiyyar
71. Who is the current Prime Minister of 80. Which country seat its first astronaut
Australia? named Andreas Mogensen in space on 2nd
A. Tony Abbot B. Julia Gillard September 2015?
C. Kevin Rudd D. Malcom Turnbull A. Belgium B. Benmark
C. Austria D. Poland
72. Who is currently the youngest Chief
Minister of a state in India? 81. Name the world’s first malaria vaccine
approved by European Medicines Agency
A. Akhilesh Yadev
B. Arvind Kejriwal A. Malaririx B. Pestquirix
C. Mukul Sangama C. Mosquirix D. Fliesquirix
D. None of these 82. Which country becomes first developed
73. Which of the following is not a recipient of nation to default on International Monetary
Dadasaheb Phalke Award? Fund debt?
A. Spain B. Greece
A. Shashi Kapoor B. Gulzar
C. Belgium D. Russia
C. Pran D. None of these
83. Ancient city of Palmyra is located in which
74. INDRA is a joint, bi-annual naval military country?
exercise conducted by India and A. Iran B. Iraq
A. USA B. Russia C. Syria D. Turkey
C. Japan D. Sri Lanka 84. Which day is observed as the International
75. Flavia Pennetta of ________ has won the Day of the Girl Child by the United Nations?
Women’s Singles trophy of the US open in A. 11 January B. 11 February
2015. C. 11 October D. 11 December
A. Spain B. Poland 85. Which airport is going to be the first solar
powered airport in the country?
C. France D. Italy
A. Cochin International Airport Limited
76. Juventus F.C. is a professional football club B. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport,
of which country? Hyderabad
A. England B. France C. Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International
C. Spain D. Italy Airport, Amritsar
77. Sportsperson Mandeep Jangra who was D. Sardar Vallabhbhai International
recently awarded with Arjuna award is Airport, Ahmedabad
connected with which sport? Directions (Question 86-88): Study the
A. Boxing B. Kabaddi Information below to answer these questions.
C. Hockey D. Volleyball Seven friends namely Ajay, Deepak, Varun, Amit,
78. An Election Commissioner or a Chief Pritam, Kadir and Jasmeet live in three different
Election Commissioner has tenure of buildings namely Ashiana, Top-Hill and Ridge.
_______ years in office or till he or she Each person is flying a kite of his choice with a
attains the age of 65 years, whichever is different colour like red, green blue, white, black,
earlier. yellow, and pink, not necessarily in that order.
A. two B. three • Kadir is flying a pink kite and lives in
the same building where Jasmeet
C. five D. six
stays, i.e., ‘Ashiana’.


• Varun is flying a black kite and does 91. Statement :

not life in Ridge building. Some politicians preach austerity to public
• Amit does not live in the same building while living in luxury and driving Mercedes.
where Ajay or Pritam are living and is Conclusions :
flying a Yellow coloured kite.
I. All politicians prefer living a luxurious
• None living in Top-Hill building flies a
white kite.
II. There is a world of difference between
• Only two persons are staying in Ridge
preaching and practicing.
building while three of them are
staying in Top-Hill building. 92. Statement :
• Pritam does not fly a blue kite and Every natural remedy is not necessarily
stays in Top-Hill. harmless and should be used with caution.
86. Who is flying the ‘Blue’ kite? Conclusions :
A. Jasmeet B. Pritam I. The natural remedies are not
C. Ajay D. Deepak scientifically proven.
87. Who are staying in Top-Hill building? II. Everything natural has no side effect.
A. Ajay, Pritam and Deepak 93. Statement :
B. Varun, Jasmeet and Pritam Until our country achieves economic
C. Ajay, Varun and Pritam equality, political freedom and democracy
D. Ajay and Pritam would be meaningless.
88. Who are living in Ridge building? Conclusions :
A. Ajay and Pritam I. Political freedom and democracy are
B. Varun, Ajay and Pritam poles apart.
C. Deepak an Amit II. Economic equality leads to real political
D. Deepak, Ajay and Pritam freedom and democracy.

89. Complete the series MHZ, NIW, OKT, PNQ 94. Rahul’s mother is the only daughter of
? Monika’s father. How is Monika’s husband
related to Rahul?
C. QRM D. QQN A. Uncle B. Father
C. Grandfather D. Brother
Directions (Questions 90-93): Each of these 95. A certain number of camel’s and an equal
questions has a statement followed by two number of men are, going somewhere. Half
conclusions numbered as I and II. Consider the of the owners are on their camel’s back
statement and the following conclusions. Decide while the remaining ones are walking along
which of the conclusions follows from the their camels. If the number of legs walking
statement. Mark answer as on the ground is 70, how many camels are
A. if conclusion I follows there?
B. if conclusion II follows A. 10 B. 14
C. if neither conclusion I nor II follows
C. 12 D. 16
D. if both conclusion I and II follow
96. In a certain code, 15789 is written as
90. Statement : XTZAL and 2346 is written as NPSU. How is
There is mounting concern that water will 23549 written in that code?
be a flash point for political, social and A. NPTUL B. PNTSL
economic turmoil.
Conclusions :
97. Which term of the series 5, 10, 20, 40, … is
I. World faces an endemic global
shortage of water.
II. The scarcity of water will have serious A. 10th B. 9th
repercussions on our lives. C. 8th D. None of these


98. The number of boys in a class is three 20 m and he reached his destination. Now,
times the number of girls. Which one of the how far is he from his starting point?
following numbers cannot represent the A. 20 m B. 55 m
total number of children in the class? C. 50 m D. 40 m
A. 48 B. 44 100. Renu remembers that she met her brother
C. 42 D. 40 on Saturday, which was after the 20th day
99. From a point, Manveer started walking of a particular month. If the 1st day of that
towards east and walked 35 m. He then month was Tuesday, then on which date
turned towards his right and walked 20 m did Renu meet her brother?
and he again turned right and walked 35 A. 25th B. 24th
m. Finally be turned to his left and walked C. 23rd D. None of these