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Differents facts like the overpopulation, differents modern activities and the
consumism have contributed to accumulate many waste in the world, this quantity
goes to in increase. On the other hand, in many countries doesn't exist the
technology to recicle or processing the waste. This problem can be seen in acts like
the open fire and the disposition in dumps.

Actually, in Bogota city, the people that are in charge of the processing to the old
tires or disuse tires, doesn't have a normative that exert a correct control above this
problem. This topic is a big problem that is affecting the environment of a so
contaminated city like Bogotá. The method that is apply in these days is burn the
tires and this is a bad idea because the tires are manufactured form petroleum
derivate and dioxins that generate an emanation of Hydrocarbons, lead and others
heavy metals when are burned. These elements in the time are going to generate
serious damages to the population of Bogotá that breathe the contaminated air.

If exist many advances in the technology and if Bogotá is the main city in Colombia
in such a way that the city has enough means, ¿Why this problem hasn't been solved
to achieve an improvement in the environment and the population of Bogotá?

A neumatics is basically an element that allow the move in a soft way through flat
surface. It consists in a cover mainly of rubber that has air, which can put up with the
vehicle and its load. The tires are compound for filled reinforcing, diber reinforcing,
plastificerz, vulcanize agents, accelerate agents, retardant and other components.
For this reason, is so hard achieve that the tires will degrade easily.
The exist of the tires nowdays, has a main rol for the humanity, because it has
proportioned us the principals means of transport in the world. However, exist a
problematic associated when these tools accomplish their cicle, that is the moment
where the next step to do is crucial for the environment, because they are made
based in strong chemical elements and if they don't have a due processing, could
become serious pollutants.

Bogotá is a particular case, that despite to be the capital of the country, the topic
about processing of old tires is very late. Bogotá doesn't have a suitable
infraestructure to the processing. Also, the processing that is using in this moment
is to store the tires and when the warehouses are full, the old tires are burned and
again others are stored in the warehouses. The aftermath of this bad processing can
be seen in the deterioration of environment in Bogotá. The most serious of the affair
is that the distrit who is in charge to control this topic, don't have given importance
although exist clear laws and normative.

Although exist a normative like the law 1333 of 2009 and the resolution 1457 of 2010,
whose purpose is guarantee the responsible management of these objects. Bogotá
has 92 recolection points, however many tires end up in the public space,
approximately 750.500. The effects that is bring to throw the tires in the street are of
public health and environment contamination. In public health, the spreading of these
objects in the differents places of the city generate the reproduction of plagues and
diseases like the occasioned for the mosquitoes and rats.

The fact most relevant in the last years was the happened in the Fontibón locality,
the fire of a Greener Grouo SA's warehouse where the old tires were stored, the
hypothesis of the fire was the inadequate managent of the disposition of these. This
event generated a big environmental impact and turned on the orange alarm for 4
localities because the presence of contaminants in the air was big and was
generating risk to the old, young and pregnant people.
While there isn’t a correct control to the normatives and laws in this topic, the
intitutions and the state don't appeal to the experts in ways to the processing of the
old tires like mechanical trituration, cryogenic trituration, thermolysis, pyrolisis,
incineration with microwaves, ultrasound and others methods; this problem will
continue being one of the causes of the contamination environment in Bogotá and
Additionaly, the state must to do more informative talks and make aware to the
population, because we are part of the problem too as causes as much as victimas.
The state must to offer more jobs and it must invest money to better or erase the

Sergio Sánchez Eslava.

C.C. 1.036.666.058.