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Ohabei Shalom—New England’s First Reform Congregation

April 2008, Adar II-Nisan 5768
What’s Inside: Avoiding Lashon Hara on the Campaign Trail
This month, we read in the Torah about m’tzora, a They include leaders
President’s Message of the Union of
person suffering a skin affliction. The Talmud tells
us to read this word as an acrostic for motzi shem Orthodox Jewish
Mitzvah Day Information Congregations of
ra, one who slanders another. Slander, what in
Hebrew is called lashon hara (evil speech) affects America, the Simon
Cantor Schloss’ Message the insides of the speaker and the listener as surely Wiesenthal Center,
as a skin affliction affects our outsides. the Anti-Defamation
Worship League, the American
• Shabbat Rishon Political campaigns are full of harsh rhetoric. The Jewish Committee, and the Religious Action
• Friday Night Lights words of Finley Peter Dunne a century ago remain Center of Reform Judaism. The full text of the
• Yom HaShoah true: “Politics ain’t beanbag.” Yet there are times letter can be found online at
when words go beyond normal political discourse
to slanderous lies. When that happens, those ge_prg_id=10214.
Social Groups
• Sisterhood slanders need to be addressed.
Statements will continue to be made about
• Brotherhood
I do not write to endorse or oppose any candidate. each candidate’s positions on issues
You will make your own decisions. I do write important to the Jewish community, especially
Pesach Mitzvah Visits because there appears to be a campaign to spread concerning Israel. Each of us will have to
lashon hara throughout the Jewish community. I assess the credibility of those statements. A
Lifelong Learning have received e-mails about how Barack Obama is good way to do this is to see how each of the
an enemy of Israel and the Jews. He may be the candidates is regarded by the Jewish
• Spring semester
classes best candidate, or he may be the worst. That’s not community in his or her home. As the letter
• Snack and Study important. What is important is that our decisions concludes, in words that I endorse, “We urge
cannot be based on scare tactics. everyone to make that decision [of who will
make the best president] based on the factual
Ansin Religious School records of these candidates, and nothing
In January, leaders of the American Jewish
• Shari Churwin
community wrote an open letter decrying “hateful less.” If we do that, then we shall be spared
• Mark Your Calendar emails that use falsehoods and innuendo to the damaging effects of lashon hara.
• Kate MIkesh mischaracterize Senator Barack Obama’s religious
beliefs and who he is as a person.” The letter was
Yizkor Elohim signed by officials at organizations representing a
wide range of beliefs within the Jewish community.
April Funds
HVAC update
Mitzvah Day Registration Can you imagine your heating bills actually going down? Well, at Temple Ohabei Shalom this
year, they have. We have recently done some important heating system work that has already
resulted in lower heating bills this year despite an increase in energy costs! As part of our con-
April Calendar
tinuing effort to reduce expenditures, we have taken important steps to improve our heating,
ventilation and air conditioning system with the result that we have already realized savings
this year in heating costs compared with last year. I would like to thank Ed Jacobs, Kathy
Jonas, Barry Lyons and Karen Landman for their assistance with this energy and cost-saving
work. So when you get those warm feelings at our temple, it may be in part due to our im-
proved heating system!
Warm regards, Len Davidson
President’s Message
Leonard M. Davidson
May 4th and
We have been a very busy congregation the Magic of
lately! March may have been a record-
setting month, featuring the talent of Mitzvah Day
Storahtelling, an OSTY-hosted dance On Sunday, May 4th, use your magic to help feed the
attended by over 200 teens from all over the hungry, provide shelter for the homeless, build a
region, the first of our Friday Night Lights school library, bring a smile to someone’s face, recy-
programs featuring the always-popular Mark cle trash, send care to lonely soldiers, find a cure for
Lipof, an ADL speaker, our Purim shpiel and carnival, our cancer, make beautiful music together...all these
sisterhood and brotherhood Shabbat services, and the “Hips on powers and more are yours!
Fire” salsa night. In addition, we continue to enjoy Torah study,
adult education classes, our regular daily minyan services and Join us for the 3rd annual TOS Mitzvah Day. Mitzvah
Shabbat services and all of our other regularly scheduled Day is a day that unites our whole synagogue
programs. Whew! community. If you have participated in Mitzvah Day
in the past, please join us again. If you haven’t
The reaction to these events, not surprisingly, has been great participated before, we hope you will this year. It’s
enthusiasm and an appreciation of how good it is to be together. fun. It’s meaningful. It’s convenient, and it makes a
The Shabbat dinners in particular have brought families together difference in the lives of others. How’s that for
to celebrate that all-too-rare modern occurrence of rest, magical?!
relaxation, and really good company, enhanced by great food
and thought-provoking programs. Hinei mah tov u’mah naim, Browse through our “catalogue” (copies available at
shevet achim gam yachad. How truly good and pleasant it is for the temple) of Mitzvah Day projects: some are favor-
us to be together as a community. ite activities from previous years, others represent
new partnerships and current concerns. A special
These events do not merely happen. They take a lot of work. focus of Mitzvah Day this year is care for the environ-
Fortunately we are blessed with congregants and staff who have ment, as we launch our first “green synagogue” initia-
worked hard to make them so successful. Our committees have tive, a paper recycling program for TOS.
done a great job…the community committee chaired by Amy
Tishelman, and Cathryn Stein who brought us the idea of Friday A wonderful Social Action Shabbat on April 4 will
Night Lights, the adult learning committee chaired by Dan prepare us for Mitzvah Day, teaching about the deep
Deykin, who brought us Storahtelling, the staff at ARS and our roots of environmentalism in Judaism. At this
own high-schoolers, who took on a regional dance upon short service, Rabbi Everett Gendler, an inspirational
notice and, with Kate Mikesh in the lead, made the dance a thinker and environmental activist, will be our
creative, fun and wonderful night to remember. Kim Singer wrote special guest.
an enchanted Purim shpiel and Adrienne Shishko volunteered to Mitzvah Day is for the whole family! We welcome all
organize the “muy caliente” (very hot!) Hips on Fire event. congregants and their guests: parents, kids, singles,
Kudos as well to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood for their seniors, empty-nesters, and non-member grandpar-
organizational talent and support to lead us in prayer. ents, neighbors or friends who would like to join us
There are many others who supported these events, including on this day. There are 18 projects to choose from, as
our office staff and numerous volunteers. We should be well as food and book drives. Please see the registra-
justifiably proud of these events and the spirit and effort that tion form in this issue of Tidings for more details.
went into them. The success that we have enjoyed reminds us of Catch the Magic of Giving Back! See page 13 for the
how much we can enjoy being together. As we prepare to Mitzvah Day registration form!
celebrate the holiday of Passover, and are reminded of how
difficult times can be, we are especially appreciative of the good -The Mitzvah Day Team
fortune and great people that we have here at Ohabei Shalom. Shari Churwin, Debbie Klein, Milly Krakow,
To all who help make our congregation such an exciting place to Navah Levine and Susan Zeiger
be, thank you!
Partners in Music The Circle of Giving of Ohabei Shalom
Cantor Randall Schloss We thank the following people for their support.
Pillar Sustainer, Con.
In the last issue of Tidings, I wrote Steve Kern
Jane Morningstar
about our synagogue community. Shirley Spero David Leifer & Marla Engel
I’m sure it comes as a surprise to Brenda and Alexander Tanger Martin & Dianne Newman
David A. Seldin & Cathryn A. Stein
no one that there is such a strong Benefactor
Scott & Pollyanna Sidell
Andrew Sumberg & Mindy Berman
tradition of community within Juda- Daniel & Eva Deykin
Mark Zeidel & Susan Freedman
ism. But this sense of shared ex- Marilyn Danesh
Robert & Esta Epstein
perience and communal achieve- Martin Shore & Shari Lisann
Marilyn Barron
Don Steinbrecher & Shellee Robbins
ment is no minor characteristic. It William and Lynn Kargman Morry Greenbaum
permeates our tradition. In order to perform a complete rit- Patron
Jonathan Kaufman & Barbara Howard
Leonard M. Davidson & Laurie Katzman
ual service, we must have a minyan. Private prayer is valued, Sidney Grodberg
Edward & Marjorie Kahn
Bill & Marcia Harris
but in order to say Kaddish, to read Torah publicly or to say David Kanter
Dorothy Lebach
the full Amidah out loud, we must be in the company of oth- Louise Levingston
Joel Sklar & Adrienne Shishko
Barry Lyons & Amy Grossman
ers. This requirement is not put in place to forbid a mourner George Bazer
Steven L. Gold & Sheila A. Elliott Friend
from saying Kaddish privately, but rather to highlight the im- Spencer & Betsy Gould Marylin Klickstein
portance of being amongst others at this time of loss. The Gideon Argov & Laurie Davidson Joseph Beck & Zita Samuels
uniquely Jewish mode of studying in chevruta also exemplifies Dick & Carol Daynard Adi & Gitta Kahn
Ed & Betsy Jacobs Marcia Levine
the value of working with others. The entirety of the Talmud Bernard & Joan Wasserman Jay & Carol Marlin
consists of shared scholarship. We rarely see R. Akiva sitting Michael Weintraub & Diane Rosen Andrew Schloss & Nancy Bloom
Sustainer Jonathan & Lauren Schloss
alone in his room. The wisdom of our tradition comes from Teresa Betit & Howard Lurie Cantor Randall & Leah Schloss
communal study and debate. Differences of opinion are cele- Myles & Lise Striar Michael & Shari Churwin
brated and result in a greater depth of understanding. To put Arthur & Doris Zich Alan & Judy Shepro
Dan Schleifstein David & Kimberly Chused
it simply, two heads are better than one. Jeffrey Macklis & Carol Levin Kevin Cole
Sam Aaronson Gert Goldberg
The same is true of musical experience I want to take this Selma Bengis Stan Keizer
opportunity to thank and appreciate the musicians with Hu & Ray Caplan Hilda Lopez-Soto
Louis Goldman Greg & Ilene Mogavero
whom I share the bimah every week. Together we are able to Robert Levine Tom & Donna Rubenoff
create wonderful music, the catalyst for moving worship for Richard & Sonia Ravech Jesse Cochin & Alice Newton
our entire community. David Rogovin & Susan Liberman Howard Koor & Ellen Mosner
Ita Wiener Joseph A. Kriesberg & Dina S. Brownstein
Shelley Schwartz Corinne Gilbert
On Friday nights, Andy O’Connell and Sara Piazza enliven
Ben Adler Kathy Jonas
and enrich our services through their beautiful guitar playing, Marc & Denise Casper Ciro & Ellen Alfaro
fhey are volunteers to boot! Andy is a phenomenal musician Larry & Denise Green
whose inventiveness, style and skill come through with every
note he plays. He has the uncanny ability to add just the right
Join our circle today.
color or musical detail to a particular musical prayer at the Contact the synagogue office for more information
spur of the moment. We are all lucky that he chooses to
share his talents and his soul with us each week.
Sara Piazza’s style on the guitar is quite different than
Andy’s; her playing complements his perfectly. Sara shares
with us great skill on the guitar, but so much more as well: a
vast knowledge of Jewish music, a beautiful singing voice, committee and so much more. His medium is music, but
and moving compositions of her own. Ultimately, Sara brings what he shares with me and this congregation transcends his
her vibrant spirit to our congregation on Shabbat eve. great musical talent.
On Saturday mornings (and High Holidays and Festivals and
concerts!), David Sparr brings his talent on the piano, but I feel blessed to collaborate with three such fine musicians
also his deep connection to Judaism and Ohabei Shalom. His and people. I may be the one who sings the words of our
versatility and musicality shine through his playing, but they blessings most often, but in fine Jewish tradition, together we
don’t tell the complete story of his involvement. David di- are able to create the beautiful music and spiritual prayer that
rects our High Holiday choir, arranges much of our music, none of us could alone.
rehearses the volunteer choir, sat on the Cantorial search
May 2nd Shabbat Rishon service:
Yom Shabbat Rishon on May 2nd will feature Cantor Schloss' musi-
cal liturgy: Avodat Hayom, A Service for Today. The music,

HaShoah: written for piano, violin, cello, cantor, choir and congregation,
reflects both Jewish tradition and contemporary worship prac-
tices. It combines elements of eastern European chazzanut
Holocaust and modes, nusach, biblical chant, niggunim, classical and
twentieth century Reform repertoire, Israeli/Middle-Eastern
Remembrance Day elements, and contemporary jazz/ pop styles. "I have not in-
corporated these elements solely for the sake of diversity, but

Please join us for a rather in recognition of the multitude of styles of music pre-
sent in contemporary Reform worship. My goal is not to rein-

service at 6:00pm vent Reform worship, but rather to reflect current Reform
ideology and practice through innovative and affective music

Thursday, May 1. while involving the congregation completely as a community of


Friday Night Lights

Conversations to Set Your Mind Aglow
Shabbat evenings highlighting speakers from
our congregation with dinner and roundtable discussion

Save the Date: Friday May 16th

Jonathan Kaufman,
Senior Editor, The Wall Street Journal
“On the Campaign Trail with Obama,
Clinton and McCain: A Reporter's
Perspective, A Jewish Perspective”
Moderated by Susan Zeiger

6 p.m. Service with Speaker

Followed by Dinner and Roundtable Discussion
Free child care provided during the service and the after-dinner roundtable discussion
Social Groups
Brotherhood News Sisterhood News
Jonathan Atkins & Ben Adler Betsy Gould
In February, we heard from Larry Ruttman, a local historian and Our February Sisterhood/Brotherhood event was an evening
author, about his book, Voices of Brookline, and growing up spent sharing delicious food, friendly conversation, and the
Jewish in Brookline. This successful event was well attended. viewing of the powerful and poignant film Left Luggage. Speak-
We also wish to thank the Sisterhood for their hospitality for ing for the Sisterhood, we look forward to other combined
their Movie Night/Pot Luck Dinner event. Our annual Purim programs with “the Brothers.”
Spiel was a great success, and was a fun night for all. On Sunday, April 6th at 3:30 p.m., Sisterhood will present the
Our Men’s Seder will take place on Monday, April 7, 2008, at piano students of synagogue and Sisterhood member Julie Bo-
6:30pm. This powerful program has been designed by the ris. The young pianists (including Ansin Religious School stu-
National MRJ (formerly NFTB). It was presented and adopted dents) will present works by Bach, Handel, Clementi, Mozart,
by the National MRJ Board at their 2007 National Convention, Beethoven, Burgmuller, Chopin, Kabelevsky, and others. We
which was witnessed by Ben Adler and Howard Koor. All also have a few surprises in store, including some wonderful
Brotherhood members are urged to attend this wonderful and vocal music and performances by pianist Julie Boris and Cheryl
rewarding event! Berard. Suggested donation is $5- to the Olins Piano Fund of
TOS. The concert will be in the Montague Chapel, and we
Reservations MUST be made by Friday, April 4, 2008, by hope to see you there!
calling Jerry at 617-731-5736. We encourage and invite all
men who plan to attend to call NOW – don’t be left out. The Sisterhood wishes our dear friend and dedicated TOS
sister Lois Nathan a hearty mazel tov on her move to Orchard
The Brotherhood extends their continued thanks to everyone Cove. We are delighted that Lois will still continue to be an
who has remembered to bring in or mail in their stamped integral part of our TOS community We extend our wishes for
Butcherie register tape receipts to us. Please continue to good health and joy in her new home!
support this vital program.
Please watch our calendar and plan to join us for our upcom-
Thank you! ing Spring events.

Pesach Mitzvah visits

Project for our Future
Saturday, April 12th.
Steven & Frances Freiman Jeffrey Macklis & Carol Levin
Lillian Garber Tom & Donna Rubenoff Please join us for the mitvah of visiting
Douglas & Toni Gordon Shirley Spero
Clifton & Ruth Helman Donald Steinbrecher & Shellee our congregational shut-ins.
David Kanter
Herman Kaufman
Glenn Stevens & Shelly
Contact Betsy Gould at 781-329-7439
Jonathan Kaufman & Barbara Tenenbaum or
Howard Ita Wiener
Stan Keizer Maurice Zabarsky for further information.
Howard Koor & Ellen Mosner Barry & Faith Abrams
Charles & Sheila Landay Hideaki Ishihara
Dorothy Lebach Joel Sklar & Adrienne Shishko
Louise Levingston
Hilda Lopez-Soto
Spencer Wootton & Ellen Fox
Come Visit the
Polly Epstein Gift Shop
Talented Employee Available (Located in the Gallery downstairs)
Come Here First!
A synagogue member with 20+ years of Regular Hours:
experience is seeking a position as a graphic Sun 9:00 a.m.- Noon
Gift Certificates Available!
Please contact Dottie at 617-277-6610.
**All Profits Benefit TOS Programing**
Sponsored by The Gopen Family Library
Book Fair Hours:
Sunday, March 30
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Tuesday, April 1
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Book Drive for Ralph
Sunday, April 6
Waldo Emerson Elementary
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
School in Boston
We will be collecting gently used or new Tuesday, April 8
quality children’s books suitable for a school 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
library. All books collected will go towards
helping a local elementary school with no Sunday, April 13
library. Pre-Mitzvah Day event. 9:30 AM - 12:20 PM

Meet the Author Opportunities

Sunday, March 30, 11:00 am Sunday, April 13, 11:00 am
Rabbi Joseph Meszler on his book Witness to the One: The Heidi Smith Hyde on her book Mendel’s Accordion
spiritual History of the Sh’ma For children in Grades 2 - 5
Exploring this sacred proclamation, command and prayer, Heidi Smith Hyde is a graduate of Brandeis
Witness to the One, delves into the spiritual history of the University and Harvard Graduate School of
Sh’ma and inspires us to find a deeper personal meaning in Education. A former religious school teacher, she
these famous words. By examining the comments and historical is currently the Director of Education of Temple
journeys in the book it leads us to find a deeper dimension of Sinai in Brookline. She is delighted to be returning to Temple
truth in the Sh’ma. Rabbi Joseph Meszler is Ohabei Shalom, where she attended religious school as a
recognized for his ability to connect the importance of child. Heidi's book, Mendel's Accordion, is the recipient of the
Jewish tradition with everyday life. Rabbi Meszler is 2007 Sugarman Award, and was recently named a 2008
the rabbi at Temple Sinai in Sharon, Massachusetts. Sydney Taylor Notable Book.

Interested in helping out at the book fair?

Please contact Amanda in the school office at or 617-739-9200.
Lifelong Learning
My People’s Prayer book Special Shabbat Experiences at TOS
with Rabbi Tom Alpert & Cantor Randall Schloss
Sunday, 11:00– 12:15 March 30; April 6, 13.
Have you ever wondered about the prayers that we say as GoNeutral Shabbat
Jews? Come join Rabbi Alpert and Cantor Schloss as they April 4-6 marks the first JNF GoNeutral
seek to open up the Jewish prayer book, the siddur, as a Shabbat and Make a Difference Day.
spiritual resource. Together we shall explore the riches that Join synagogues, schools and communi-
the heritage of prayer has to offer us in our worship and in ties all across the country by celebrating
our lives. In addition to a general survey, we shall focus in Shabbat in an eco-friendly way and
depth on the Sh’ma and its blessings. They are the affirma- learning about the connection between
tion of the faith of the Jewish people and a familiar and loving Judaism, Israel and the environment.
entryway into the prayer book.
March 16: Jewish Prayer Through the Ages: A Whirlwind
Tour 6:00 Shabbat services with an environmental theme
March 23, 30 & April 6: An In-Depth Examination of the 6:45 Dinner (reservations required—617-277-6610)
Sh’ma and the Blessings that Surround It 7:15 Environmental Education Programming
April 13: Now and Beyond: New Directions in Jewish Prayer
For Adults: Rabbi Everett Gendler from JNF will speak
Why is this Passover Different From All Other For Children - Interactive Program about Judaism and
the environment
Passovers? with Cantor Randall Schloss 8:15 Dessert
Monday 7:00 – 8:30 pm March 31 and April 7
In two sessions, Cantor Schloss will lead us through the sto-
ries of Passover. Not the Maggid, the story of the exodus
from Egypt, but the stories of the Jewish people’s celebration
of the festival of Pesach. We will explore the wealth of tradi-
tions from around the Jewish world, covering all aspects of
the holiday: seder ritual, haggadah, food and music. When
we are done, we will have something new and different to
bring to our seders. ARS
Snack and Study Family Shabbat
A Chance to Snack and Study during the day
Thursdays, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m., Berenson Library
Rabbinic Intern Navah Levine with special guests:
Swiming in the Sea of Talmud Peter & Ellen Allard

The Adult Learning Committee of Temple Ohabei Shalom is

pleased to present a learning opportunity for those who have Friday, May 9. 6:00 pm
some time on weekdays. Rabbinic Intern Navah Levine has be- followed by dinner
gun offering a weekly program of “Snack and Study.” Bring
your own snack and prepare to study some of the most impor- The ARS will celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday at Shabbat ser-
tant Jewish texts. The group will study from Swimming in the vices. Our students will present writings and reflections as well
Sea of Talmud, a wonderful and very accessible collection of as an original song that they will write with the help of the Al-
Talmudic passages and modern commentary. Materials are in lards for this auspicious occasion.
English, and no knowledge of Jewish texts is required. This is
not a “class,” and there is no problem with missing particular Look for more information about the rest of the weekend’s
weeks. However, once you’ve begun, you will probably want to offerings in next month’s Tidings.
be there each week.
Ansin Religious School News
No School April 20 – April 27: April Vacation/Passover
Mark Your Calendars! Just for students
Meet the Author: Heidi Hyde (Grades 2 – 5) Sunday, April 13, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Students will get the chance to meet Heidi Hyde, author of Mendel’s Accordion
For the Whole Family
GoNeutral Shabbat April 4, 6:00 pm services, dinner to follow
RSVP required for dinner. Special environmental Education Programs to follow. Rabbi Gender, from JNF, will
speak to adults. There will be an interactive program about Judaism and the environment for children.
Annual Book Fair Sunday, March 30 – Sunday April 13
Come support the Gopen Family Library by purchasing books at our annual book fair in the Rosenfield Lobby.
Volunteers still needed to help make the book fair success.
Book Drive for Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School in Boston
We will be collecting gently used or new quality children’s books suitable for a school library. All books collected
will go towards helping a local elementary school with no library.
Mark your Calendars: Mitzvah Day 2008 Sunday, May 4

ARS Family Shabbat Friday, May 9, 6:00 pm, followed by dinner

Join us for this family-friendly Shabbat as the ARS will celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday at Shabbat services. Our stu-
dents will present writings and reflections along with a song they will write with the help of the Allards. Watch your
mail for more information!
Last days of School: High School: Monday, May 12 Grades K – 7: Sunday, May 18

Why is this night Visit our Gopen Family Library for interesting Haggadot and
Passover ideas, come to the Cantor’s class about the Music
different? of Passover (Monday evenings March 31 & April 7, 7:00 –
Shari Churwin, 8:30 pm) or visit our book fair for an assortment of Passover
books and toys that the whole family can enjoy. Get involved
Education Director
and help your family ask and answer the question “Why is
There are so many wonderful lessons this night different?” as our ancestors have been dong for
embedded in the way that we are com- ages.
manded to tell the story of Passover. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
wrote, “there's one thing about Passover that made all the Mazel Tov to our B’not Mitzvah!
difference. It's the story we teach our children. It takes place
not in the synagogue but in the home. And we can't begin
telling the story until a child, or the youngest person pre-
sent, asks a question.”
Passover is truly a holiday that we can make our own; a holi-
day that we can infuse with personal stories, traditions and
family memories. My childhood memories of Passover in-
clude sitting under the seder table with my cousins, counting
matzah balls with my Aunt Judy (one year we needed to roll
more than 150 matzah balls) and searching and searching
for the afikoman (in all of the years that I searched, I only
found it once). As we were the youngest, it was always left Jaquelyn Pearlmutter Hayley Goldstein
to my sister and me to read the four questions. (Jodi, my April 5, 2008 April 7, 2008
sisiter has been saying them for 15 or so years and is look- Daughter of Daughter of
ing forward to this year as Hannah, my daughter, is planning Mark and Madeline Ron Goldstein and
to sing them for the first time). Pearlmutter Andrea Easton
A Full Plate informal education program that uses Judaism to enrich the
lives of young women. It draws on Jewish tradition to give
Kate Mikesh, girls a place to feel safe, articulate their questions and con-
Director of Informal Education cerns, have fun, and be real with their peers. I encourage all
grade 6 mothers and daughters to attend our informational
My personal countdown has already session on April 13 to learn about this unique opportunity in
begun. In just a few weeks I’ll be which the girls can participate in the fall.
sitting around my family’s Passover As you can see the opportunities to participate in exciting
table, having horseradish eating programming at TOS are endless and the hard work never
contests with my siblings and cousins (first one to make a stops. I’m blessed to be able to see the immediate benefits of
face after eating a spoonful loses!) and pretending to com- my efforts as I’m surrounded by such supportive families and
plain about being the perpetual youngest child who’s been appreciative students. As we begin to look towards the end
reciting the Four Questions for 20 years or so. of the school year, I encourage you and your family to load
up your plate with Jewish experiences…and don’t forget the
It’s not just the time spent with my family that has me an- second helpings!
ticipating my favorite holiday. We all know that any Jewish
gathering must revolve around food and that I love any
event that encourages overeating. I’m the kind of girl who
always takes a full plate. Just ask Jason who makes us all
dinner at Monday Night School. Throw a trough of
mashed potatoes out there and I’ll pile them on my plate
and certainly go back for seconds.

This love of piling things on has spilled over into my life

here at TOS and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a non-
stop string of amazing events that have kept me busy
these last few months. I’ve survived shul-in season once
again this year and could go on for pages about the amaz-
ing experiences we shared with the children of the ARS.
Willy Wonka, Harry Potter and the Time Machine whisked
our students away to places unknown. We once again
hosted over 200 7th and 8th graders from around the
northeast region during the 18th Annual Junior Regional
Shul-in. Our own kids were perfect hosts and made a slew
of new friends as they explored the theme

Just as we were wrapping up our shul-in season, it was

unexpectedly, yet happily, extended an extra week. Just 7
days after our grade 1 and 2 families spent the night in the
sanctuary, we opened our doors, and dance floor, to over
200 high school students for the NFTY Northeast Re-
gional Dance. I was so proud of the hard work our teen-
agers put into transforming Penn-Spero Hall into a sum-
mer camp, complete with arts & crafts, waterfront and
campfire. Lissner Hall became a very authentic looking
bunk where kids gathered to spend time with old NFTY
friends and make new ones.
The next exciting project on my plate is a new program for
our incoming grade 7 girls. We’ll be starting our own
Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing! group here at Ohabei Sha-
lom. Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing! is the first proactive,
Our Camp OSTY “bunk picture”
Yizkor Elohim - May God Remember
Maurice Epstein, father of Robert and Esta Epstein
Martin Stein, father of Donna Rubenoff
Anna Klinger, grandmother of Mia Klinger-Powell
Mike Krakow, uncle of Milly Krakow
Jason Waldman, brother of Lois Nathan

Those listed below are recorded in our Book of Remembrance, Windows or on Memorial Plaques.
An asterisk indicates that the plaque will be illuminated during the week of yahrzeit.
April 1 – 5 (25-29 Adar-II) Benjamin Fields April 13 – 19 (9-14 Nisan) Jeanne Swartz *
Sally Aronson Harris Ginsburg * Joseph O. Abrams * Israel Trustman *
Sophie Beal * Frank Goldfarb * Minna Anthony * Nathalie Linsky Wells *
Sybil Berman Henry Goodman Julius Baron * David Williams *
Betty Bernhardt * Herbert B. Harris Harry A. Bass Betty Wiseman *
Morris Berson Samuel Hazan Rebecca Held Brenner *
Leo Bolan Louis Hoffstadt Rosalyn Brightman * April 20 – 26 (15-21 Nisan)
Ann Catherine Brown Margareta F. Horen Adele Landau Bulian Charles R. Abrams *
Alexander Cohen John Hurwitz Abraham H. Bunshoft * Jacob Barber
Elmore T. Cohen Ethel Kassner Annie Wingersky Cohen * Jennie Barber
Louise Copeland * Rose Katz Louis M. Croan Alexander Beal *
Benjamin Geller * Helen I. Katzman * Rebecca H. Dana * Morris Berman
Nathan Gerber Sarah Kravitz Samuel L. Dana * Isabelle Bloom
Frances M. Ginsburg * G. Jed Kushner * Robert I. Ectman * Frank Boyne
Faye Golder Julius Levengston George Ehrenfried * Julius Dangel *
Alex Goldkrand Raymond S. Levine * James A. Eisenberg * Claire S. Daniels
Fanny Gorbachov Seymour Lewis Jacob C. Feldman * Leah E. Daniels *
Bessie Gordon * Edward H. Lipkin * Pauline Fine Evelyn M. Favermann
Abraham Hartman Fritz Loeb Gusta H. Fleisher * Rachel Feinberg
Morris Kalisky David Magid Rebecca Frank * Max Feldberg *
Hy Kaplowitz Edythe Mannos * Lillian Freedman Jacob Franklin *
Martin M. Landay * Anna Maurice Himan H. Frieze * Mimi Fratkin
Ralph M. Leeser Ida Mechaber Bernard Glagovsky Fannie E. Frieze
Simon L. Levin * Ruth Metz Arthur Gluck Eleanor Irene Goldinger
Arthur Liebman Morris Mosesohn Dora Goldkrand * Harry A. Goldkrand *
William London * Frances E. Nigrosh * Stanley Grossman Benjamin Maurice Gordon *
Howard Mason Minnie Oshry Aaron Haysman Kurt Halberstadt
Max Plovnick Frederick Penn Mary Hirsch * Mathilda P. Harris
Benjamin Rakowsky Benjamin Posner Ella J. Kahn * Maurice H. Horblit *
Jack Rizman Edward Pransky Abram Kaplan * Evelyn Hornstein *
Manley Rockman * Anna B. Sadow * Alden Kardaris Alice Isenberg *
Philip Sagoff * Rose Kudisch Emanuel Isenberg *
April 6 – 12 (1-8 Nisan) Max Saslaw William David Lane * Stephen Joel
Lillian P. Sawyer * Mildred A. Lehner *
Hyman Alman Cele Kanter *
Meyer J. Sawyer * Hyman E. Levinson
Bunny Ben-Ari Emma D. Kaplan *
Carrie R. Schooner William Miller *
Joseph S. Berger * Mildred Kimball *
Shirley R. Schwartz * Doris M. Mosesohn *
Rose Eva Berger * Morris Kravitz
Irene P. Sharlin Julia W. Myerson *
Arthur Otto Bernson Barbara Kushner *
George Shuman Charles Namiot
Gertrude I. Bloom * Elliot J. Labourene
Robert M. Singer Julius Nelson *
J. Henry Brody * Wilbur Liberman
Sadie L. Sisson * Louis Nelson *
Lillian R. Brown Murray H. Litch *
George M. Spack * Nathan M. Nelson *
Mary Burkhardt Hyman Abraham Magazine
Irving Stein Manuel Nizel *
Jacob Chleck * Norman Michaelson
Bella Stone Sadye Orloff
Sarah E. Cohen Florence Grossman Mode
Louis Traster * Jane S. Prager *
Myer Daniels Murray Nussinow *
Dora Fox Wilker * Martin L. Robbins
Esther Davidson Harry Olins *
Abraham Wyzanski Julius Shalek *
Morris Dresner Jennie R. Perlis
Tillie H. Yosselsohn * Belle T. Shulman *
Rosa Elentuch Bessie Ralby *
Joseph Zabarsky * Rose Sobel
Abraham Endler * Rose Raphael
Hyman Zimmer Abraham David Steinberg
Mirriam W. Felman Asher Ratshesky
Jack P. Strachman * Harry Rosenberg
Yahrzeits, continued
Martin Douglas Rosenfield *
David E. Rosengard *
Rose Solomon Rubin *
Ida Sable
Florence R. Haysman
Ruth L. Issokson *
Frieda Kachelnik
Julius Leeser
Thank You!
A special thanks to these local businesses whose
Andy Schulman Dorothy M. Nesson Levenson
Morris Sepinuck Morris Louis donations helped make the Camp OSTY NFTY
Rose Ruth Shinberg * Bernice Nollman *
Henri H. Smith-Hutton * Helen L. Odence *
Regional Dance such a success!
Barnet Sobell * Cecile Orenberg *
Frederick W. Solomon Nancie Ostroff * Finagle a Bagel (Coolidge Corner)
Murray Spiewak * Rimma Palkovskaya Indulge (Newton Highlands)
Julius Spitz Louis Z. Sanger
Max Starr * Otto Schwartz *
J.P. Licks (Coolidge Corner)
Rhoda Turek Kenneth Stephen Sherman * Shaw’s (Beacon Street)
Harriet Weiler Esther R. Shrago * Starbucks (Coolidge Corner)
Lillian Wolfe Charles Shulman *
Rosa Wollenberg Robert M. Singer Target (Watertown)
Annie Yarrin Morris Slosberg *
Leonard Zimet Sumner Small And thank you to the OSTY parents who spent their
George Edwin Smith Saturday night helping our dance run smoothly, while
April 27 – 30 (22-25 Nisan) Charlotte Stepansky trying not to embarrass their kids!
Max Trockman *
Rose Archer
Mabel Wingersky *
Richard M. Barron *
Trudy Wolf Don Grossman
Ida Bernson
Milly Krakow
Leah Bernson Cohen
David Dickerman Laura Moskowitz
Benjamin Fisher Alice Newton
Jacob Goose * David Seldin
Robin Shore
Cathryn Stein
April Funds
General Fund In Honor Of Harold & Sylvia Koritz Seymour Koritz
Sidney Kerber & Erma Valdez Stanley & Frances Levine’s 50th Minyan Fund, cont. In Memory Of
Wedding Anniversary Robert S. Duboff & Janet L. Esther Berkeley
Louise Levingston Stanley & Frances Levine’s 50th Berkeley
Wedding Anniversary Nelda S. Maltz Bell B. Shapiro
For The Health and Wellbeing Arthur & Doris Zich Josephine Wilinsky Zich
Of Rabbi & Mrs. A. N. Abramowitz G. Irving Hillson
Robert & Helen Sawyer Sharon Sawyer Sandra Katz Norma Lazarus Gould
Matthew Sawyer Eliot & Kyra Berson Jacob S. Merriman
Stephen Ardizzoni Catherine E. Glass Shepard R. Glass
Harold & Sylvia Koritz Marvin Meyer Mitchel Koritz
Minyan Fund In Memory Of
Lesley C. Seder Robert V. Crossman Olins Piano Fund
Natalie M. Dilyock Sylvia Schoenbaum Martin Shore & Shari Lisann
Morris Greenbaum Mary Polak Tom & Donna Rubenoff
David S. Gordon George Gordon Marcia Levine
June Hurwitz Sarah Lasovick In Memory Of
John & Beth Gamel Irving Cohn Howard Koor & Ellen R. Mosner Zelda Aronson
Arlene Goldberg Hoxie and Faye Victor T. Goldberg Louise Levingston Carrie Y. Levingston
Silva Anne G. Levingston
Ann K. Collier Charles E. Smith
Ita N. Wiener Joseph Hirsh Project for Our Future
Edwin & Mary Rosen Dorothy Rothstein Spence Wootton & Ellen Fox
Aileen B. Cabitt Rebecca Cohen Hideaki & Jenny Ishihara
Paul & Marcia Merlin Charles Merlin Barry & Faith Abrams
Alan & B. Susan Greene Edna Green
Elinor Gaynor Nathan Weiss Rosengard Lecture Fund In Memory Of
Aron & Elizabeth Rivin Mikhail Tanfilyev Robert S. Rosengard Carol Rosengard
Audrey Goldberg Howard Goldberg
Richard L. Brooks William Packer Berenson Library Fund In Memory Of
Harold & Sylvia Koritz Rose Levenson Louise Levingston Carrie Y. Levingston
Corinne E. Gilbert Max Gilbert Anne G. Levingston
Louis Burke Dorothy Julia Burke
Irwin Katz Susanna Katz Pulpit Flowers Fund In Memory Of
Bruce & Ann Levison Sara K. Levison Louise Levingston Carrie Y. Levingston
Ita N. Wiener Sally Keller Anne G. Levingston
Rita H. Cohen Max S. Ginsberg
Gerald & Toby Penn Dina Penn Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
Aron & Elizabeth Rivin Israil Rivin The Rashi School In appreciation of Temple
Esther P. Gorfine Morris Gorfine Ohabei Shalom
Corinne E. Gilbert Sidney Ellis
Irwin & Lynn Katz Jennette Katz Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Nancy B. Nelson Frank Brooks Louise Levingston
Louise Levingston Carrie Y. Levingston
Anne G. Levingston Organ Restoration Fund In Honor Of
Stanley Rothenberg Louis S. Rothenberg R.K. (Shelley) Schwartz The Congregation of Ohabei
David P. Pearlman Morris Pearlman Shalom
Eliot & Kyra Berson Francoise M. Kaplan
Nathan R. Levine Sarah Levine
R.K. (Shelley) Schwartz Rachel Klain
Edith Pollack Samuel White
Stanley & Adele Brown Esther Brown
Aaron M. I. Shinberg Jacob W. ShinBerg April Special Birthdays
Beth D. Braunstein
Shirley H. Eisenberg
Ronald F. Braunstein
Lena R. Helman
Mr. Mark Pearlmutter Mrs. Elinor Gaynor
Irving & Lucille Gerratt Ida Gerratt Ms. Harriet Lazarus Mrs. Dottie Berman
Cynthia Siegal Samuel Siegal
Theodore & Cynthia Berenson Theodore W. Berenson
Special Anniversaries
Mr. & Mrs. Louis B. Barber
Mitzvah Day 2008 Registration
3 easy ways to register:
1. Mail this registration form with the enclosed envelope (TOS 1187 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446)
2. Complete this form and fax it to (617) 277-7881
3. Click on the Mitzvah Day logo on the TOS website and complete the email form (
Once we receive your registration form, a confirmation will be sent to the email address below. If you don’t
have an email address, we will call you.
Please return this form to the TOS office by April 25, 2008.

Name: _______________________________ Phone # ___________________

Contact email: ______________________________________________________

Projects: #1 Making Music for Nursing Home Residents #2 Morning Greetings for Nursing Home
Residents #3 Zach’s Fund Mailing #4 Project Linus #5 Expanding a Public School Library #6 Franklin Park
Clean-up #7 Recycling at TOS #8 Letters & Packages for Soldiers #9 Madison Park - Hibernian Hall Cleanup
#10 Finex House Shelter Garden #11 Walk for Hunger #12 AIDS Action Committee #13 The Wellness
Community #14 High Holiday Card Fundraiser #15 TOS Clean-up #16 Bake for Women’s Lunch Place
#17 Cook for Somerville Homeless Shelter #18 Gift Bags for Mother’s Day Brunch for Women’s Lunch Place

Participants Name Project # Project # Check here for T-Shirt Size

Choice 1 Choice 2 unaccompanied (adult sizes)
ARS students


_____ Check
here if you need
S M L XL XXL help arranging


To help cover the cost of Mitzvah Day (materials, supplies, etc.), please consider making a tax deductible donation
(checks payable to Temple Ohabei Shalom). My donation in the following amount is enclosed:
___$18 ___$36 ___$72 ___Other $_____________

______ I would like to be involved with social action all year long!
Please give my name to the TOS Social Action Committee: ____________________________________



THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! Please remember to bring donations for the book drive and food drive.
With your help TOS can complete over 1000 hours of service on Sunday May 4, 2008.

April Shabbat Celebrations & Events

April 14 6:00pm ARS High School
1 3:30pm ARS: Grades 3-7 15 3:30pm ARS: Grades 3-7
3 3:00pm Snack ‘N Study—Rabbinic Intern Navah Levine 17 3:00pm Snack ‘N Study—Rabbinic Intern Navah Levine
7:00pm Synagogue Community Committee Meeting 18 6:00pm Erev Shabbat Service
4 6:00pm Erev Shabbat Service ~ Go Neutral Shabbat 19 9:00am Torah Study with Rabbi Alpert
6:45pm Shabbat Dinner ~ Reservations Required 10:30am Shabbat Service ~ Parashat Acharei Mot
7:15pm for adults—speaker: Rabbi Everett Gendler First Passover Seder in the evening
for children—Environmental Program 20 ARS No School—April Vacation
8:15pm Oneg Shabbat 10:30am Passover Service
5 9:00am Torah Study with Rabbi Alpert 21 ARS: No High School—April Vacation
10:30am Shabbat Service ~ Parashat Tazria 22 ARS: No School—April Vacation
Bat Mitzvah:Jacquelyn Christina Pearlmutter 25 6:00pm Erev Shabbat Service
6 9:15am ARS: PreK—Grade 7 26 9:00am Torah Study with Rabbi Alpert
11:00am Adult Learning: “My People’s Prayer Book” 10:30am Shabbat Service ~ Last Day of Passover
3:30pm Sisterhood Concert with Julie Boris 27 ARS No School—April Vacation
7 6:00pm ARS High School 28 6:00pm ARS High School
6:30pm Brotherhood Seder ~ Reservations Required 7:00pm Adult Learning: Israel at 60
8 3:30pm ARS: Grades 3-7 7:00pm School Committee Meeting
7:30pm Board Meeting 29 3:30pm ARS Grades 3-7
10 3:00pm Snack ‘N Study—Rabbinic Intern Navah Levine
11 6:00pm Erev Shabbat Service May
12 9:00am Torah Study with Rabbi Alpert 1 6:00pm Yom HaShoah service
10:30am Shabbat Service ~ Parashat Metzora 2 8:00PM Shabbat Rishon—Avodat Hayom: A Service for
13 9:15am ARS: PreK—Grade 7 Today. music by Cantor Randall Schloss
11:00am Adult Learning: “My People’s Prayer Book”

Thomas M. Alpert Rabbi

Randall Schloss Cantor Monday—Thursday 8:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m..
Daily Worship

Emily Gopen Lipof Rabbi Emerita

Leonard Davidson President Saturday 6:00 p.m.
Shari A. Churwin Education Director Sundays & Holidays 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.
Kate Mikesh Director of Informal Education Ohabei Shalom is the area’s only Reform
Amanda Singer Education Programs Coordinator
synagogue providing daily prayer for those in need
Dottie Berman Interim Executive Director
Karen Landman Executive Assistant to the Clergy of solace or a quiet moment of introspection.
Alan Shepro Office Manager / Bookkeeper
Marylin Klickstein Administrative Assistant Each Daily Worship leader commits to one
Kim Singer B’nei Mitzvah Educator 20-minute weekly service. To become a leader,
David Sparr Music Director please call the synagogue office (617)277-6610.
Tidings is a monthly publication of Temple Ohabei Shalom
1187 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446
(617)277-6610 April Candle Lighting Times
4 - 6:56 P.M. 18 - 7:12 P.M.
11 - 7:04 P.M. 25 - 7:20 P.M.