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GTX 1050 TI 1080p Graphic settings

GPU : GTX 1050 TI

CPU : i5 7400, i5 7500, i5 6500, i7 4820K, i7 1770K, i7 4771, R5 1500X, R3 1300X,
i5 7400, i5 4690, i7 6700 etc

The settings are for best quality by sacrificying least performance

********************** Display ****************************

Window Mode : Better keep borderless for Alt+Tab . Input lag argument is pointless
VSync: OFF
Field of View : ANY (depend how much area around you want loaded with high quality

********************** General ***************************

Adaptive Quality: Off

AA: High
Shadows: Very low (why very low ? well it still looks decent and dont need to
sacrificy performance for high)

********************** Environment **********************

Environment Details: very Low (doesnt give less quality, gives less quantity so
less objects for cpu)
Texture Detail: Very High (recommended )
Tessellation: High (mountain rocks will look ugly without this. keep high , wont
reduce performace)
Terrain: Mediam
Clutter: Low (same as environment quality. reduces objects not quality)
Fog: Medium (its need to get higher)
Water: Very high (water needs to be always nice bcoz we have to do manything in
Screen space reflections: high (water reason)
volumetric clouds:ON (this doesnt affect performace so why not?)

********************** Characters *************************

Texture Detail: high (recommended )

Charecter: Ultra high (recommended )

**********************Post processing*******************

Ambient occlusion: OFF (noone going to observe. game graphics already perfect. in
town area will reduce performace more)
Depth of Field: ON (very usefull in cinematric scenes. this doesnt affect
performace so why not?)