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We know that all of us need God’s blessing at all times; but at the

time of their engagement to be married, Christians are in particular

Prayer is the glue that holds a marriage and a family need of grace as they prepare themselves to form a new family.
Let us pray, then, for God’s blessing to come upon this
Blessing of an Engaged Couple couple: that as they await the day of their wedding,
they will grow in mutual respect and in their love for
The betrothal of a Christian couple is a special occasion one another; that through their companionship and
for their families, who should celebrate it together with prayer together they will prepare themselves rightly
and chastely for marriage.
prayer and a special rite. In this way, they ask God’s
blessing that the happiness promised by the engagement One of those present or the leader reads a text of sacred Scripture.
will be brought to fulfilment. When the engagement is
celebrated within the circle of the two families, one of the The intercessions are then said.
parents should preside.
Leader: God our Father has so loved us that in Christ he
When the families have gathered, all make the sign of the makes us his children and the witnesses of his love before
cross. the entire world. Let us, therefore, call upon him in all
confidence, saying:
The leader greets those present in the following words:
R/. Lord, help us to remain always in your love.
Brothers and sisters, let us praise our Lord Jesus
Christ, who loved us and gave himself for us. Let God our Father, you willed that your true children,
us bless him now and forever. brothers and sisters in Christ, should be known by their
love for one another. R/.
R/. Blessed be God forever.
You place upon us the sweet demands of love so that we
In the following or similar words, the leader may find happiness by responding to them. R/.
prepares those present for the blessing.
You call N. and N. to the communion of life and love that The leader concludes the rite by signing himself or herself with the
binds the Christian family together, mind and heart. R/. sign of the cross and saying:

May the God of love and peace abide in you, guide your steps, and
The engaged couple may exchange rings or some other
confirm your hearts in his love, now and forever.
gift that signifies their pledge to each other.
R/. Amen.
One of the parents may bless these gifts:
Blessing of a Son or Daughter Before Marriage
N. and N., in due course may you honor the sacred
pledge symbolized by these gifts which you now In the days immediately before the wedding, the family may gather
around its member who is to be married, perhaps at a special meal in
the family’s home.
R/. Amen.
All make the sign of the cross. A parent begins:
The leader says the prayer of blessing with hands Let us bless the Lord, by whose goodness we live and by whose
joined. grace we love one another. Blessed be God forever.

We praise you, Lord, for your gentle plan draws R/. Blessed be God forever.
together your children, N. and N., in love for one
another. Strengthen their hearts, so that they will Then the Scripture is read:
keep faith with each other, please you in all
Listen to the words of the Book of Deuteronomy: 6:4-7
things, and so come to the happiness of
celebrating the sacrament of their marriage. We Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone!
ask this through Christ our Lord. Therefore, you shall love the Lord, your God, with all
your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your
R/. Amen. strength. Take to heart these words which I enjoin on
you today. Drill them into your children. Speak of
them at home and abroad, whether you are busy or at May the God of love and peace abide in you, guide your steps, and
rest. confirm your heart in his love, now and forever.

Reader: The Word of the Lord. R/. Amen.

R/. Thanks be to God. Table Blessing for Weddings

The parents may give a Bible or crucifix to the one who is to be This blessing may be used before the meal at a wedding reception. A
married. Then all join in prayers of intercession for the couple to be member of the wedding party or one of the parents of the newly
married and for the world. After the Lord’s Prayer, the parents and married couple may serve as the leader.
other family members place their hands on the head of their son or
daughter as one or both parents speak the blessing. When everyone has gathered at table and the meal is ready to be
served, all make the sign of the cross.
May the Lord, who gave you into our care and made you a joy to our
home, bless you and keep you. Leader: Blessed be God who has brought us together in joy.
R/. Amen. R/. Blessed be God forever.

The leader introduces the blessing in these or similar words:

May the Lord, who turns the hearts of parents to their children and We have gathered here to celebrate the love of N. and N. God has
the hearts of children to their parents, smile on you and be kind to brought them together, and we pray that God will hold them in his
you. love always. As the food we share will strengthen our bodies, may
our time together strengthen the love that binds us.
R/. Amen.
After a time of silence, the leader prays:
May the Lord, who delights in our love for one another, turn toward
you and give you peace. Let us pray. Lord God, you sustain all creatures and never cease
to give your children the food they need. We bless you for bringing
R/. Amen. us together in the love that unites us around this table where the food
we take strengthens our bodies. We pray that, nourished by your
All make the sign of the cross as the leader concludes:
Word, we may grow ever stronger in faith as we strive for the
coming of your Kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

R/. Amen.

The leader says the prayer of blessing with hands joined.

Lord God and Creator, we bless and praise your name. In the
beginning you made man and woman, so that they might enter a
communion of life and love. You likewise blessed the union of N.
and N., so that they might reflect the union of Christ with his
Church: look with kindness on them today. Amid the joys and
struggles of their life you have preserved the union between them;
renew their marriage covenant, increase your love in them, and
strengthen their bond of peace, so that (surrounded by their children)
they may always rejoice in the gift of your blessing. We ask this
through Christ our Lord.

R/. Amen.

The leader concludes the rite by signing himself or herself with the
sign of the cross and saying:

May the God of hope fill us with every joy in believing. May the
peace of Christ abound in our hearts. May the Holy Spirit enrich us
with his gifts, Now and forever.

R/. Amen.