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Professional Behaviors

 Excellence in attendance Total for this disposition: 4 /4

 Excellence in promptness Punctuality is important to me. My attire at RMHS was
 Dresses to convey professionalism appropriate to site and content relatively casual, but consistent with the department
 Understands and uses professional language in all public settings norm and recommendation.
Initiative and Dependability
 Demonstrates creativity and resourcefulness Total for this disposition: 5 /6
 Seeks opportunities to further own learning I think that I have a bit of trouble striking a good
 Works effectively with limited supervision balance between being careful of other’s feelings and
 Identifies problems and is able to prioritize, propose solutions, options and resources ideas and being true to my own. It is something that I
Advocates for self, takes responsibility for own actions, and is responsive try to be aware of and improve upon.
 Completes responsibilities with quality, without excuses or prompting
Tact and Judgment
 Demonstrates sensitivity to other’s feelings and opinions while articulating own opinions, feelings and Total for this disposition: 3 /4
needs I believe that I miss verbal and non-verbal cues from
 Approaches situations with an open mind those around me at times. I try to be aware of this
Appropriately uses verbal and nonverbal language and cues to remain positive and respectful input but sometimes do not fully recognize it until later
 Perceives what to do or say in order to maintain professional relations with all stakeholders
Ethical Behavior and Integrity
 Consistently honest and worthy of trust Total for this disposition: 4 /4
 Honors confidentiality
 Assesses information critically – fact from opinion, right from wrong – and responds honestly and I believe that I am meeting the standards ethical and
respectfully integrity consistently.
 Consistently models professional standards of conduct
Collegiality and Responsiveness
 Is collaborative: willing to share resources, seek advice and work towards common goals Total for this disposition: 5 /6
Demonstrates ability to compromise and negotiate I try to be careful to make certain everyone that I am
 Is respectful of all and works effectively in teams working with feels like they have equal input. I
 Is open to constructive criticism sometimes purposefully take an opposing viewpoint in
 Keeps an open mind: is receptive and reflective concerning perceptions of others order to push those around me to think more deeply
 Proactively addresses feedback through an adjustment in performance on a topic. It might be too much.
Effective Communicator
Professional oral expression: expressive, articulate, respectful, effective for purpose, appropriate to Total for this disposition: 2 /4
situation I am still working on clear and engaging communication
 Professional written expression: organized, clear, effective for purpose, appropriate to situation, free in the classroom. I find that I am more effective when I
of grammatical errors and misspellings am working with students without being observed by
Demonstrates understanding of audience and purpose, body language and eye contact during others. I feel a bit self-conscious and my
communication situations communication suffers as a result
 Uses digital media in a professional manner
Desire to Improve Own Performance
 Demonstrates a responsibility for own professional performance Total for this disposition: 3 /3
 Actively pursues new and better ways of teaching Being the best teacher that I can be is very important
 Expresses sincere interest in personal and professional growth to me and I work hard to improve myself
Cultural Responsiveness
 Demonstrates the belief that all students can learn and are welcome in the classroom Total for this disposition: 4 /5
 Demonstrates commitment to culturally responsive teaching I feel like I am still learning how to create lessons and
Demonstrates the desire and ability to plan, assess, and implement instruction to address, engage assessments that are fully effective, and which address
and nurture the learning of every student the needs of every student. It is not for the lack of
 Demonstrates a commitment to the growth and development of each student by taking into account trying; I do think that I am improving.
issues of class, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientations, language and special needs
 Demonstrates an understanding of how families and communities impact student learning
Commitment to Profession
 Demonstrates a deep commitment to life-long learning Total for this disposition: 3 /4
 Expresses passion and enthusiasm for teaching I feel like I still have a lot to learn about programs and
 Models democratic ideals personally and professionally policies related to teaching
Demonstrates awareness of program policies and professional practices

Please check the box below that most closely describes the candidate’s overall dispositions: 
Please clarify areas of
Emergent Developing
 Proficient Accomplished

< 20 points 21-30 points 31-35 points 36-40 points

I feel that I am at a point The candidate’s displayed The candidate’s displayed The candidate’s displayed The candidate’s displayed
dispositions are inconsistent to dispositions are not consistently dispositions are consistent with dispositions are consistent with
between developing and weak. General interactions fall strong and positive. General those of a successful beginning the highest degree of
proficient. I have a good significantly short of those interactions do not always meet teacher. The candidate’s professionalism expected of a
understanding of my role expected of a professional professional expectations. The dispositions, as demonstrated by successful teacher. The
and responsibility as a educator. The candidate’s candidate’s dispositions, as daily interactions contribute to a candidate’s dispositions, as
dispositions, as demonstrated demonstrated by daily positive learning climate in the demonstrated by daily
teacher but still feel a
by daily interactions are interactions could be classroom and school. interactions are consistently
level of apprehension and sufficiently weak so as to call strengthened to improve the positive and productive
uncertainty when putting into questions his/her fitness to candidate’s ability to become a
it into practice at times. become a successful teacher successful teacher.

April 22, 2018