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2013 International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities, and Management (ASSHM 2013)

Comparative Study of the Differences on

Service Outsourcing Industry between
China and India
Baichun Shao
Jianghan University Business School, Wuhan Hubei Province 430056

Abstract situation will bring new opportunities for

our service outsourcing which faced with
With the rapid development of global international market.As a sign of global
economy,the development level of the service outsourcing industry,India has
service outsourcing industry is becoming leading the trend of global industry since
increasingly important in the world trade the nineties of last century,especially its
competition.This paper will compare the software outsourcing industry,which
trade situation of China and increased from less than $10 million in
India.Learning from India can improve 1981 to $73.9 billion in 2010.And India is
the international competitiveness of known as the “world office” .At present,
China and achieve the economic our development of service outsourcing
transition and structural adjustment of has many advantages and important
China. opportunities.As long as we make full use
of these advantages and seize these
Keywords:Service opportunities in international market to
Outsourcing,Comparative develop our service outsourcing
Study,Reference Significance industry,it will be much possible for us to
become the center of global service
1.the comparative analysis between outsourcing.
China and India service outsourcing
industry development
The development of global service
outsourcing industry is rapidly in recent
years.Seen from the United States,
Europe, Japan and other developed
countries,the trend that companies will
take the large scale of service outsourcing
is irreversible,and developed countries
will transfer more business to lower-cost
and higher-competitiveness countries.A
new round of world industrial structure
adjustment characterized by the
transformation of services trade,service
outsourcing and high-end manufacturing
is on the rise,and a good development

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1.1the overall development quality oriented industrial development
level of service outsourcing industry of model,while China takes manufacturing
China and India as the main body in our country, the
Table 1-1 overall development of service proportion of service industry is low, and
outsourcing in India failed to promote the development of
2004 2005 2006 2007 service outsourcing industry development
IT services 13.8 13.7 25.0 34 process.This shows that China did not
The domestic 10.4 14.6 19.6 26.4
take full advantage of the development of
Foreign markets 3.4 4.1 5.4 7.6 manufacturing services to drive
Engineering 2.9 3.8 5.3 6.5 synchronous or faster growth , failed to
services play a greater endogenous growth
The 2.5 3.1 4.0 4.9
domestic market potential.
Foreign markets 0.4 0.7 1.3 1.6
Software and 16.7 22.5 30.3 40.5
1.2 policy changes of service
services output outsourcing industry in China and
Export output 12.9 17.7 23.6 31.3 India
India formulated the " computer software
(sources: IDC) exports , software development and
From table 1-1,the software and services training policy" when the Gandhi
industry of India increased by 136%,and governed,and since the government
the average annual growth rate of IT published it in 1986 and vigorously
service,ITES-BPO and the three types of promote the development of software
engineering services, R&D, software industry policy,many measures had been
products business is 31.23%,42.12% and taken such as relax license,tax-free.By
30.15%.And the ITES-BPO grows 1990,the Singh government allowed the
fastest.According to the statistics of export enterprises to keep 50% of export
Anyong,the scale of business process earnings,and 100% export of software
outsourcing in India will reach more than products is exempt from sales tax,which
$600 billion in 2012,and the compound eliminated the double taxation of
average growth rate will reach 38%. software export.In 1991,India take further
steps to reduce the tax.The pointed
India has an early beginning in taking software companies shall be exempted
global service outsourcing,and with the from income tax before 2010, the
efforts of the government,India has a imported software which are used for
leader position in the world.For example, research are zero-tax,and the imported
In India,the major service outsourcing equipment’s tax was reduced at the same
industry companies is in the first class in time. Also in 1991 , the Indian
aspects like application management and government put forward the " Software
support , quality assurance , packaged Technology Parks (STP) scheme " and set
software implementation , voice and non- up 13 national software parks in
voice business process outsourcing,and Bangalore , New Delhi and other
the development is improved as well as places,which promoted the development
the IT consulting and knowledge process of software industry.In 2000,India built
outsourcing .But in China,except for the the software park in the U.S. Silicon
quality assurance,every aspect is far Valley for the convenience of the export
behind India.India’s capacity of service in minor enterprises.
outsourcing industry is accounted for
about half of its GDP under its service-

But the related policy was relatively late 1.3the offshore outsourcing customers
in China.In June 2000,the State Council of China and India
issued " to encourage the development of
the software industry and integrated For Indian companies, one of the fastest
circuit industries a number of policy " growing new areas is the engineering
( Document No. 18 ) .In this paper,the services outsourcing.According the
Chinese government would provide survey taken by the credit rating agency
related supporting policy in aspects such Standard & Poor's Indian subsidiary
as taxation,investment and branch Crisil Research,by march 2013,the
financing,technology,and so on.Because total sales of engineering services
of the good environment provided for the outsourcing will increase from $2008 in
software industry,our capacity would 2.4 billion to $7.5 billion,representing a
reach the international advanced level.In CAGR of 26%,which shows that India 's
September 2002 , the State Council share of the business will increase from
forwarded the " revitalization of the the current 19% to 25%.Report said:
software industry, the Platform for Action "India's engineering services outsourcing
( 2002-2005 ) " ( Document No. industry will develop based on the current
47 ) ,which used to promote security product portfolio,but it will eventually
policies in the 18th file.It should be said become the global center of design
that in recent years.our policies improved services.”Satyam's automotive and
a lot,which great improved the aerospace center may be one of the most
development of Chinese service ambitious attempt India made to occupy
outsourcing.However,our policies were the engineering services outsourcing
published behind India for 10years,which market.Therefore,according to the
caused the situation that we cannot keep industry distribution,service outsourcing
up with India in service outsourcing.In is mainly concentrated in the service
recent years,our country has been sector, especially the productive service
published a lot of policies to encourage industry, the proportion of manufacturing
service outsourcing industry ,and in the industry is relatively small.
national "eleventh five-year plan outline"
In Chinese,outsourcing providers will
clearly put forward that the construction
of a number of service outsourcing base, mainly locate in China, Japan, South
in order to undertake international Korea and the United States.Chinese
service outsourcing use its geographic
services transfer ". "The several opinions
advantage and the rich resources in east
on accelerating the development of
service industry under the state council" China and north China,training a large
(guo fa [2007] no. 7) put forward that we number of outsourcing talents,which
cause a large part in service outsourcing
should concentrate on developing the
service outsourcing,take advantage of our of Japan and Korea.While China is
human resources,and actively undertake undertaking a major information
technology outsourcing , and software
international service outsourcing business
outsourcing is the most important ,
in data processing, information
management, technology research and accounting for more than 50% in Chinese
development, financial accounting, service outsourcing market . Financial
industry IT consulting market size
industrial design, etc.
increased remarkably,reached $ 5.747
billion in 2011.At present,information
technology, finance ,
telecommunications , and discrete

manufacturing software and information in India
service outsourcing has the most
Source: collating the data from the ASSCOM
acceptance.In 2008,the outsourcing which
came from the financial and industrialization has hardly
manufacturing has declined,but the begun .Therefore,in the highly
telecommunications industry raised competitive international market , India's
fast.Government and public utilities outsourcing services is ahead of China in
started to become a new growth the whole level and development
point.Domestic banking, finance, speed,which owed by its whole
telecommunications, energy, enterprise development in service trade ,early
IT services market is gradually beginning,government policies,language
improving , and logistics, government , environment and accumulated custom
finance, education, human resources and resources.Therefore,as the major
other markets have not really formed . developing countries in Asia,China will
From table 1-2,India's main target is the learn from India.The development of
United States , followed by the UK , service outsourcing will continue to draw
Germany, Japan and other valuable lessons from India,and the
countries.Because of its high degree of development speed if outsourcing would
penetration in English and historical be more quick to improve the trade and
colonial reasons,the owners want to focus give more power to Chinese economy.
on outsourcing among English-speaking 2.the referential significance to China
countries , as the main software
outsourcing industry chain . 2.1large tax preferential policies
In summary , India's economic growth In a certain time, we should implement a
pattern is very different from China,and is special preferential tax policies to our
actually unique in many ways,for its international service outsourcing
based on service industry.And Savings enterprises,including tax exemption on
and investment in infrastructure are much new enterprises which undertake
lower than China , as well as international service outsourcing business,
reduce sales tax on international service
Table1-2 offshore service outsourcing market
outsourcing enterprises,and deduction of
research pay.And we should reduces
year 2003 2004 2005 2006 competitive pressure for a broader
development to enterprises.
Offshore -- 12.9 17.7 23.6
2.2Promotion of service trade and
(Billions of
dollars) related industries
The 69.1 69.4 68.3 67.2 We should pay more attention to service
(%) industry,promote the development of
producer services,and use technological
The 22.2 22.6 23.1 25.1
European advances to promote the transformation
proportion of consumer services to productive
(%) service industry.The existing enterprise
Other 8.7 8.0 8.6 7.7 services should continue to internalize
countries external,and we should increase
share (%) production service needs to improve the

competitiveness of China's service Therefore, in the service outsourcing
trade.Producer services development can business, China should learn from the
not only promote the production of deep experience of India that through the
processing and technological progress , vigorous international service outsourcing
but also led industry interaction ,and it is to improve the overall technological level
conducive to the further development of of China's service trade ,and management
China's service trade . ability .Compared with India,China has
no advantage in undertaking international
We should make plans to protect new service outsourcing of English-speaking
services such as finance , insurance , countries.Therefore,when choosing the
telecommunications,in order to protect party, the Chinese can be more with
their healthy development.Relation to the Japan and South Korea and other
national economy on the part of the countries, relying on geographical
implementation of new services,we advantages in northeast and east,
should protect them.Because these will be language advantages and local
good to Chinese development. resources,and through the establishment
of service outsourcing industry park ,
2.3undertake international service vigorously undertake Japan, Korea and
outsourcing business other countries outsourcing to accelerate
China should take advantage of the the development of China's service
timing of the international services sector outsourcing.So we can promote the
to develop international service overall development of China's service
outsourcing , and improve the industry.
technological level,to enhance the
international competitiveness of China's
service industry and promote service From the comparison of the development
trade development.With the development of service outsourcing in India and China,
of information technology and the we found that the development of service
increasing number of information-related outsourcing in China has its own
tradable services,service outsourcing has advantages , but there are also
become the core of world trade in shortcomings.Consolidated our strengths
services industry.However, compared and weaknesses , along with the
with the manufacturing , service experience we learned from India,we
industries can not be achieved when should pay attention to the following
outsourcing product technology , points:First, focus on training integrated
information management completely talent ; second , create a favorable policy
confidential and, therefore, compared to environment , the Chinese government
outsource manufacturing , services can learn from some of the successful
outsourcing technology diffusion effect practices of the Government of India ,
greater outsourcing outsourcing promoting the development of service
undertaking party which is also easier to outsourcing , protecting intellectual
improve their skills , improve enterprise property , and establishing high-tech
management. In recent years , India's parks and other aspects of the
outsourcing service outsourcing introduction of preferential policies and
enterprises to learn from the developed improve relevant laws and regulations ;
countries , and constantly improve their third is to encourage business research
technology and management , and further and development and innovation,
enhance international competitiveness. especially to improve the quality of

China's software products to attract more
many foreign outsourcers ; Fourth, to
actively explore the international market ,
in the development of domestic
outsourcing market and the outsourcing
market , we should develop Japan and
South Korea market, but also actively
developing markets in Europe at the same
time to achieve market diversification.


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