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Teaching Plan

Module I Product Management 4 Sessions

Introduction and Concepts

Product Classification
Product Mix and Line Decisions
Methods of Positioning
Managing Premium Products and Brands

Module II New Product Planning 6 Sessions

Product Life Cycle

Product Creation Process
New Product Launch Strategies
Pricing Decisions

Cases Indicated : Tata Ace, Whirlpool, Mars Inc. ( One of these depending on class participation)

Module III – Evolving a Brand 6 Sessions

Branding Concepts
Brand Challenges
Brand Personality, Image and Identity Creation
Brand Positioning and Values
Brand Elements

Module IV – Brand Revitalization 8 Sessions

Line and Category extensions

Naming new products
Co- Branding
Brand Architecture, Hierarchy
Re- branding
Brand- Product mix
Brand portfolio

Module V – Managing the Brand Systems 6 Sessions

Brand System and Brand Roles.

Managing Brand Equity
Brand Valuation Methods.

Case Indicated : Dove, Samsung, Yahoo. ( One of these depending on class participation)

30 Sessions
Internal Tests/ Assignments – Marks 35 + 5 (For Attendance )

First Test after completion of 10 sessions i.e. Module I & II

Marks Allotted - 10 Marks
Paper Type – Short Answer
Time Allowed – One Hour

Second Test After Completion of 20 Sessions

Topics – Entire 20 Sessions
Marks Allotted - 10 Marks
Paper Type – Short Answer
Time Allowed – One Hour

Group Assignments and Viva with faculty

Marks Allotted –5 Marks


Class Days - Monday, Tuesday

Time - 9: 15 thru 11: 20 a.m.

Class Notes - Appropriate Notes will be forwarded through class reps for each module at the beginning of
each module.

Students will read the next session topic as indicated by faculty to generate class discussion & participation.


Reference Books:

1. Strategic Brand Management - Kevin Lane Keller

2. Managing Brand Equity – Dave Aaker
3. Brand Leadership – Dave Aaker
4. Building Strong Brands – Dave Aaker.
5. Strategic Product Creation – Ronald Kerber & Timothy Laseter ( McGraw Hill)

Reading for Value add on:

1. Marketing Management – By either Kotler or Keller for product management related concepts.
2. 22 Immutable Laws of Branding – Al Ries & Laura Ries.

Additional Reading :

1. 4 P’s of Marketing Journal ( available at Book stands)

2. Brand Reporter Journal ( available at Book stands)
3. Pitch Magazine ( available at Book stands)
4. Relevant HBR issues in the library.