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Autumn Thompson

19-1195 Dawson Rd.

Lorette, MB
(204) 370-7469

 Exceptional interpersonal skills
 Understanding of how various environmental audits are conducted
 Self-motivated, able to work with or without supervision
 Reliable and dependable
 Certified in CPR and First Aid


Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Major, Coop), University of Manitoba 2016-Present

Area of Specialization: Natural Resource Management/ Policy and Law

Relevant Courses
Earth: A User’s Guide Physical Geography
Environmental Science: Concepts and Issues Human Geography
Geography of Natural Resources Native Studies
Geography of Culture and Environment Microeconomics
Biology Cultural Anthropology

Academic Accomplishments and Awards

High School graduation with Merit and Laureate recognition (2014)


Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

 Conducted a waste audit to evaluate the quantity of waste produced within a residence that is directed to
landfill, and devised ways to further reduce this waste.
 Attended a Parks Canada presentation on beluga research that described research methodology
employing beluga cams.
 Performed a tree audit using the Tree Sampling Point Quarter Method where we identified the trees on
campus, and noted some invasive species of trees.
 Recorded tree species by common name, using the Field Guide of Native Trees of Manitoba which is a
taxonomic key with a breakdown of the trees’ physical characteristics.
 Knowledgeable of the complexities of environmental issues, and of the multi-dimensional solutions
 Understanding of ecosystem functions, such as the importance of keystone species, trophic cascade,
predator and prey relationships, and species at risk.
 Able to explain the harmful effects of many modern agricultural practices including the impact on water
systems, soil erosion, carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere, and fragmentation of the
 Comprehension of the importance of wetlands when it comes to natural water purification, and of the
importance of preserving all types of ecosystems as they all have an important role.
 Describe the impacts of invasive species, and how they are transported/move from one place to another.
Communication and Public Relations
 Explained to elementary school aged children the importance of recycling, and the impacts of climate
change on polar bears while working at a day care in Churchill.
 Lead a cabin of approximately ten eight-year-old girls while working as a cabin leader at summer camp.
This included participating in outdoor activities with them such as canoeing, and rock climbing, and
planning cabin activities.
 Assisted in planning Church events that included staffing children activities. Scheduled and liaised with
volunteers through email and phone calls.
 As volunteer greeter, welcomed grade ten students to the campus and provided assistance to individuals
in need.
 Delivered presentations at junior high, and high schools on the effects of smoking, and the health risks
involved while part of the Students Working Against Tabaco team while in high school.
 Resolving issues with unsatisfied customers while in the restaurant setting by finding solutions to the
problems that arose, and taking actions as needed to rectify the situation.
 Daily communication with parents about children’s activities, and about what they learnt that day at day
care when the parents came to pick up their children at the end of the day.

Leadership in Project Development and Delivery

 Assisted in hiring and training kitchen and serving staff while employed as an Assistant Manager in fast
paced restaurant.
 Planned and delivered activities for adolescent children while employed in a day care setting, and
acquired the ability to cater curriculum and projects to meet the specific needs of patrons.
 Scheduled shift work for various restaurant teams, to ensure all aspects of restaurant services were
 Interviewed a Churchill community member on the lack of recycling in Churchill, MB, and wrote a letter
to Recycle Everywhere addressing this issue, and inquiring about ways to get the program running again.


Assistant Manager Domino’s Pizza Winnipeg, MB 2012- Present

CSR Mary Brown’s Winnipeg, MB 2017- Present
ISP Worker WRHA Churchill Churchill, MB Summer 2017
Children’s Centre
Cabin Leader Bird River Bible Camp Alexander, MB Summer 2014, 2015,

Kidzland Table Leader Southland Church Steinbach, MB 2013- Present

Deeper Kidz Table Southland Church Steinbach, MB 2014-2016
Schedule Coordinator Southland Church Steinbach, MB 2015-2016
Peer Mentorship Steinbach Regional Steinbach, MB 2012-2013
Secondary School
Students Working Steinbach Regional Steinbach, MB 2012-2013
Against Tabaco Secondary School


Boater Safety (August 2017) CleanTech Forum (11/29/17)

CPR and First Aid (July 2017) Bird Migration Using the Stars (10/19/17)
CCA Certificate (May 2017) CNSC 40th Anniversary Gala (08/25/17)
Valid Class 5 Driver’s License Beluga Bits (07/21/17)
Cape Merry Mini Bioblitz (06/22/17)
Polar Bear Safety Course (Summer 2017)