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MacMillan LIS60629

An activity kit about graphic novels for children in grades 3 to 5.

This kit is intended to be used to introduce children to graphic novels as a form of literature.
The goals this kit aims to reach for are:

• To encourage reluctant readers by giving them less traditional mediums to explore

• To teach kids about visual storytelling and the unique format of graphic novels
• To help kids create a connection between themselves and characters on the page
• To encourage readers to think critically about not only the story, but the medium itself

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1. 1 Laminated Introduction sheet (this one right here!)
2. 10 Graphic Novels
3. 2 Laminated Activity half-sheets and 1 Craft Instruction half-sheet
4. 6 Ziploc baggies and their corresponding laminated pictures
5. 1 box of colored pencils

Yours to keep:
1. Annotated bibliography of books included in this kit
2. Annotated list of web resources
3. Comic panel pages
MacMillan LIS60629

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…no! It’s a new kit

available to check-out with your library card!

A Graphic Novel themed kit perfect for 3rd, 4th, and 5th
graders is here to save the day as readers explore different
formats for storytelling and non-traditional mediums about
genres that interest them.

Included in this kit:

➢ 10 graphic novels of different lengths and genres
➢ A list of web resources for kids and parents
➢ 2 activities and a craft
MacMillan LIS60629

Abouet, M., Sapin, M., & Abouet, M. (2013). Akissi: Cat invasion. London: Flying Eye.

Full of humor and adventure, this book follows Akissi as cats try to steal her fish, her monkey

almost ends up in a frying pan, and annoys her older brother. Laugh out loud humor

about a girl in her small, West African town.

Bell, C., & Lasky, D. (2014). El deafo. New-York: Amulet Books.

A 2015 Newbery Honor winner, this graphic memoir tells the story of Cece, a girl who loses her

hearing due to an illness and has to wear a bulky hearing aid strapped to her chest. All

she wants is to fit in with her hearing-abled peers, but in order to do that, she's going to

need some superpowers.

Colossal, E. (2015). Rutabaga the adventure chef. New York: Abrams.

A perfect mix of action and humor, Colossal shows readers that finding new ingredients and

trying food from other cultures can be just as exciting as slaying a dragon.

Dauvillier, L., Lizano, M., & Siege, A. (2014). Hidden: a child's story of the Holocaust. New York: First


A Sydney Taylor Honor book that tells the tale Dounia, a grandmother, tells her granddaughter

the story of a young Jewish girl living in Paris who has to be hidden from Nazis by

neighbors when her parents get sent to a concentration camp. Though the subject

matter is heavy, the ending is tender and warm.

MacMillan LIS60629

Duffy, C. (2013). Fairy tale comics. New York: First Second.

A collection of re-imagined fairy tales as told by 18 different cartoonists. Familiar stories are

given new twists and the different styles of each artist provides a comprehensive


Jamieson, V. (2015). Roller girl. New York: Dial Books for Young Readers.

A Newbery Honor book, this graphic novel tells the story of Astrid, a 12 year old girl who falls in

love with roller derby and spends the summer before starting Middle School at a derby

camp, away from her best friend and trying to fit in with the older girls. Astrid learns to

find strength in herself to meet all these challenges head-on.

Ruth, G. (2013). The Lost Boy. New York: Graphix.

A gripping mystery mixed with fantasy, this is the story of Nate, who moves to a new town and

discovers a tape recorder with a note addressed to him. With the help of a local girl

named Tabitha, he works to solve the mystery of a boy who disappeared a long time ago.

Shiga, J., & Beckerman, C. (2010). Meanwhile. NY, NY: Amulet Books.

A choose-your-own-adventure graphic novel about a boy named Jimmy who is exploring a mad

scientist's laboratory. Down each of these paths there are puzzles, mysterious clues, and

shocking revelations and it's up to the reader to lead Jimmy to success...or disaster!

Telgemeier, R. (2016). Ghosts. New York: Graphix.

Catrina and her family are moving to the coast of Northern California because her little sister,

Maya, is sick. Cat isn't happy about leaving her friends for Bahía de la Luna, but as the

girls explore their new town, they discover a secret. There are ghosts in the town and
MacMillan LIS60629

while Maya hopes to meet one, Cat is afraid. Can she find her courage in time for the

time of year when ghosts reunite with their loved ones?

Winick, J., & Major, G. (2015). Hilo the boy who crashed to Earth. New York: Random House.

DJ, an ordinary boy in a family of overachievers, befriends a boy who falls from the sky in order

to save the world. A humorous tale full of action, friendship, acceptance, and robots.
MacMillan LIS60629

ReadWriteThink. (n.d.). Retrieved from

By searching for "comics" on this site, you can get access to lesson plans and resource guides

created by trusted comic educators. Each result is categorized making it easy to find

articles tagged "Parent & Afterschool Resources" and shows what ages are appropriate

for each activity.

Reading Rockets. (2017). Retrieved from

This website is a national multimedia project that provides research based strategies for reading.

By searching for the keywords "graphic novels" you can access articles and activities on

the subject, as well as reviews and booklists.

Scholastic. (2011). A Guide to Using Graphic Novels with Children and Teens. Retrieved from


An extensive resource that provides information on how to use graphic novels with kids and why

the use of graphic novels with kids is important. This guide includes readings lists,

teaching tips, recommended websites (for further activities, for reviews, and more), and

recommended reading for parents and teachers.

Tagged "Graphic Novels" on School Library Journal. (n.d.). Retrieved from
MacMillan LIS60629

This tag on School Library Journal's website tracks everything they've published electronically on

the subject. Here, you can find reading lists, reviews, and other educational resources.

Zimmerman, B. (2017). Retrieved from

Named a "Great Website for Kids" by the Association for Library Service to Children, this site

allows kids to make their own comics online (there is also an app for mobile devices and

tablets). There are also resources on this site for parents, educators, and children with

special needs.
MacMillan LIS60629

The Ziploc bags of laminated pictures contained in

the kit match this activity. An exploration in sequencing, each bag is a page from a
graphic novel not included in this kit, all of the panels from the page cut out and not in
order. The goal of this activity is to put the panels in order and justify the choices made
in your “writing.”
(ziplock bag not included currently in this assignment as it is electronic, but will contain 2
pages photocopied from each of the following below)

➢ Holm, J. L., Holm, M., & Pien, L. (2015). Sunny side up. New York, NY: Graphix, an imprint
of Scholastic.
➢ Larson, H., L'Engle, M., Lee, J. M., & Arnold, A. (2015). A wrinkle in time: the graphic
novel. New York: Square Fish.
➢ Smith, J. (2006). Bone, volume 3: Eyes of the storm. New York, NY, USA: Graphix.
MacMillan LIS60629

Stories come in all different formats, from graphic

novels to movie scripts to novels in verse. Pick your favorite scene from any of the books
you read in this kit. Then, rewrite that scene in a different format. Turn it into a movie
script, a poem, a newspaper article, whatever you want!

Contained in this kit are blank comic panel templates for you to use (unless you wish to draw
your own). Try writing and illustrating your own short graphic novel about anything you want.
Will you do it in color? Black and white? Will it be about aliens? An exciting adventure? What
you ate for dinner last night? The possibilities are endless. If you want to, return your
homemade comic to the library when you return this kit so we can put it up with our new
display for others to see!
MacMillan LIS60629
MacMillan LIS60629

Budget request for “Let’s Get Graphic”

Item cost

10 Graphic Novels contained in

bibliogrpahy ~ $100.00

3 graphic novels for ~$25.00

photocopying for activity

Laminating 10 8.5x11” papers ~$10.00

at staples

4 of 24 count packs of Crayola ~$20.00

Colored Pencils

1 15.5qt clear latching storage ~$10.00


Total $165.00 (approximately)

MacMillan LIS60629