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Temperatu re Range a nd Acc urac y:

Preface Model Ra nge A ccuracy Choosing sensor Fit Electrode Arm

Thank you for se lect ing DDS-W seri es Co nd uctivity You should use d iíle rent condu clivity electrode accor d 1. Th e Irregular ro und hole in met er.
DD S-l 1AW
Meter. Be fore it, please read ihe manua l w uh your rneasureo solution .
ca refully, it will help you as step- by-step gui lder lea rn DDS-307W "'--- .
=:J ,¡~
For example:
its funclions and leatures.
D DS- 12DW 0 - 100'C ± 1'C • W hen the co nduc tivity o f the sample solution is
!~ l o
lower than 2uS /c m , plea se use model CON 0.1
lntroduction condu ctivity electrode, cel l constant K=0 .1.


Ca lib ration poi nts: 1poin t, adj us table

The cond uctivily in aqueous so lution refiect the total
Tem pera ture Compensation:
gross 01 eleci rolyt e co ntained in it. E.g . • W hen the co nductivily 01 the sam ple solution is
The corductivily in bo iler water, indu strial wastew a ter. Ra nge betw een 2uS/c m and 20m S/cm , please use CO N 1
Model Mode G')o0
natural wa ter, de-io nize d wa ter and othe r aqueous . condu ctivity elec trod e, ce ll con stant K= 1.
so lution is main val ue . You can analyz e or calcu lat e DDS-11AW 0- 50' C manu al
its impurities except for its ele ments a nd qu anli ty. • W he n the conduc fivity 01 the sa m ple solution is
DDS- 307W O-50°C ma nual
hig her tha n 20 mS /c m , please use CON 10 A round pole has a baffle at the bottom of the
D DS-W se ries ha ve three models: D DS-12D W 0- 50'C manual or au to mat ic con duc tivity elec rode, cell consta nt K= 10. electrode arm.
• DDS - 11AW
• DDS -307W
Tem perature coefficient range : 0 .0- 3 .9%/ "C

11Th I
• D DS- 12DW The condu ctivity eleci rod e DJ S- 1 is eq uipped with
Ce ll co ns tant: K=0.1 , " 10
Powe r req uirem en ts: 9V DC, 220V/50 Hz the m eter. You ca n purchase it il yo u need the
Features electrode w hose ceii co ns tant K=0 .1 or 10.
DDS -W se ries are me ters based on the principie 01

~l l
Envircn ment requ írernents .
the conductivity analyse . Th e me ter has lots 01
functions and fea tures. 1>' ".::''1" :.­ • Tem perature : 5-40'C
• Hum id ity: <85%
• Digital des igned • Wi lhout magnetic dis turbanc e and vrb ra tinq
nearby, ..
• Ma nual calibration
• Auto-range
• A utomatic temperature cornoensason
• Adjustable temp era ture' coefficie nt
2 . A im a l the slot and inserl the ba ffle into ii. Ihen
• Adjustable cell const ant ( k=0. 1, " 10 )
rotate the elect rode arm to angle 90', and fix is
• Large r displaye r
don e .
Co nduc livily Rang e:

Sca le Elect rode Mod e ls


0000- 1.999uS/cm DJS-0 .1 o r DJS-1 +

2 .000-19 99uS/cm DJS-1

20 .00-199 .9uS/cm DJ S- 1
2000 - 1999u S/cm DJ S- 1
2 .000 -1 9 99mS/c m DJ S- 1 o r DJS-l 0
20. 00- 200 .0mS/cm DJS -l 0

Conduc tivily Accuracy:

Mode l Acc uracy

D DS- 11AW + 1.5% l ull sc ale
DD S-30 7W ± 1% full scale
DD S-12DW :!: 1% lu ll scale
Connecting Displayer Keypad Power on and off
The larg e cus torn LCO provid e s opt im um view ing oí The meter with mu ili-wa terproof ke ypad a nd eaeh Pres s "M EA S" , the meter is tum ed on.
1. Take out the etec trode from package box and
measur ed values, graphica l icons , tem pera iure and oí thern has difíerent íunetions and ieatures.
put it into the hole on the left or nght side oí
electrode arm according the orde r A, B, C .


Meas :
(B)Electrode line draw into the slot func tion 1: Powe r on and o ff.
function 2: In calibration and se tup rnode , press the
JC nnnn »
.... (A) lnsert
D l] ~ Ce]
C>l Te"'"
key lo retum measurem en t mode.
'- -' I 1_1,1_11_11_1

ii s·.uccl-
S1.0. I
functio n: Press lhe key lo ente r calibra tion, cell
constant, temp erat ure coe fñcient. Press "MEAS" for 3 seco nds, the meter is tume d o ff.

OC :
funetion: Press the key lo enter tem perat ur e setup

Index: mode.
e [9.] Showing the mete r in measu rerre nt <:

2. Inse rt three-pin plug into electrode ínterface.w hen


mode . The icon is deíau it alte r tum ed

the mete r on.

function : In setup mod e, press the key and the value

increased by 1 If press it eonlinuo usly, I I
the plug make a sound " KA" and ñx is do ne. the value increased by 10.

.... ~Cal
Showing the meter in calibra tion mode
or is oalibrating .
function: In setu p mod e, press the key to co nfirm
the valu e.
Le] Show ing the meter entered in
temperature mode.
> :
function: In selup mode , press the key to de creased
1 by 1. If press it co ntinuous ly, the va lue
ATC(DOS-120W) : decreased by 10.
Conne ct tem pera ture sens or (DDS-12DW) : Alter connec ted temperature sensor
1. Insert temp erature senso r into the mid-interface lo the me ter, it will enter temperature
oí elecírod e arm o compensation and measurement
mode. And the icon indicates.
(B)Elec trode line draw (A)lnsert
into the slot w ecs Servo "C ErHer


(C)Connec ted

line draw into

the síot

2. Co nnect plug oí the lem peratur e sensor lo AI C

interfa ce .

il~ ·
\ :: .
5 . Press "EN TER " to confirm the value, the meter C,e-C",
return to measu reme nt mode. Tc =
Set Temperature coefficient Ce" Constant Mode
The temperature coefficient sho uld be set before OOS-W se ries have three cell constants as K=0.1 /

calibrating and measuring the meter. Explanarion: 1/10 for yo ur select ion. Before calibra tion and
The temperature coefficient of cond uctivity affected Te : Temp erature coefficie nt measu rement, please set constan t acco rd w ith your
by character, comp onents, concentration, speed of :,e nnnn es C",. Condu ctivity of temp erature value A. co nductivity electrode .
electrode. When such conditions is know n, it also '- -' 1_','_1 U 1-1 C". Cond uctivity of tempera tura value B.
WII! be changed with temperature. So set accurate T, : Temperature of temperature value A. Step:
valu é is very important for measu rement. T, Temperatu re of temperature value B. 1. Adjus t c ell const ant by the reading on the labe!.
E.g. Elec trode is whose reading on the labe! is

Its tem perature coefficie nt permi tled to be se t in the Ca ncel Setup:

1.08 means that its cel! constant, K=1 .

range of 0.0 [O 3.9% per degree, a nd its default Press" Meas " befare confi rming the value, the meter
Elec!rode is w hose reading on the label is 9 .98

value is 2.0% per deg ree . exit Setup Mode and reserve the vaJue. means that ils cel! constant ,K= 10.

And the reading is 0.098 means its cel! cons tant,

Steps: 2.0% per degree tem perature coefficient can satísfv K=0 .1.

1. Press"SETU P", the icon[CA L --Jindicated on the requirements of most solution . If you don't know
scree, and the meter enters Setu p Menu. te mperat ure coefficient of measured solution, we
recommend you use the value .

-1 - I
~ The table of temperature coefficien t:

I '- n ,_

Pure wa ter

Sa it NaC L
Temperature Coefficient(%/ ' C)
2. 125

2. Press" < ", the icon [COE --J indica ted on the 2. Press "SETUP" , the icen (CAL - - J ind icated o n
Na OH 1.72
screen. (COE is Coefficient ) the scree n, and the meter enters Se tup Menu .
O;luted ammon ia 1.881

5% vitriol 0.9698

7) Ll in
-_u 1o
Sir up 5.64

- _'
- - - -
Galculate temperature coefficie nt:
•O I ,_",_
e O, I - - - =- 1
1. Press " "C " to enter Tem perature Mode .
3. Press "ENTER", the meter enters tem perature 2. Press "<" or ">" to set tem perature value as 25'C. 3. Press "> " , the icon [CEL --] indicate.

coefficient mode . 3. Press "E nter" to confirm the value. (CEL is Cel l Constan! )
4 . Pour the sample solution to co nstant tempe rature

~ --~
síot, wa iting for the reading stable and note
temperature value A.
5 . Imme rse conduc tivity probe lo the solution of

,- n,­
1-1.1_1 e 1_'
tempera ture value A and note íhe conductivity
value C'A.
6 . Ope n heating function of the co nstant
tempe rature slot, waiting for the reading sta ble
and note the tempera ture val ue B. 4. Press "ENTER", lhe meter enters Ce ll Co nstant
4. Press " <" or "> " to set temperature coefficient. 7. Immerse conductivity probe to the so lution of Mode.
E.g. 2.0%, the value is 0.020 . temperature value B and note the conductivity

value C'8.

!! ~
Note: The discrepancy of A and B should be the

range of 5 to 10"C .

1- e 1
8 . Calcu late its value by using the know n cond uctivity
and temperatu re value acco rding to the fol!owin g
1- 1_ 1_ u,
,- ,-, e I nn :In formula .
L U '_ U.I_' '- U
Automatic tempe rature cornpensahon:

5. Press "<" or ">" to choose cell constan!.

(only for DDS- 12DW)

(K=0.1, 10, 1.0)

Insert the plug of temperature sensor into the rneter's

Temperature Compensation ATC interface, and icon 'ATC' indicated on the

The meter must be calibrated before your ñrst use

The conductivity changed with temperature, w hen or using a new elec trode. Befare calibration, otease

temper ature increased by one per degree and it will Immerse the tem perature sensor into measured
set cell constant (K=D.1/1/10 ) for prepar ation.

I- ,-' ,l ,'.U-,
be also increased by one per degree. solution, then the meter enter automatic tem perature

If the conductivity increased by 2% , 25"C is general

compensation and measuremen t mode .
standard temperature of the cond uctivity. So if 1. DDS- 11AW/307W: 1v1easure temperature o f
1_ e '_ temperature of the measured solution is not 25"C, it calibrated solution(141 3 or 1408uS/cm).
should be calibrated to temperature 25'C to note the

6. Press "ENTER" lo conFirm the value, the meter


The two conductivity models as DDS- 11AW and

J '1 ·c. ¡ ,
- --- 1
e 1-1 e, "s i.
DDS-12DW :lm merese the probe and temperature
sensor into the calibrated solution(14 13 or 1408

returns to measurement mode. 30TW all have manual tempera ture compensation
'_ O :Iej , _1 U 1-' . 2. Press "SETUP", the icon [CAL _ o] indicated on
functions, and 12DW has automati c temperature
the screen. (CAL is Calibration).
compensation function.


. 1 ,
~: UII:
Manual temperature compensation :
J ,-
1_ J
I n'-1.1-'
,-, ,-, n uS 1. Measure temperature of measured solution with I
O U '-' thermometer and note it,
{5 I


Cancel Setup :

Press "Meas" befare confirming the value, the meter

exit and reserve the value.


.~ 3 . Press "ENTER", the meter enters calibration mode .

,hd [Í .. .
I .~--
I, ,I
2. Press " "C ", the meter enters temperat ure mode .

• I Le]
1P I e-11-J " 1 Innn
I '-' '_ 1 '_1

4. Press "<" or ">" to set conductivity value ct 25"C.

O I 2S ' I ~ --­
!! I
~ II

3. Press "<" or ">" lo set temp erature value.
e"J e j ¡-, :'_,


5. Siir the probe with calibrated solution .

• 3/]'" 1 ---­ 6. Press "ENTER" to confirm the value, the mete r

returns to measurement mode .


4. Press "ENTER" to conñrrn the value.
nl-'I-I'-j ,,5

e'] U,I-"-'U

--- 1

The conductivily of some solutions at 25' C is shown

in the table below:
Measurement Electrode's Maintenance
Actual Conduclivily Measuremenl. AbsoJute pure waler.. 0.055uS/cm • Rinse the probe every time after measuring.
(Temperature al 25°C): Ocea n wate r. 30uS/cm • If you find the electrode contaminated or disabled ,
Drinking water SO- 1S0uS/cm please dip 1I into 10% HCL so/ution for 2 minutes.
Steps: Natural water SO-SOOuS/cm Then rinse the probe with disUl led water.
1. Rinse the probe with de-ionized or distilled water Mine ral wa ter. SOO-SOOOuS/cm • Please don't touch the platinum-black layer of
and dry it with filler papero probe for avoiding its damage .
2. Stir the orobe with standard so lution. When measuring pure water or abso lute pure water,
3. Set the ~ell constant by following the directions the conductivity can hardly be stable due to the
of [ Cell Constant Mode ]. reaction of ion in water and dioxide carbonoSo we
4. Set the temperature coefficient by following the recommend you use the conductivily electrode as
directions of [ Temperature Coefficient Mode ]. model DJS-0.1 to measure conductivily of fiowing
5. Choose temperature compe nsation mode by pure water and absolute water. This may help to gel
following the directions of [ Temperature higher accuracy and more stable value.
Compensation model o
6. Dip the probe into measured solution and stír
gently, waibng for !he reading stable and note it.
(For the conduclivily me ter DDS- 12DW, please
dip lemp eralure sensor and lhe probe inlo
measured solulion and slir genlly, wailing the
reading stable note il.)

Extreme Conductivily Measu rement

(At current termperature):
If you'd like to measure the conductivily value at
current temperature. please set the temperalure at
¿5°C. The meter will not temp erature compensate
out shows the extreme value at current temperalure.

1 Rinse the probe with de-ionized or distilled water
and dry il with filter pape ro
2. Rinse the probe with standard solution.
3 Set the cell constant by following the directions of
[ Cell Constant Mode ]
4. Set the temperature coeflicient by following the
direclions of [ Temperature Coefficienl Mode ].
5. Press '~C" , íhe meter enters temperature mode.
6. Press "<" or ">" lo sel lemperalur e al 25'C .
7. Press "ENTER" lo confirm lhe value.
8. Dip the prcoe into measured solution and stir
gently, waiting for the reading stable and note il.

The solution is beyond the range of measurement
if you find "1" showing on the screen. In thís case
you should replace the probe by the directions of
[ Choosing and Connecting probes].


1:"; I e L

_. - .. ,-- - L "