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Student-Teacher: Mitha Ali-H00282389 Date:8th March2018

EPC 2903 Primary Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem 2

Grade Level: 1
Subject: English- Sight words
Learning Outcome : By the end of this lesson students will be able to use word “is” in sentences

Resources Preparation (what do you need to do/make before

 Monster words class?)
 Flash cards
 Beetle sheets White board and marker
 Bingo sheets
 Hooks
 Hunting pool Key vocabulary/ Target Language
 Words basket For
 Playdoh

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

• Discuss a day and date with a kid and write on the board (5min)

• Bring a monster word and revise the words that children already had learned and let the monster

eat it, and let students build a sentence about each one
Time: 15 min

• organize the unfamiliar word, and teacher will build a sentence with a student and let them build it

and model it on the board.

• Before starting doing activities (10min) students must be doing an exercise

Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)

• The teacher must divide students depends on their group color, then let dividing them also
40 min

in pairs.

• The teacher must to explain and define the activities before let students go to the table.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

• The teacher will organize students into three groups. Students must work in pairs, so first
students must take a hook and hunt the words from the pool words.
• Second students must write the words and simple sentences. (during 10min)

• Students must collect number of words after ten minutes

Independent Experience(small group activity 2)

• The teacher will a basket in the middle with flashcards word inside it and give each students

sheet that has a beetles on it and the sight words on it.

• First students must take one of flashcard from a basket and read loudly with his/her neighbor,

while second students must point the word by using a cotton.

Independent Experience(small group activity 3)

• Students must work in three teams, in three teams two students must work together

• Each team have an assorted color sheet

• The teacher will read the word, then students must draw a line on the words with his/her friends

• Students must get bingo letters finish by drawing a line if they got a straight line horizontally


• One by one student have turn pencil

• For the last group, students must take one of the flashcards, and model it by using playdoh (in

this activity students must work induvial

Closing (review learning -LO)

5 min

 Students must back to the matt and discuss with a teacher what they have done in the

Assessment (to be done during activity time, who and what will be assessed?)

Reflection WWW/EBI

Behaviour management


Next Steps in learning and teaching