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CASE SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT Printed: 0272772018 16:54 Investigator: WILKINS, B. I. (PD0998) Supervise: ALLEN, A. (PD0595) ‘Supervise Review Date/Time: 0 Cont, Uinknown signs breathing. Ichocked fora pute and fe none. Taw a ‘art immediately to the Tadvised the B.S.0. Deputy, "We need to move." ever ne vy. svt Detective Mone ha wrench ne {PERE ad the keys to the goit cart, Wi pocict and evieve ring ofeys nd tirow new {placed a iy into the golf cart Page 1 CASE SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT Printed: 02/27/2018 16:54 OCA: 18001708 i mususenetotte do sonieniemarate ver Ln 3.220959) Den 07201 23814 md See 8 DP) Como ‘west doors of building 1200. As Ipulled up another gunshot victim was being extracted. The victim was placed on the golf cart and again the B.S.0. Deputy and I drove the victim tothe medical staging arca. That victim was removed ‘om the gol art and the Deputy and Ietured tthe westside of bulding 1200, The Deputy and I aided in holding {he ground floor when I heard victims were onthe eastside of building 1200. Both the Deputy and I drove the golf cart to the cast side of building 1200. Minutes Joter anotherfMictim with a gunshot wound to the leg was placed in the sear ofthe golf cart and the Deputy and I drove to the medical staging arca. Aer the victim was removed from the ‘golf cart the Deputy and I returned tothe cast side. Minutes later a BER with a gunshot wound to her arm was placed on the golf eart and again the Deputy and {drove her tothe medical staging area. After the victim was removed the Deputy and I again returned to the cet side of building 1200 where B.S,0. 8.W.A.T. extracted a victim, 1 aided {hem in placing the victim on the rear ofthe golf cart and the victim was driven by an unknown B.$.0, Deputy and S.W.A.T. Medic to the medical staging area. ‘was thon advised by Sgt. Kozlowski to marry up with his unit. Sgt. Kozlowski end C.S.P.D. Officers advanced to ‘campus building 800 where I was advised fo secure and hold the exterior anditortum doors where numerous students had sought safety. Sgl. Kozolowski and his team tactically clerod the auditorium. Sgt. Kozlowski thon gave the onder ‘o/ave both the students and teachers evacuate out the interior ors through the breezeway and head north and eventually cast into the parking lot. Sgt. Kozlowski then started clearing building 800 where numerous students had ‘hunkered in place. Those students and teachers were then evacuated to safety through the breezewey and east into the ‘parking lot. At about 1835 hours 1 was advised to rotur back to the Coral Springs Police Department Command Bus. ‘While downing my equipment back into my police vehicle, Tobserved my rifle had blood from siding stock to rail light. Back atthe E.0.C., I was advised by Lt, Allen to have C.S.. Investigator Menke photograph and take DNA ‘swabs of the rifle and check for any blood which may be on my vest or uniform. A visual examination of my vest and ‘uniform showed no apparent signs of blood; Investigator Menke did process my rifle for DNA, Investigator Signatare: ee ‘Case Supple Bai) Page? CASE SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT Printed: 0227/2018 12:50 Oca: 18001708 "THE INFORMATION BELOW If CONFIDENTIAL - FOR USE BY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY - "Te eolg police eer is berdby svar ond te fat cote thin sretus ant caret to te Bs of ny now, oration nd bai. Investigator: MYERS, SD. (PDO630) Date/Time: 0223/2018 14:55:54, Friday ‘Supervisor: IRWIN, G. P. (PD0538) ‘Supervisor Review Dute (Tine: 02/23/2018 22:26:06, Friday Contct, Uo Refrence Supplement - Narrative (On 2/14/2018 at approximately 1423 hours I responded from CSPD to an in-progress shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. While responding to the schoo] Officer Burton arrived on soxne. He advised that the shooter was in the 1200 building which was the three story building on the North side of campus. 1 ‘ured west on Holmberg Road and drove in the Eastbound trafic lanes in order to avoic the traffic in the westbound lanes (it was almost dismissal time), I observed Officer Whittington opening a gate which I used to gain access to the north parking lot. Lexited my vehicle and put on my marked tactical vest. Iran towards Detective Monzon anc Sergeent Mazzei who ‘were preparing fo approach the 1200 building. As we ran towards the building I observed several bullet holes oa window on the third floor. 1120 sv III ‘ying on the ground, just outside the west doors af the 1200 building. The IIIc ying on his back. Tchecked the SIloeck fora pulse and found none. ‘We opened the west doors and entered the building, ‘The corridor was smoky md swelled of gunpowder and blood. ‘There were mony (NINE cartridges on the ground. I observed «n JINIIINE:Jumping to the ground just in front of us, [llippeared to be putting pressure on sovoral gunshot wounds(iljbad re2etved tollchest and abdomen, Meas conscious and was looking at us. We asked fiwhere the shooter was but fldid not respond. We moved to Mand 1 took a position of long cover as Mas dragged outside of the building for medical attention, ‘Additional officers entered the building and celled up with us. Sgt. Mazzei and I quickly cleered an office where an ‘adult female was hiding. She, anda male student found hiding in bathroom were evacuated out of the building. We continued pressing Fast when the East doors opened. Another emergency response team was entering the building, opposite us. We yelled to them that we were police and quickly tumed the frst floor over to thet tear. We then ‘moved back tothe West stairwell end moved to the second floor. On the second floor landing dispatch advised that ‘they were watching the shooter via cotv. We were advised over the radio thatthe shooter was preparing fo exit the East stairwell onthe second floor. ‘Our team pressed out of the West stairwell and began moving down the corridor towards the suspect. We were then advised the suspect was exiting the stairwell. We prepared to engage the shooter on the second floor. After several ‘moments we were advised the coty was not live and that an unknown delay existed. We were later informed that the ‘suspect was seen exiting the building via cctv. Our team transitioned to a rescue team and we evacuated every classroom on the second floor. | then responded to the third floor to assist with rescue and recovery operations. I entered the tind floor from the East stairwell. [observed multiple shel] cesings, broken glass, blood, and bodies on this floor. 1 worked with a BSO swat ‘member to clear an empty classroom. Captain Mock then requested all CSPD SWAT to assist with clearing the 1300 building as it was possible the shooter had relocated there, Traced to the 1300 building with other SWAT members, Investigator Signature: Page | CASE SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT Printed: 02/17/2018 11:20 NOT SUPERVISOR APPROVED cas 18001708 ee EE RO TENOR stead covet oth bent of ay know, nfrmatin and bebe Investignor: MAZZEL, N. A. (PDO724) Date/Time: 02/16/2018 15:20:13, Friday ‘Supervisor: (Q) ‘Supervisor Review Dato/Time: NOT REVIEWED Cott, Vow eee: Suplemen- Narrative Approved (00 02/14/18, at approximately 1426 hours, CSPD dispatch advised that there was an active shooter incident occurring at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School inthe city of Parkland. I imumedistely began to respond to that location with several other CSPD officers, As I approached the west doors of the building, I obscrved a ying on Milbeck just outside the doors. BPvas unresponsive, made an attempt to drag lt an area of safety but T