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Associate Bios at Grand Hyatt Singapore

- Short, personality-driven bios ritten for varying purposes, usually for print material.

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Gottfried Schuetzenberger

Executive Pastry Chef

A highly decorated pâtissier, the story goes that Chef Gottfried once crafted a fruit cake so
delightful, Queen Elizabeth II brought some home to Buckingham Palace for her personal
chefs to sample (and likely try to recreate). Descending from a line of bakers, Gottfried’s
professional pastry making career with Hyatt began in 1983; a 37 year-long journey that has
seen him pioneering several pastry techniques as he has worked in every continent except

Martin Satow

Executive Sous Chef

Hailing from the oceanic city of Hamburg, Germany, it can almost be said that the sea and
Chef Martin might as well be one. An advocate of responsibly sourced seafood, the
accomplished award-winning chef was integral to the creation of mezza9’s signature menu
of sustainable fish and shellfish. Appreciating the chance to reminisce about his hometown
and time served as a chef on board a German military navy ship, Martin occasionally heads
off to the sea for a solo day of casual, contemplative sailing.

Nina Novilla

House Therapist

You would be forgiven for thinking Nina has hands that work magic, but it’s truthfully nothing
mystical once you realise Nina has been a professional Massage Therapist for almost 15
years. Using touch therapy, a neuromuscular massage technique, Nina observes muscle
tones to identify and work on sore spots, what she calls “listening to the sounds of the body”
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Sebastian Kern

Assistant Director of Food & Beverage

“Listen, understand, remember, explore then surprise,” is the managerial mantra Sebastian
adopts. As part of the team that ensures guests are able to indulge when they dine with us,
there brings this Swiss German no greater joy than exceeding the expectations of guests
regardless of their country of origin; unless you count a late evening cocktail at 10 SCOTTS,
which this WSET recognised Sommelier and wine connoisseur relishes in now and then.

Charmae Pareja

Front Office Assistant Manager

An enthusiastic globe trotter herself, Charmae understands that being a hotelier at Hyatt is
much more than “having guests stay”; it is about a genuine welcome and memorable
service, presented without expecting anything in return. A self-proclaimed baker by night, the
native from the Philippines enjoys both the cuisines from her home country and Singapore –
she believes that living the local life involves sampling the delicacies like beef rending and
chicken satay, which can be found at StraitsKitchen.

Shiv Nath Sharma

Chef-in-Charge at StraitsKitchen (Indian Cuisine)

First debuting as a fresh-faced hawker working the bustling streets of Dehli, Sharma’s 40
year-long culinary journey has brought him to us, in charge of the StraitsKitchen Indian
kitchen today. From his birthplace in Shimla, a Northern Indian city known for its scenic
mountains, Sharma brings his home’s Northern-Indian cuisine to the table; his favourite
menu items include Prawn Masala, Buttered Chicken, and Ghosh Vindaloo (spicy lamb


Chef de Parti at StraitsKitchen (Malay Cuisine)

A gem uncovered 3 years ago by our very own Executive Sous Chef Albert, you’ll find
Ramla’s intuitive talent with Malay cooking in the Otak Otak, Assam Pedas, and Beef
Rendang at StraitsKitchen – some of this lady chef’s favourite authentic dishes. Raised as
the youngest in a household of 8 children in Pahang, Malaysia, Ramla’s family has
expanded to include her crew, a team she happily leads every day in the restaurant’s Malay
Mike SR

Food and Beverage Operations Manager (StraitsKitchen)

31 years after first being a young Commis Waiter, Mike has grown into the outgoing
Operations Manager overseeing all key activities at StraitsKitchen. With his invaluable
experience, Mike believes in personally nurturing his fellow associates; his hands were on
deck to provide expertise during the opening of mezza9, StraitsKitchen, and 20 other Hyatt
hotel properties. Fancying himself as a chef at home, this extrovert also simply enjoys a
light-hearted chat with guests and colleagues alike.