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Section 1: Problem Solving and Data Analysis

1. If an object travels at 5 feet per minute, how 5. After 4 new people entered the elevator and
many feet does it travel in 2 seconds? 2 people left the elevator, there were 2 times
(A) 1 20 as many people as before. How many people
(B) 1 0 were in the elevator before the changes?
(C) 2/5 (A) 1
(D) 1/6 (B) 2
(E) 1/12 (C) 4
(D) 6
(E) 8
2. On a certain test, if a student answers 80 to
90 percent of the questions correctly, he will 6. If the sum of 4 numbers is between 53 and
receive a letter grade of B. If there are 40 57, then the average (arithmetic mean) of
questions on the test, what is the minimum the 4 numbers could be which of the
number of questions the student can answer following?
correctly to receive a grade of B? (A) 11 2
(A) 24 (B) 12
(B) 28 1
(C) 12 2
(C) 32
(D) 33 (D) 13
(E) 36 (E) 14

7. If the sum of the consecutive integers from -

15 to 𝑥, inclusive, is 51, what is the value of 𝑥
3. Of the following numbers, which is least?
1 ?
(A) 2 + 2 (A) 15
(B) 2 − 2 (B) 16
1 (C) 18
(C) − 2
2 (D) 53
(D) 2 × (E) 66
(E) 2 ÷2
8. If the average (arithmetic mean) of 6
numbers is greater than 30 and less than 60,
4. If 𝑥 /\ 𝑦 is defined by the expression
which of the following could be the sum of
(𝑥 − 𝑦)𝑥 + (𝑥 + 𝑦)𝑦 , what is the value of
the 6 numbers?
4 /\ 2?
(A) 100
(A) 52
(B) 180
(B) 44
(C) 250
(C) 28
(D) 360
(D) 20
(E) 420
(E) 1 6

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Questions 9-10 refer to the following diagram. 11. Raphael just bought a piece of furniture from
a store that sells only sofas and chairs. Which
of the following must be true?

(A) The piece of furniture is a sofa.

(B) The piece of furniture is a chair.
(C) The piece of furniture is not a leather sofa.
(D) The piece of furniture is not a wooden chair.
(E) The piece of furniture is not a wooden table.

12. There are a total of20 marbles in a bag

containing only red marbles, blue marbles,
and yellow marbles. If a marble is selected at
random, the probability of getting a red
marble is 2/5 and the probability of getting a
blue marble is ½ . How many yellow marbles
are in the bag?
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 8
(E) 10

13. At a certain restaurant, there are 25 tables

and each table has either 2 or 4 chairs. If
there is a total of 86 chairs accompanying the
25 tables, how many tables have exactly 4
9. How many more graduates went on to a
(A) 9
four-year college in 1 985 than in 1 975?
(B) 12
(A) 42
(C) 15
(B) 49
(D) 18
(C) 60
(E) 21
(D) 87
(E) 154

10. In 1975, how many graduates from 14. If y > 0, what is 60 percent of 20y ?
Centerville High School chose either to enter (A) l .2y
the workforce or to continue their education (B) 10y
at a vocational school? (C) 12y
(A) 204 (D) 15y
(B) 168 (E) l20y
(C) 132
(D) 72
(E) 34

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15. For which of the following sets of numbers is
the average ( arithmetic mean) greater than
the median?
(A) {−2, − 1 , 0, 1, 2 }
(B) {−2, − 1 , 0, 1 , 3 }
(C) {−2, 0 , 0 , 0 , 2 }
(D) {−3, − 1 , 0, 1 , 2 } 19. The chart above shows the location of all the
(E) {−3 , − 1 , 0, 1 , 3 } toys stored at Joe's house. According to the
chart, what is the total number of toys at
16. 40 percent of 210 is the same as 33 3 percent Joe's house?
of what number? (A) 23
(A) 840 (B) 40
(B) 280 (C) 57
(C) 252 (D) 87
(D) 175 (E) 123
(E) 84

17. If 70 percent of 𝑥 is 2,100, then what is 40

percent of 𝑥 ?
(A) 3,000
(B) 2,020
(C) 1,800
(D) 1,470
(E) 1,200

18. At 2 PM in Littleville, New York, it is 7 PM in

Williamshire, England. A satellite orbiting
Earth is visible in Littleville at 7 AM 20. The bar graph above shows the number of
(Littleville time) but does not cross the sky days of class that 20 students missed. What
over Williamshire until 6 PM (Williamshire is the average (arithmetic mean) number of
time). A second satellite is seen over days that each student missed?
Williamshire at noon (Williamshire time) (A) 1
and takes the same amount of time to (B) 1.5
become visible in Littleville. When, in (C) 1.7
Littleville time, does the second satellite (D) 2
become visible? (E) 2.3
(A) 11 AM
(B) 1 PM
(C) 5 PM
(D) 6 PM
(E) 11 PM

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21. On the number line above, each of the letters
D, E, and F corresponds to a different
number. Which of those letters could
correspond to the value of x if |3 − 𝑥| > 5?
(A) D only
(B) E only
(C) F only
(D) D or F
24. The noon temperature for each of the first
(E) D, E, or F
five days of a given week is recorded in the
table above. If the median noon temperature
for the whole week was 73 degrees
Fahrenheit, which of the following could
have been the respective noon temperatures,
in degrees Fahrenheit, for Saturday and
Sunday of the same week?
(A) 68 and 72
(B) 69 and 7 1
(C) 7 0 and 77
(D) 72 and 74
(E) 74 and 77

22. What is the percent increase from the third 25. If 44𝑥 + 6 = 642𝑥 , what is the value of x ?
quarter to the fourth quarter for the tire (A) 1
sales represented in the chart above? (B) 2
(A) 2.5 (C) 3
(B) 40 (D) 4
(C) 71.5 (E) 5
(D) 100
(E) 250

23. There are nine classrooms in a particular

school. Each classroom has at least 24
students and at most 30 students. Which of
the following could be the total number of
students in the school?
(A) 90
(B) 100
(C) 200
(D) 250
(E) 300

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Instructions 28. A souvenir shop made $2,400 in revenue
Each of the following questions consist of 4 selling postcards. If a large postcard costs
different statements that may provide sufficient twice as much as a small postcard, the shop
data to solve the problem. Each statement on its sold 950 large postcards, and it sold no other
own must provide sufficient information to solve type of postcard besides these two sizes,
the problem. There may be more than one then how many small postcards did it sell?
possible statements that are sufficient to solve
the problem and hence each question may have Which of the following statement(s)
more than one possible answer. Full credit for a provides sufficient information to answer
correct answer can only be obtained by marking the question above?
all possible correct answers.
A. A large postcard costs $2.
In case none of the statements is sufficient to B. If the shop had sold 20% fewer small
solve the problem, answer option E may be postcards, its revenue would have been
marked reduced by 4 %
C. The price of a small postcard was half
that of a large postcard
26. If a coffee shop sold 600 cups of coffee, some D. The shop made a profit of 10% on the
of which were large cups and the remainder sale of large postcards.
of which were small cups, what was the E. Insufficient information
revenue that the coffee shop earned from the
sale of coffee? 29. The selling price of an article is equal to the
cost of the article plus the markup. The
Which of the following statement(s) markup on a certain television set is what
provides sufficient information to answer percent of the selling price?
the question above?
Which of the following statement(s)
A. The number of large cups sold was 3/5 the provides sufficient information to answer
total number of small cups sold. the question above?
B. The price of a small cup of coffee was $1.50.
C. The average revenue per cup was $2 A. The markup on the television set is 25
D. The price of a small cup was $1.5 and the percent of the cost.
price of a large cup was $2.5 B. The selling price of the television set is
E. Insufficient information $250.
C. The profit from sale is $50
27. A fruit stand sells apples, pears, and oranges. D. The industry average of margin is 20%
If oranges cost $0.50 each, then what is the E. Insufficient information
cost of 5 oranges, 4 apples, and 3 pears?
Which of the following statement(s)
provides sufficient information to answer
the question above?
A. The cost of 1 apple is $0.30.
B. The cost of 8 apples and 6 pears is $3.90
C. Apples were half as costly as oranges and
pears were twice as costly as apples
D. The total revenue to the fruit seller from the
sale of apples was $100
E. Insufficient information

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30. What was the percent increase in profits for
Company X between 1991 and 1993?

Which of the following statement(s)

provides sufficient information to answer
the question above?

(A) The company earned 20 percent less profit

in 1991 than in 1993.
(B) The average annual profit from 1991 to
1993 was 12.5% higher than the profit in
(C) The average of the annual profits of 1991
and 1993 was 12.5% higher than the profit
in 1991.
(D) In 1991, the profit was $4.5 million less than
in 1993.
(E) Insufficient information

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