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Mistiq Flava

Address: Lot 711, Jalan Hospital,

15200 Kota Bahru,
Kelantan, Malaysia
Phone: +6013-907 0703

22th December 2017

Mr Eliran Hadad,
Group Eh,
Phone: +624003078
Group Eh,
27 Boulevard D’Aras,
13004 Marseille

Dear Mr Eliran Hadad,

Thank you for your interest in distributing our product. We are sure you will do well in
marketing our product and we are looking forward to have long term business relationship
with Group Eh France.

We would like to line up few simple terms and condition of our distributor relationship.
1. We decided that Group Eh will be our official sole wholesale at Europe (EU)
2. We will review your performance for every 6 months, based on order made and also
the brand awareness in Belgium.
3. Order has to be made monthly and minimum order is 6,000 bottles and more.
4. We will supply you a 50ml TPD compliances liquid with a cost 5 USD, excluding
shipping (Not included shipping cost)
5. If we have changed anything on the liquid that will compromise the TPD compliance
and France Law, the whole contract is consider void.
6. Within the distribution period (of every 6 months, we will not sell or choose any
distributors in France.
7. Selling price has to be within the market price in France and neighbouring countries,
example, Belgium. Mistiq Flava has been sold in around 150 shops in France; hence
we would like to keep the price.
8. WE will do our best to accommodate your order assuring we have stock in hand, but
if we haven’t received the payment, we might hold shipment until payment has been
9. You will do everything within your capabilities to promote and sell our product to
the appropriate customers. We will list you as our sole wholesale in the France on
our website and social Medias and refer any enquiries from France to you.
10. You are not allowed to supply our products outside of the France. If you like to do so,
please refer to us and we will have a discussion on that matter.
11. We own our trademarks, but you can use them under certain conditions.
12. We will keep each other’s secret confidential.
13. We would like to keep the relationship as casual as possible. No Headache, we are
keen in having any discussion and any disputes that might occur in the future.
14. This contract will valid until there is new law or anything possibly law coming in the
future and depends on the regulation in vape product.
15. This contract are state with this minimum order like at the phrase 3 and both side
will give full commitment to rise this brand or anything related.
16. We are not giving any permission for use our intellectual properties for any reason
unless our company have agreed to do so.
17. The orders are followed by each month order every month and cannot be skip or any
reason make during 6 months agreed.
18. In any situation, that’s not followed this agreement so company can give notified
letter and both side will discuss to find the solution.
19. Both parties are agreed to give full commitment to bring successful professional
business in future.

Payment terms:
i) After this agreement is signed by both side, that means the both company are
agreed to make 6 months if business relationship. The payment should be
transfer after 7 days period when invoice order is sending.
ii) Invoice payment tern is depending on discussion and full payment should be
made after all order is complete and ready to ship.
iii) Government tax at each country are not same, that’s mean that receiver should
have notice to settle and know about the country regulation and tax to avoid any
problem ahead.

Thank you so much for choosing our brand. If you have any questions, please feel free to get
in touch with me. We look forward to a fun and profitable relationship together.


__________________ ___________________________
Dato’Max Zulkarnain Mr. Eliran Hadad,
CEO @ Mistiq Flava Malaysia Group Eh France.