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April 20

IRS Technology Modernization: Voting 414

Y Y Y Y -3, the House passed a bill requiring the
Internal Revenue Service to upgrade its
information systems to bolster security
against hackers and make it easier for
taxpayers to communicate with the agency
online, among other objectives. (HR 5445)
President Trump’s Taxes: The House
Y Y N N blocked, 226-189, a parliamentary bid by
Democrats to force debate on a bill (HR 305)
now in committee requiring presidents
including Donald Trump and presidential
candidates to disclose their tax returns. A yes
vote was to quash the bid for disclosure.
Auto Lending Bias: The Senate voted, 51
N N -47, to repeal a Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau action against car and
truck loans that impose higher interest rates
on minority borrowers. A yes vote backed
repeal on grounds the bureau is barred by
law from regulating auto dealers. (SJ Res 57)
Jim Bridenstine Confirmation: The Senate
N N confirmed, 50-49, Jim Bridenstine, a GOP
congressman from Oklahoma, to head the
National Aeronautics and Space
Administration. A yes vote backed the
nominee over objections to NASA being run
by a politician with no science background.
Carlos Muniz Confirmation: The Senate
N N confirmed, 55-43, Carlos G. Muniz, a former
Florida deputy attorney general, as U.S.
Department of Education general counsel. A
yes vote backed Muniz over criticism of his
advocacy of for-profit colleges and policies
that privatize public education.
KEY VOTES AHEAD ©2018 Voterama in Congress
The Senate will conduct confirmation votes on judicial and executive-
branch nominees in the week of April 23. The House’s legislative
schedule was to be announced.