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Date: 16.08.2016 ___________

Full names of tenant(s): Adam Peter Lewis, Prashanth Devakumar Udayakumar, Sandeep Reddy Vulta, Srikanth Reddy Reddy

Property address: 22 Quarry Street, Woodhouse, Leeds, LS6 2JU ___________

Tenancy start date requested by tenant (TBA by landlord)*: 12.09.2016 ___________

Tenancy period requested by tenant (TBA by landlord): 12 months ___________

Rent per calendar month: £1040.00 (£260.00 each) ___________

*Note for tenants: Do not make any arrangements for moving based on this date until you have received
written confirmation that the landlord has agreed to this date.

You are required to pay a Set Up fee of £270.00. This fee is for processing your application and producing
the Tenancy Agreement and Inventory. The cost of the Tenancy Agreement and Inventory is split between
the landlord and tenant as the documents benefit and protect both parties. This fee is not refundable
even if your application is unsuccessful. The full schedule of tenant fees are attached to this document

You are required to pay a Holding fee of £200.00_______. Once paid this takes the property off the market
while we process your application. The Holding fee is not an additional charge as it is deducted from the
balance of the first month’s rent as shown in the financial breakdown below. If your application is not
successful then the Holding fee will be refunded to you. Please note therefore that payment of the Holding
fee does not guarantee that the property will be let to you.


Please make payment of £470.00 to the account below:

V1sion Properties Client Account

Account number: 71265148
Sort code: 40-09-09

Please use your name as the reference so our accountant can locate your payment. V1sion Properties Limited 27 York Place
Company Number: 6361927 Leeds
April 2016
Tel: 0113 244 0251
Deposit: £1040.00 (£260.00 each) ___________

First month’s rent: £1040.00 (£260.00 each) ___________

Total required: £2080.00 (£520.00 each) ___________

Holding fee: £200.00 _______________________________________

Balance to pay: £1880.00 (£470.00 each) ___________

Tenants please note: the balance of the first month’s rent and deposit must be paid by electronic bank
transfer and received in our account no later than 5pm the day before the tenancy starts. (Other payment
methods may be available but these are strictly subject to separate agreement in writing).

Access will not be granted to the property until the correct monies have been received and the Tenancy
Agreement has been signed by all tenants.

Tenant(s) will be responsible for setting up the following utility accounts in their name(s) and paying the
associated bills (unless stated otherwise in the Tenancy Agreement) for the tenancy period:

Service Tenant responsibility Service Tenant responsibility to

to pay (Yes/No)? pay (Yes/No)?
Gas Water
Electricity Council Tax
Internet TV license

Any other optional extra services (such as Sky or Virgin TV) will be the tenant’s responsibility to pay for
(unless stated otherwise in the Tenancy Agreement).


IMPORTANT NOTE: The property comes ‘as seen’. If your agreement to rent the property is conditional
on certain items being provided or removed by the landlord or work being carried out on the property,
you must agree this in writing with us before the tenancy commences. Also, if the property was tenanted
at the time you viewed it and you wish to clarify which items will remain at the property and which belong
to the previous tenants, please write to us. V1sion Properties Limited 27 York Place
Company Number: 6361927 Leeds
April 2016
Tel: 0113 244 0251
I/We, understand that should I/we choose to withdraw from signing contracts on this property, I/we agree
to forfeit the Holding fee. I am/We are aware that it is a genuine pre-estimate of the losses that are likely
to be incurred by V1sion Properties Ltd, due to my/our actions.

I/We also understand that should the landlord choose to withdraw from signing contracts, this Holding
fee will be returned to me/us. However, if I/we request to delay the tenancy start date (identified above)
to an extent that is unacceptable to the landlord, and the landlord decides to withdraw from signing
contracts, I/we will forfeit the Holding fee.

Signed tenant(s): ____________

Date: 24 August 2016 ____________

Lead tenant phone number: 07544028227 ____________

Lead tenant email address: ____________ V1sion Properties Limited 27 York Place
Company Number: 6361927 Leeds
April 2016
Tel: 0113 244 0251