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1. Analysis of working capital

1.1. Objectives of the study.

1. To find out the efficiency of working capital management.

2. To study how working capital management practices plays an important role in supporting the
activities of manufacturing industry.

3.To study the effect of Working capital policies on company’s liquidity and profitability.

4.To study various sources of raising the funds for managing working capital.

The aim to learn how to manage working capital needs of the organization and to learn the
different ways through which theoretical learning is applied practically. The project is aimed to
learn and gain knowledge of the day to day working of the organization. The project will also
help in evaluation of company performance relating to management of Working capital on the
basis of ration analysis. The various analyses will help the management to assess the efficiency
of the Working capital management of the company.

1.2 Scope of Study

1. The various components of working capital in Premier tissues India PvtLtd. are studied. After
this study the suggestions &recommendations of improving the Working capital.

2. By considering these recommendations company can make necessary amendments to improve

the working Capital.

3. The various sources & Applications of Working Capital are studied. They can be changed
favorably by the management of the company.


Firm Name: K. K. Manekshwar& Co.

Location: Pane

K. K. Mankeshwar & Co., a partnership firm of Chartered Accountants was established in the
year 1933. It is a leading chartered accountancy firm rendering comprehensive professional
services which include audit, management consultancy, tax consultancy, accounting services,
manpower management, secretarial services etc.
K. K. Mankeshwar & Co. is a professionally managed firm. The team consists of
distinguished chartered accountants, corporate financial advisors and tax consultants. The
firm represents a combination of specialized skills, which are geared to offers sound financial
advice and personalized proactive services. Those associated with the firm have regular
interaction with industry and other professionals which enables the firm to keep pace with
contemporary developments and to meet the needs of its clients.

2.1 Vision and Mission:

 Place the Interest of Clients before us.

 Uphold High Standards of Honesty and Integrity.
 Endeavour to Improve the Quality of Services.
 Excellence in Professional Services.
 Continuous Education and Training of Staff and Clients.
2.2 Organizational Structure:

The basic team structure for every assignment is:

The core team (Partner level) comprises of dedicated and competent people with extensive
knowledge and experience. The professionalism and expertise helps to service clients to their
satisfaction. Some of the key members are:

Mr Kishore MadhukarDeshpande Partner

Mr Ashwin Ramesh Mankeshwar Partner

Mr Dinesh Kumar Bachchas Partner

Mr AbhayBalkrishnaUpadhye Partner

Mr Girish Madhusudan Pathak Partner

Mr SwarendraVasantSahasrabuddhe Partner

Mr ShripadManoharTole Partner

Mr Kanwar Shaminder Singh Bhatia Partner

Mr Aliasger A. Ali Member, ADC

Mr GiteshMaddiwar Member, ADC

Mr Vikas Chauhan Member, ADC

engagement at K. K. Mankeshwar & Co. (Pune) becomes the overall direct responsibility of the
partner (Mr. Kanwar Shaminder Singh Bhatia) who is assisted by engagement team as required.