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CDE Kinder Social Studies Standards

Standard 2: geography.

Examine places and regions and the connections among them

Content Area: Reading, Writing and Communicating

Standard 1 . Oral expression and listening.

1. Oral communication skills are built within a language-rich environment

B. Add drawings or other visual displays to descriptions as desired to provide additional detail. (CCSS: SL.K.5)
I. Use new vocabulary that is directly taught through reading, speaking, and listening

Learning target.
I listen, discuss and draw a picture about one of the rights children from all over the world have and present it to the class.

It is an ELD class but I Will need to do verbal instructions in Spanish too, because there are still some students who only speak
Spanish. I will also approach them during discussions to make sure they understand what they need to do.

Time Activity Script Resources

10:15 am What is a right? - Hello friends, can someone tell me what ​right​ means? - Word RIGHT on
Activate schema about rights and (right hand, turn to the right, go right up to the sky…) board
responsibilities. - So what do people mean when they say people have
rights? ​(Rights are things people need to live a full life.)

-What examples of rights we know?​ ​(Right to vote, right to

privacy, etc)

-Do children have rights?

10:17 am State learning target “​I listen, discuss and draw a picture about one of the rights Written learning
children from all over the world have and present it to the target on board

10:18 am List of children’s rights This is a list of some of the children's rights in the - List of some
International Convention of Children’s Rights. Countries children’s rights
from all around the world promised to make sure these printed with pictures:
rights of children are followed.
- Education
- Be heard and
- Play
- Safe and Protected
- Food and clean
- Clean environment
- Family and a home.
- A name and a
- Treated Equally

10:20 am Shared Reading I want you to listen very carefully and every time you listen Book Alain Serres
to a children's right we just discussed, you will snap your
fingers. OK? What are we going to do?

10:25 am Distribute children in pairs of Ok since we want to draw about children’s rights to share - cards with rights to
discussion buddies using cards that with the rest of the school, we are going to talk with a distribute discussion
with children’s rights. partner about one of those rights and we will draw it buddies

But this time you will have a mystery partner. Listen

-Very quietly one by one you will choose a card with a
right. Do not say what you have to any of your
classmates.just wait quietly.
- when I say GO you will find the classmate who has the
same children’s right as you. Do not talk yet, just sit
together in the carpet, ok? You have 5 seconds, GO!
- ok, now. I want you to discuss, what the children’s right
you have in your hands mean?

10:28 am Draw one children’s right Clap for attention. Paper and crayons.
-Ok, now you will draw together about the children’s right
you discussed

10:38 Share and add to publication Board to publish

board pictures
We the children 
from all over the 
world have rights. 
Nosotros los niños 
y niñas de todo 
mundo tenemos