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Keystone Readers’ Theater Presentation Rubric

Name _________________ Date ___________

Excellent Good Needs works

Oral Delivery Consistently Usually speaks Speaks too soft or
Volume speaks loudly loudly enough for loud to hear.
enough for audience to hear
audience to hear

8-10 pts. 4-7 pts. 0-3 pts.

Oral Deliver Words are Most words are Many words
Clarity pronounced pronounced pronounced
correctly and correctly and incorrectly, too fast
easily understood easily understood or slow, mumbles

8-10 pts. 4-7 pts. 0-3 pts.

Oral Delivery Consistently reads Usually reads with Reads with little or
Reads with with appropriate appropriate no expression
expression expression expression.

8-10 pts. 4-7 pts. 0-3 pts.

Oral Delivery Takes turns Takes turns Takes turns rarely
Reads in turn accurately on a accurately on a on a consistent
consistent basis. somewhat basis
consistent basis
8-10 pts. 4-7 pts.
0-3 pts.
Cooperation Consistently works Sometimes work Difficulty in working
with group well with others well with others. with others
Works well with
group members
8-10 pts. 4-7 pts. 0-3 pts.

Total points possible 40

Points earned ________ Percentage _______%

Macintosh, North Kansas City Schools, 2010